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Danish casino in stormy weather

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Posted on 17 August 2009 by "T".

The past few weeks there has been a lot of hard critics pointed at the casino in Copenhagen and Erik Jensen who's their manager. Many big names in Swedish poker have claimed that they have been treated bad and also felt threatened when visiting the casino. One of the poker pros that have been pointing a lot of critics at the casino is Micke Norinder. In an interview with a Swedish magazine he says that the casino in Copenhagen is the worst in Europe and he doesn't see any reason for anyone to go there.

"The staff at the casino have no feeling for service at all, and as soon as you take a step in the casino they ask to be tipped. When one is playing cash games at the casino they ask to be tipped every single hand, and they wont deal another hand before someone gives them something."

he continues...

"Last year I won about $10,000 on a slot machine. Two casino employees followed me around for about 10 minutes and kept asking me for money. When I told them that I don't see the reason to give you tip bacause I have been playing on my own at a slot machine - they just told me "Fuck You" - "We hope you lose everything!"

Micke Norinders friend got to experience something even worse when he visited the Copenhagen casino some time ago.

"My friend won some money on roulette and was all the time asked for tips. My friend told them "I will give you guys some tips later before I go home" - a few minutes later two big bouncers threw my friend out of the casino"; Norinder says.

The casino manager, Erik Jensen, thinks that all this is a big lie

"Micke Norinder, mentions a friend of his who's been thrown out from the casino. It's just a big lie! I don't know what he has been eating or drinking before coming up with this story. We have done a lot for our poker players recently. I can't understand where all these lies come from?"; Erik Jensen says.


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10 comments on "Danish casino in stormy weather"

 Davoodoo17/08/2009 12:15:50 GMT
Theres ALWAYS two sides of a story ... he was probably losing in the poker games and was blaming the dealer for shuffling the cards badly.
 mattel17/08/2009 13:11:02 GMT
"Siberian Casino in stormy weather" would have been a much better post Smile
 tarock200917/08/2009 14:58:40 GMT
the employees lives only from the TIP
 Mober17/08/2009 15:08:49 GMT
Posted by tarock2009:
the employees lives only from the TIP

I hope you are not serious about this.
Cause there are a lot of casinos that dont allow tipping, and i believe that this is the best, in order
to provide better customer service.
And thats because all the employees current and future know that they are not gonna get tipped in any way, so their customer service doesnt change if they consider that the tip they got sucks,
or even worst they didnt get any at all.
 Fakiry17/08/2009 19:24:08 GMT
Bad things happens every where, even in casinos, they just need to have a couple of jerks like those two from the story to wrong things happen. And, of course Erik Jansen is going to deny all, because he's got a business to run and bad fame doesnt work good. In Portugal never heard of things like that and i have lots of friends going to casinos frequently.
 MasterY17/08/2009 19:58:54 GMT
Danish Casinos in trouble? - not the first time Smile
 bobbyboo17/08/2009 22:56:59 GMT
maybe they are a mafia type casino and if you complain any more you will swim with the fishes!
 SuperNoob18/08/2009 01:00:01 GMT
This is really unbelievable, .
if what these players are saying is true then no casino can survive if their employees act like this. surely they will lose all their players and be forced to shut down.
 capinheiro18/08/2009 01:23:25 GMT
I think that this story it's a bit "too mutch" to be true! Can any casino employee use that kind of behaviour anyware in hte world and still keep his work? I don't think so! Smile
 PokerJosh18/08/2009 08:58:28 GMT
It's hard to belive, and like allready said "there are allways to sides of a story". I think the reality is laying somewhere in the middle.

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