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High Stakes: Unknown player crushed Gus Hansen

Tags: drugsorme, full tilt poker, high stakes.
Posted on 28 October 2010 by "T".

An unknown player with the alias "DrugsOrMe" had a fantastic day at Full Tilt's nosebleed tables the other day. First he took on Gus Hasen, who's the biggest winner online in the past 2 weeks, and won over $150k in a $500/$1000 PLO Heads-up game. Then he decided to play some 6-handed $200/$400 PLO against harrington25, Urindanger1, URnotINdanger2 and a few other big names in the poker world.

DrugsOrMe winning streak continued against them as well and he managed to get away with a $210,284 profit at the end of the day. DrugsOrMe started showing up at Full Tilt's high stakes tables in the end of the summer and ever since he has been a winner. In total he has won $890k this year and probably it will be over a million before 2010 comes to an end.


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23 comments on "High Stakes: Unknown player crushed Gus Hansen"

 C55L28/10/2010 13:04:56 GMT
 mazas28/10/2010 13:49:10 GMT
good one becouse he play not long sesions and if he feels the wining day was he play and then the loosing time comes he just disapered easy its really clever game for him

gus look at this and u ll must do the same short brake now helps u not to loose all the monaye that u won in this month Smile
good luck all
 shokaku28/10/2010 13:58:41 GMT
sigh Evil

I can smell the next hype. Just like Martonas or Isildur. A new kid is in town, and will be the hero of the day, untill the regs have figured out his play.
 B1gfoot28/10/2010 14:06:51 GMT
Posted by shokaku:
sigh Evil

I can smell the next hype. Just like Martonas or Isildur. A new kid is in town, and will be the hero of the day, untill the regs have figured out his play.

Possably, but drugsorme has been playing on and off for a fair while (with the big boys) besides that he picked Gus, rather that Durrr etc unlike Martonas or Isildur so I guess he has a bit of sense, dont think you will see him for a while on FT now.
 DaMessiah66628/10/2010 14:53:33 GMT
What a strange think! Gus losing money again ... It's a 'dejavú' ... I missed news like that Agree
 MANUEDO28/10/2010 15:01:10 GMT
For a moment, I was scared to have been discovered, but, for now, my secret identity is still protected Smile
 oliver08229829/10/2010 02:32:25 GMT
its not news when you hear gus lose huge amounts... its the usual. he loses big, and, he also wins big... thats a fact...
 123loweman29/10/2010 02:42:38 GMT
yes total agree thats whats makes him but it also breaks him
 SuperNoob29/10/2010 06:53:37 GMT
i think hes here to stay, he dont seem that reckless like isildur or martonas. and now that hes got kick of nose-bleed highstakes , he'll keep coming back now and then.
 Dellbo9929/10/2010 11:27:01 GMT
I have to wonder how much of a story this really is.

Drugs or me has been playin and winnin at the nosebleeds for a while now - all the players there are used to seein him and they all know his game even if his real name is still unknown.

Gus losin again is just the normal - all the players there can't wait to play him.

Drugs or me won 2 buy ins - hardly significant
 doomdy29/10/2010 11:36:45 GMT
Well nothing new, Gus losing money, think he is 1 of the dumbest highstakers ever, not that he dont have skills, but he simply plays too high stakes and better players run him over.
 cavalonegro29/10/2010 21:19:14 GMT
Um jogador de poker profissional deve saber geriar uma banca coisa que o GUS HANSEN não tem sabido fazer. Muitos deles acabam mal e ele acho que vai ter um fim muito mau mesmo
 sponsorplay29/10/2010 23:36:12 GMT
Gus loosing i old news and maybe he is in plus the last 14 days, but still he is more a looser than a winner. I am sure that "DrugsOrMe" is a wellknown player and it could very well be Isildur that is behind the alias.
 lomax30/10/2010 06:16:02 GMT
Gus Hansen loosing much money? Smile this is poker and every thing is possible but he is a great player. good luck at all. Smile
 jpoblong31/10/2010 11:44:05 GMT
everthing happens in poker.. i think you should have 70% luck and 30% skills. he was lucky to beat good poker players. good luck to you all especially to me
 Aggro66601/11/2010 17:32:32 GMT
another aggroDonk - but finally - do we know that this games are really happen, or if some of them are just simple Marketing by FullTilt?
 noynoy01/11/2010 19:36:48 GMT
gus hansen is a very aggresive player and they are easily beaten by tight players.. i think players already know that so they cant wait to play gus cos they know they are gona be payed of... Smile
 riverrat11/11/2010 17:18:20 GMT
Wow look at that, every hour or some some looser makes a comment
 superstu3311/11/2010 17:54:48 GMT
this is very true i sat and watched
 JasonOost11/11/2010 22:14:49 GMT
wow that's nice to win in a short time Big Smile
 xdonkingx12/11/2010 13:14:42 GMT
at this stakes its really easy get sesions with an average win or loss of a few millions.

NL holdem an PL omaha are high variance games, and that gives the oportunity of a weak/bad player to make an huge profit in a few sesions, but if he stands too much time at those levels with better players, he will obviously go broke in the long run.

by the way, its imposible to predict how good or bad could one player be at those stakes with so few hands Sad

 Sapoazul12/11/2010 13:33:34 GMT
Ohhhh!!! I Will try to beat him too!!! Big Smile Would I have good chances? kkk Nobody know anything about this other guy?
 dule-vu12/11/2010 23:56:06 GMT
I just love to see news like this,when somebody who is unknown,beat big names in poker!and love when wonder how it happen and then they must admit to theirself,that are just people liek everybody else!

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