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WPT sold for 9 million dollars

Tags: Gamynia Limited, World Poker Tour Enterprises, wpte. wpt.
Posted on 07 August 2009 by "T".

World Poker Tour Enterprises (WPTE), will sell the most shares of the company to a private investment group called, Gamynia Limited. Gamynia has paid a bit over 9 million US dollars for this, and they will also pay a small percentage of future earnings to the previous stockholders. Gamynia Limited, will continue running WPT as usual, but they will also try to get into the online gaming market, this in order to grow even bigger and hopefully make a greater profit.


Steve Lipscomb, President and CEO of WPT Enterprises, comment the affair like this.
"We believe this transaction will enable the World Poker Tour to realize its full potential across both its existing businesses and the lucrative online gaming market, Gamynia and its partners possess highly complementary resources which will help it invest in and effectively integrate with the World Poker Tour efficiently and profitably."


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18 comments for "WPT sold for 9 million dollars"

 mcsnakey76507/08/2009 10:38:00 GMT
wow thtaas alot

wow thtaas alot
 PokerJosh07/08/2009 12:54:56 GMT
Posted by mcsnakey765:
wow thtaas alot

wow thtaas alot

Depends on the benchmark. You could win the main Event of the WSOP and then buy the WPT XD

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 Davoodoo07/08/2009 15:09:37 GMT
Only 9 million ? ... sounds like a small sum to me. would have guessed it would be worth the double atleast .
 scl197507/08/2009 15:21:19 GMT
yeah they just running a buisness which is poker.they just organise games and TV so 9 million to the owners a future royalties is magnificent.wow. Worship
 uberdonk707/08/2009 16:45:36 GMT
wow..thats awesome! what would u do with 9million?
 SuperNoob07/08/2009 17:51:51 GMT
I thought it would be much more than 9 mil for such a big event.
 B1gfoot07/08/2009 18:30:44 GMT
Damn, I bid 8.6 mill, knew i shold have raised a bit.
 Phospate2207/08/2009 18:45:29 GMT
insane why the fuk they do that, its no sense online playing market sure its a good buisness but pfff they should give me that money to me Smile becouse its safer hehe
 keram07/08/2009 19:23:32 GMT
9 mil....pffff.... I also thought it's worth much more than that Agree Dammn if I had only known that it's gonna go for just 9 mil, I would have bid more myself Cool
 shokaku07/08/2009 20:00:30 GMT
A NEW poker room? Can i smell a new no deposit bonus here?

This WPT poker will need some good promos to find a place in the online poker market.
 gero9mo08/08/2009 17:32:04 GMT
WPT poker room has been around for quite some time actually...

) mill is a fair price, considdering that they will get a revenue of the future events. Its like selling it for 100 000 million i guess...
 PokerJosh08/08/2009 20:31:14 GMT
To integrate into the online market doesn't mean they make their own client, they could just make more satellites in the main pokerrooms to their WPT-Events-
 MuradMurad10/08/2009 00:33:11 GMT
heheeh lol shokaku Tongue
 Raggamann10/08/2009 01:40:41 GMT
9 million sounds cheap, i guess phil ivey could have bought it with his sidebet-winnings.
 Ragasha10/08/2009 01:52:33 GMT
Yes 9 million sound a little bit cheap.
 PhoenixRazz10/08/2009 02:12:05 GMT

For only nine millions?

Pretty business for buy the World Poker Tour Tongue.

 Fakiry10/08/2009 16:00:25 GMT
First thing i thought after read this news was "only $9M?" Seems like everybody did. But we have to think in this enterprise as the owner of the rights to manage the business and not the business itself. It was the same thing as the company who have the rights of Euromillions Draw (european international lottery) sell the business. It wouldnt cost as much as a lottery prize, it would be much less, in fact (Euromillions prize is every week a minimum of €10.000.000 and can reach up to €120.000.000, more or less 170 milion dolars)
 IdiocracyLT11/08/2009 05:20:40 GMT
That is really big amount. I would like to compete there.. Smile. Steve Lipscomb says true Smile

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