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BigBet Poker $25,000 RakeChase - Standings (Jan 11th)

Tags: bankrollmob, big bet poker, leaderboard, rakechase.
Posted on 11 January 2010 by "K".

BigBet Poker RakeChaseIt's time for another standings update for our exclusive BigBet Poker $25,000 RakeChase.

The BigBet Poker $25,000 RakeChase is exclusive for BankrollMob members and is really simple. Just hit each of the 9 VIP Point Milestones (as specified on the link above) and get RakeChase Prizes for hitting that level.

There's a massive $5000 up for grabs for the 1st person to reach the last level and if you make it through each of the 9 levels, you will get nearly $10,000 in RakeChase Prizes!!

The RakeChase runs betwen 20th November 2009 and Sunday 28th February 2010 - still plenty of time to get involved!

If you're not in yet, sign up for the 110% up to $750 first deposit bonus now and participate in the $25,000 RakeChase!!


djdavid883 27726,1995
hugeblob 14143,7389
VKonst 11462,9801
immuul 10959,3273
calllletom 10701,7399
riversucks17 10432,0281
dantheman7733 9400,4662
nastyfrog 8704,8595
CallmeAcehole 8431,9611
Habasima 8093,5159
saya23killer 7692,6338
From72 7497,6735
breatheNY 6263,9648
3psil0n 6061,2331
idalenesara 5729,514
newlicano 5475,9595
xxMumblesxx 5342,2865
BLOWERS1 4872,3988
cesa88 4781,5802
25081987 4709,0828
gueguito 4437,4931
MikeTerrano 4007,7894
TheBipolarBear 3943,6571
Guapitodecara 3732,1966
VlatkoK 3723,6219
APA300 3400,5793
FischkucheN 3396,3133
perombo20 3392,1572
alehandreSPb 3361,7535
RomiMontero 3156,0598
Fainas87 2870,1
ponomarevco 2854,4769
Herbalizier 2818,3867
klodin1960 2805,5783
IdidBoobjob 2762,3805
Bombz84 2681,0493
LT1337 2621,8369
ooklosar22oo 2503,1319
freespirit47 2341,6736
Brasasking 2316,9878
AllDream 2242,5108
TusKoblenz79 2145,0419
lajos13 2010,8547
jannesv 1989,9731
OMGplmgrn 1985,1242

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7 comments for "BigBet Poker $25,000 RakeChase - Standings (Jan 11th)"

 mazas11/01/2010 16:14:41 GMT
its really good news for top players they can easy take they prizes and be happy with bigbet poker Smile

good luck all
 Fakiry11/01/2010 16:26:16 GMT
Its just too bad that we never read nothing from this guys here at BRM, or at least not signed up with this nicks, that should be more probably. Funny that some of you happens to have more than one nick so that people who knows you from one nick cant recognize you when playing with the other. What net can do to people.
 SuperNoob11/01/2010 16:51:18 GMT
Posted by Fakiry
Funny that some of you happens to have more than one nick so that people who knows you from one nick cant recognize you when playing with the other

i don't know about others, but i have different nicks everywhere.
lets u be unknown, lol
 nastyfrog11/01/2010 18:55:41 GMT
I guys, i write about my progress here Smile im in 8th place. Wow! Djdavid883 has almost raked twice as much as second place person, Great job!! Keep the good performance up guys!! Best of luck!
 B1gfoot11/01/2010 20:08:11 GMT
CallmeAcehole Who are you on Bankrollmob?
I mentiond ages ago that I was trying to crack a NL10 reg, it was you LOL.(also a lot on NL25)
Played a lot of your tables, in fact dont think there was a table you was not on, would love to know who you are.
Im on twitter as b1gfoot (PM me)if you want to say if not GL as im sure you know your a damn solid player GL.
Gl Nastyfrog too.
 ZmxPowah12/01/2010 05:27:43 GMT
It's great news when u don't play that Poker Room Tongue.
Heh to bad i don't have nearly any time for poker... without it u can't even try to participe in events like that :/
 Doomsday_vic13/01/2010 09:58:02 GMT
Pity i didn't rake as much, been overseas for month without playing much...

I guess i should be thankful im still top 20

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