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Man robbed poker pro -Will spend his next 4 years behind bars

Tags: Melbournes Crown Casino, poker robbery.
Posted on 10 July 2009 by "T".

A 33-year-old man, desperate for money, was taken by the police shortly after that he robbed a poker pro outside a casino in Australia. Now the 33-year-old man will pay for the crime he committed by spending his next 4 years in jail.

The 33-year-old man was at Melbourne's Crown Casino in Australia when he saw an American poker player changing poker chips worth $30,000 to cash. After that the American poker pro left the casino, the 33-year old man followed him and then took up a knife and asked for all his money. Shortly after he robbed the American poker pro he was taken by the police and is now probably going to spend 4 years behind bars. But most probably, he will get out after half the time if he behaves, according to an Australian lawyer.

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21 comments on "Man robbed poker pro -Will spend his next 4 years behind bars"

 Fakiry10/07/2009 17:31:54 GMT
If this was in Portugal he would be out of jail in 4 months, for good behaviour and things like that. I cant understand the law. Look at the 71 years old Bernard Madoff: he stole $50,000,000,000 and he got 150 years of prison.
 B1gfoot10/07/2009 17:47:26 GMT
With you there Fakiry, that stock market scammer got something like 3 life sentences, yet some one who commits murder gets 1, unless they are a druggy then they get even less.
It goes to show money is worth more than life!!
So, wnt to make some money and get a small sentence, dont rob a bank for 1 mill, you will get a huge sentence, insteed be a hit man take a 1mill ransom on a life, if court claim your a smack/crack head get 5 years and come out to 1 mill.
1 mill must be worth 5 inside??
 dlkiv10/07/2009 18:12:36 GMT
Yup totally amazes me every time I see that money is worth more than a life. If they where here in Canada, they would be able to "buy" thier way out. Case in point, a "male" rapes a girl, (m he is a millionaire form Hamilton Ontario), in a nite club he owns,( she was a staff member), and gets a year of house arrest!! Not to mention that a couple of years previous he took 4 girls from Hungary,( this was all over the news), they where aged 13-17 , took their passports and turned them into prostitutes. He got an 80k fine for that !!! Now he is up on corruption charges,( relating to his strip joints paying a city councilor), and I am just waiiting to see how he gets off AGAIN.
 Ricardovboas10/07/2009 18:39:11 GMT
Want money? Play poker Blink
 SuperNoob10/07/2009 18:51:26 GMT
Poor poker player must have been so disappointed on being robbed.
Good he got his money back.
Its too sad tht in canada ppl can get away with crimes like rape by paying money, thats sick
 GG10/07/2009 19:21:15 GMT
There are so many balances to be struck in life in order to achieve a fair ride its hard to judge anyone, but I suppose a good heart is all you can really go by at the end of the day. What seems right usually is right...
 Davoodoo10/07/2009 19:26:42 GMT
If this was in Finland he would probably be out in 3-4 months ... couldnt the casinos have the option to pay the money directly into your bank account ? In that case you wouldnt be wandering around with 30 K in your backpocket ... thats almost as begging to be robbed.
 T3ddyKGB10/07/2009 19:49:12 GMT
i heard that in some countrys if you as women get raped, and you report it to the police, then it can happen that the police rape you again or they accuse YOU of being disloyal !
but in Canada (civilized country!) ?? wow..

 dlkiv10/07/2009 20:03:13 GMT
Posted by T3ddyKGB:
i heard that in some countrys if you as women get raped, and you report it to the police, then it can happen that the police rape you again or they accuse YOU of being disloyal !
but in Canada (civilized country!) ?? wow..

Y WOW is right and just to let all know I know of this "male" as my neice is his live in girlfriend!! He raped this girl while living with my niece and I and my hubby have nothing to with him or want him at our house etc. So guess what?? You got it, we are the "bad ones" and according to the rest of the family we should apologise to him and the niece !! I say don't hold ur f'ing breath.
 dunotra10/07/2009 20:07:00 GMT
Posted by T3ddyKGB:
i heard that in some countrys if you as women get raped, and you report it to the police, then it can happen that the police rape you again or they accuse YOU of being disloyal

Islamic Law the religion of pease ( Like Fuck thay are) Angry Angry Angry

And I agree with this Idea 100%
 ACE00710/07/2009 20:39:53 GMT
i guess you are right... you are infront of a casino.. want make money.. go play poker z(+_+)z
 spanishman10/07/2009 22:37:22 GMT
lol i think thats really too much !! =)
for 30,000 dollars 4 years ,, when you hurt someone hardy in germany you get only up to 4-6 years !! zzz unbelivable what the life of a person cost ( around 40 000-100 000) its incredible !!
killers and criminals that hurt persons should stay in jail long time !!!
 Jodoli12/07/2009 01:25:24 GMT
It was a lot of money. Casinos have a lot of security, but i believe that for same the tentation to try to rob is high, specially if we are talking about desperate men. But as is describe in the text, i think that was a desperate action, he acted alone, and with few chances of success.
 ADACTA12/07/2009 08:53:06 GMT
at Fakiry Smile

In china they would allready have killed him in a public place
 guille22xt13/07/2009 04:55:18 GMT
Woah, I wonder who the pro was haha! Poor guy, its never nice to be robbed...
 Exiles13/07/2009 13:06:26 GMT
hopefully whilst he is inside, he will learn to play poker
 fcumred13/07/2009 14:01:11 GMT
I wonder if its that Australian that had his money taken back from him at Full Tilt.

Perhaps we drove him to it..

 fochizza13/07/2009 14:03:29 GMT
Justice systems are all wrong, i know of a guy (a complete idiot) that drove home drunk and probably drugged out after his DJ performance. He hit a girl on a bike and killed her. Hes just drove on like a complete coward, went to get his car repaired the next day and got cought. He claimed that he tought he hit a wall or whatever.
Anyway it was prooved he killed her and drove on.His punishment was that he cant drive for a few weeks and some mild punishment that has jet to be determined (90% chanse its just some weakass community service).

p.s: Ontippoc if someone wants the rob me for 30k he'll at least need a gun instead of a weakass knife. Or someone i care about would have to be with me.
 xxxbchxxx13/07/2009 15:04:25 GMT
well thats the luck of the draw....withdrawal hahaha.
As he done the crime he should do the time.
He'll have a long time to work out the odds of that happening...boom boom.
 dUSTEY15/07/2009 09:33:14 GMT
Some people are stupid.
 hackeru15/07/2009 22:44:24 GMT
retarded peolpe...if you want money go to work

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