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EPT Kyiv: Maxim Lykov takes home the tournament

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Posted on 24 August 2009 by "T".

296 players from 33 countries took part in the first ever EPT Kyiv (about 80 of them PokerStars players) and created a prize pool of €1,391,200. Maxim "Decay" Lykov, 21, from Moscow, was the chip leader after both day 2 and day 3. When he reached the final table there was no doubt that he would become the last man standing. After 6 hours the final table was down to heads-up. The two remaining players were Alexander Dovzhenko and Maxim Lykov. But there was not a long fight between these two as it only took the 21-year-old Russian 20 hands to take down the tournament. For the win Maxim "Decay" Lykov received €330,000 and also became the first ever Russian to win an EPT.

Maxim "Decay" Lykov's own words after the win.

"On days two and three, I really felt quite confident that I would make the final. I am very proud to win this tournament. It was a hard contest but I believed I could do it."

Over €600,000 in winnings
Maxim "Decay" Lykov, has been very successful this year as he has won over €600,000 from different live tournaments. His last notable win was in June in the WSOP when he came third in the $5k NLHE event and won €145,000. Expect to see and hear a lot more about this young man in future tournaments!

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5 comments on "EPT Kyiv: Maxim Lykov takes home the tournament"

 Fakiry24/08/2009 20:10:08 GMT
I am sure we will hear more about this and other russian players. Its good to know poker is expanding its bigger tourneys to other countries away from tradicional and regular ones. Everybody can go there and poker rooms will sponsor their players to make a presence and turn this turneys even more special, but its always nice when "homies" take the first place.
 schmoyster24/08/2009 20:26:24 GMT
The majority of the players were from Russia or Ukraine. So, the odds that one of them wins were pretty high. The real Russian stars (Kravchenko, Demidov) were eliminated early.
Maxim Lykov...? I don't know... We need to see how he plays in a tougher tournaments and not on the home turf.
But in any case, congratulations and hope that we see a rise of the new Russian star of poker.
 guille22xt25/08/2009 01:23:17 GMT
Sick scores, WSOP and EPT, maybe he will run hot at WSOPE too.. I wasnt able to watch the live transmission, but the final hand was indeed a bad beat A3>AQ
 Makmanaman26/08/2009 01:37:18 GMT
Just see nick Kaketka on FT. It's Max.
 SuperNoob26/08/2009 09:43:49 GMT
well its good to hold regional poker tournaments, allows local players to shine in such tournaments.
congrats to maxim for becoming first russian to win EPT, this win was more than he has won before combined in live tournays

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