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To get married in Las Vegas..

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Posted on 05 August 2009 by "T".

If you love the surroundings of luxurary casinos and planning on getting married, but don't like the idea of a old traditional type of wedding. Then Las Vegas, Nevada, probably is the best place for you to get married. The marriage industry in Las Vegas is just getting bigger and bigger every year. There are hundreds of sites and companies offering lots of different wedding packages. For example, you can get married with "Elvis Presley" as priest, get married in a private helicopter with the view of Las Vegas by night, or why not dress up as a medieval prince and princess at the Canterbury Chapel in the Excalibur hotel? These are just three examples on how you can get married in Las Vegas.

Why is it so popular to get married in Las Vegas?
Around 110,000 couples get their marriage licenses in Las Vegas every year. One of the reasons that so many couples get married in Las Vegas each year is due to the fact that Nevada is one of the few liberal states in USA that doesn't require a blood test. This will will get you quickly on your way to the altar as the Marriage License Bureau is open from 8ammidnight daily, including holidays. Another reason might be the glamour of this town and its history. Here are a few examples on celebs that got married in Vegas - Bruce Willis, Elvis, Joan Crawford and Bing Crosby.


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13 comments on "To get married in Las Vegas.."

 sindbad05/08/2009 11:55:33 GMT
remember What Happens in Vegas (2008) With Cameron Diaz, Ashton Kutcher, Rob Corddry. it will be Fun if you dont mess it up i guess
 encar123405/08/2009 12:46:28 GMT
i would not get marrierd in vegas because i think its unpersonal and not special.
 PokerJosh05/08/2009 16:23:35 GMT
I think I would be fun to have a secound (re-newing) marriage there, but not as the main event^^
 fochizza05/08/2009 17:23:33 GMT
Planning to get married in vegas is like saying "technically i wanne marry you, lets get it over with".
If it is an impulsive unplanned thing (but you are sure you want to marry her) it can be cute i guess.
 Tchungpo05/08/2009 18:03:32 GMT
Im not sure its a really good idea to make business with marriage like that... it make lose all the sense of the marriage, transforming it in an attraction... soon Mickey Mouse will marry you -_-
 Fakiry05/08/2009 18:13:58 GMT
Marriage in Vegas is so popular that lots of Hollywood movies, oscar winners, show it! I think that the marriage cerimony doesnt have to be as traditional as it is and having an elvis like priest is a cultural thing that perhaps could say a lot to people born in vegas but not to others. Lets understand each others cultural differences. Some of you would hate to have someone playing accordion or concertina at your wedding and in some parts of my country that is part of the tradition.
 dlkiv05/08/2009 18:20:28 GMT
I am amazed that they do not have a drive through there yet that u drive up get married drive through to next window 4 a quicky divorce Tongue
 T3ddyKGB05/08/2009 18:31:41 GMT
worst place to get married imo.
it doesnt need to be traditional, but vegas..?
cant imagine something more boring/unromantic as to get married in a private helicopter with the view of Las Vegas by night Shock
the only way to convince me to get married in vegas is if you set me under drugs like lsd.
matter of taste..
 B1gfoot05/08/2009 18:40:05 GMT
Im not relegious in any way so id have to be dragged down the isle if it is to ever happen, and ill be kicking something rotten, but its possable a few beers a few games of poker and i might do it vegas style, short and sweet.
That way "daddy-in-law" can bankroll me instead of wasting it on a dress she wares once and a party full of forgotten relatives.
I actually am happy belive it or not lol.
 jevo05/08/2009 19:33:50 GMT
I was very close to doing it myself a few years back Sad It didn't feel right though.
 SuperNoob06/08/2009 07:58:25 GMT
I think its because of the glamor not because of blood tests, lol.
But i think its silly to get married in helicopter or as medieval couple or just because some celebrity got married there.
 GeneYuss09/08/2009 10:22:29 GMT
@dlkiv Drive Thru Wedding lol Smile Second window, quicky divorce lol! I seen it in wrestling where Triple H marries the boss' daughter in a drive thru wedding. That wedding was fake but they do have drive thru wedding.
 ih8usukouts09/08/2009 11:00:03 GMT
LOL, I will be going to Vegas to do this in November. I'm from the states (just moved abroad) and have been to Vegas on occasion, fun place to do what you like to do. Trust me! I'm not old fashioned or religous

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