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Won $2.9 million - died the day after

Tags: Anders Dajmen Jonasson, trotting, trotting tipster.
Posted on 10 August 2009 by "T".

Anders "Dajmen" Jonasson, 54, from Stockholm, was one of Sweden's greatest and most well known trotting tipsters. He was known for being a very helpful person that often shared his great knowledge about trotting with friends as well as people on the web. Anders, used to spend many hours per day checking old trotting results and going through videos from previous races. Thanks to all the time he spend analyzing horses and tracks, he made some bigger wins throughout his career as a "professional trotting tipster". But when his biggest win ever came and he won around $2,9 million, he died the very next day. Anders "Dajmen" Jonasson, wanted to enjoy his biggest win ever in peace and quiet, therefore he decided to celebrate at home with his family. But only 15 hours later, he collapsed on the floor in his own home and died. Anders "Dajmen" Jonasson, leaves a wife and 2 children.

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19 comments on "Won $2.9 million - died the day after"

 AvegZ10/08/2009 14:42:57 GMT
That is just sick..
 adnanvarela10/08/2009 15:05:39 GMT
 Salamander7610/08/2009 16:04:14 GMT
His share of the win was 20% - still tragic though..
 Assad9110/08/2009 16:16:31 GMT
to bad.. at least he managed to do something big about what he liked before he died, AND his famiily isn't going broke now, so he have done some good things at least
 Fakiry10/08/2009 16:24:00 GMT
Its very sad when we hear something very good happening to someone who just, after that, dont have enough time to enjoy it. Many philosophers say the best thing in life isnt achieving success, but running after it. Viewing things this way, he had everything he wanted.
 Phospate2210/08/2009 16:28:18 GMT
thats very sad Sad he won and after he died, cant enjoy the winning, make a better live thats bad :s unfair. Rest in peace buddy :S
 suissteur10/08/2009 17:53:11 GMT
Life is rigged!
 SuperNoob10/08/2009 18:17:34 GMT
what a sad end for him, he won his biggest prize and he dies, thats very tragic. he couldn't even enjoy his winnings but his family won't have any financial troubles.
 fochizza10/08/2009 18:28:44 GMT
How did he die? My guess is a heart attack?
 Joooel10/08/2009 19:34:23 GMT
bad beat!
 Davoodoo10/08/2009 21:44:47 GMT
Live like it is your last day in life ... Blink
 Buscalaboved10/08/2009 21:57:14 GMT
woow... al menos disfruto el premio y como se dijo anteriormente dejo a la familia libre de problemas financieros
 AcesBenji10/08/2009 22:14:30 GMT
 Gamblertheo10/08/2009 23:55:43 GMT
Atleast he gone like a happy man doing what he liked and did best.
My condolence to the family and best of luck in these hard times
 dianakyra11/08/2009 00:34:29 GMT
omg RIP
 mirked11/08/2009 00:40:17 GMT
Thats is very sad. R.I.P
 PhoenixRazz11/08/2009 01:29:51 GMT
Really this is very sad.

Win this quantity (a big quantity) and die without being able to enjoy it...

With this it is confirmed that nobody has the bought life Sad.
 IdiocracyLT11/08/2009 05:14:49 GMT
Really bad day comes after very lucky day. It's very rude. Sad
 GeneYuss11/08/2009 07:13:05 GMT
Whoa, that sucks.

@ fochizza, you're probably right, heart attack.

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