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Video: Tony G crosses the line

Tags: andrew robl, daniel negreanu, tony g.
Posted on 01 November 2010 by "T".

It's probably no news to many of you that Tony G likes to complain and fight with other players when the cameras are rolling. Sometimes he has a point, however, he usually doesn't make his point in a nice, friendly way. In the video clip below, Andrew Robl and Daniel Negreanu are playing heads-up, while they are about to finish the hand a very frustrated Tony G gets up for his chair and starts walking out of the room while he's complaining and whining about Robl taking too long to act all the time. The tournament director calls the clock on Robl after this.

Daniel Negreanu and the rest of the players at the table are not getting involved at this point. But after that Robl throws away the best hand, Daniel Negreanu can't help to show him that he was bluffing. Daniel is also thanking Tony G for calling the clock, which obviously made Robl stressed. Robl doesn't seem to be happy at all with the situation but he decides to be quiet.  

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25 comments on "Video: Tony G crosses the line"

 themole01/11/2010 13:45:05 GMT
i agree with tony, if you take 3 or 4 seconds online then 10-15 in a live set up is understandable but not all the time and defo not with top 2.
 Cliffem01/11/2010 13:56:01 GMT
Tony G Storms off after the guy has been thinking for less then 15 seconds! What a short fuse! Dont try and be Hellmuth Tony
 B1gfoot01/11/2010 14:12:58 GMT
Tony G crosses the line LMFAO, why because he calls clock, and if the tournament director calls the clock then he was right to do so.
IMO Daniel Negreanu is the ass here, Tony plays for fun so even tho he did say sorry, say its all for the cameras he is Tony G and he can do this, DN is a representive of poker and should not have acted the way he did, dont see why Tony is getting the stick on this one.
 Kristan01/11/2010 15:17:41 GMT
Calling a clock after 15 seconds in HSP live? LOL at Tony. Obviously hes was only joking - I dont like TonyG at all, but im pretty sure he wasnt whining for real in that case.

What amazes is Negreanus behaviour. Every single time he plays high stakes, he manages to build a dumb impression of him. Sometimes he seems like a lost little child really..
 shokaku01/11/2010 15:40:22 GMT
Posted by Kristan:
Calling a clock after 15 seconds in HSP live?

Yep. It is a joke.

But of cause Tony doesn't realise, that other people actually think, before they do something. Cool
 mahdrof01/11/2010 16:04:16 GMT
I would have to see the rest of that episode before saying whether or not I feel that Tony G was too quick to call for the clock, it depends on what Robl was doing before that. Just from that video Tony G had no reason to call for the clock so quickly. Negreanu had certainly played in such a way that he had to decide among three posibilities: bluff on the river, slow playing a very strong flopped hand or hitting a draw on the turn, so I don't blame Robl for wanting to think about it. A lot of money on the table. If Tony G was joking then he should STFU. I like him but if he is not in the hand he should let the players do the talking and keep his blabbering down.
 schmoyster01/11/2010 16:10:54 GMT
This news article is just a fragment of the much longer story.
First of all, Robl was taking his time to think almost every hand and it made TonyG mad. Also Robl was the only one at the table who declined to put the straddle and it made Negreanu mad. The tension between these three culminated in the hand above.
Next day Negreanu phoned Robl and kind of apologized to him and Robl explained why he didn't put the straddle. So they are cool.
Tony G in his blog wrote that he loves Robl with all his heart and he just got carried away during the game. So, they are also cool.
 Davoodoo01/11/2010 19:43:27 GMT

Sooner or later someone will snap and the fists will fly ... will be the most interesting poker clip ever.
 noynoy01/11/2010 20:04:58 GMT
I think robl played it well until Tony Gasshole did what he did.. just shows who the real child is.. Smile
 lomax01/11/2010 22:01:43 GMT
very funny video...great bluff of Negreanu and Robl with the complicity of Tony g was out.
 svartnos7701/11/2010 22:16:32 GMT
yeah Tony G is a real donkey, ignorant, disrespectable and everything, worst thing is, sometimes he's really nice, you dont know if u wanna like him or not, he's wierd.
 Kraakraa01/11/2010 22:57:54 GMT
i think it was cut to like 15 seconds where in real life the time robl took to think through was probably about 10 min (according to D.N.)
 zemuogynas102/11/2010 00:55:37 GMT
go tony go Smile
 123loweman02/11/2010 02:48:06 GMT
i agree with tony on this subject because its take everything away from the game when u slowroll someone i cant stand it it drives me crazy too sit there and then someone take all day and then fold
 mazas02/11/2010 09:16:23 GMT
tony allways was on top and he not only jokes but also play real poker and sometimes win some good pots go tony we love watch u on tv
 oliver08229802/11/2010 10:29:34 GMT
Posted by themole:
i agree with tony, if you take 3 or 4 seconds online then 10-15 in a live set up is understandable but not all the time and defo not with top 2.

its 1 of robl's brilliant moves, he frustrates his opponents... i mean, its poker, you got to have some kind of strategy; especially if your playing top caliber pros like daniel & tony g... Smile
 SuperNoob02/11/2010 11:16:12 GMT
Posted by Davoodoo
Sooner or later someone will snap and the fists will fly ... will be the most interesting poker clip ever.

would be more interesting if hellmuth is involved in that one
 dule-vu02/11/2010 14:27:26 GMT
dont understand how he played so tight and fold bacuse of tony g. insulting and calling clock!I think he would pay if tony g. didnt start to act like this!but he do this lot of times,esspecially with phil helmut!go on poker stars tv and watch fight night from big game show(videos from several big game night):
 BMan9802/11/2010 14:40:25 GMT
I don't care much for Tony G. He gets under my skin when I'm watching, I can't imagine trying to play with him live. I also feel that if you aren't in a hand, you need to keep your mouth shut about what's going on in the hand. I realize that's the way Tony plays, I just don't like it.
As for Robl, he should have had an idea of what he thought Daniel had before the river, and a plan of how to respond to Daniel after the river.
 shoveandtilt02/11/2010 15:34:31 GMT
Rofl....i just have to laugh here. I'm stuck in two minds about Tony G, sometimes i think he is brilliant, an asset to the table and just generally quite a funny guy...then sometimes i haaate him with a passion and just want to knock him out. He says some pretty funny stuff in this, and tbh it shouldn't affect Robl at all, he's playing at the highest level and should be able to take it in his stride, the clock call is standard just puts a bit more pressure on him. Which, again he should be able to handle. Although saying that, i'd still want to take Tony outside and give him a right hook :E
 Jodoli02/11/2010 19:16:44 GMT
I like Tony G too, I think he is an excellent poker player. But this time he should be quiet! It was not his hand. He shouldnt be able to interfere in other player's game. And the clock shouldnt be put only with 15 seconds!
 pipandpop03/11/2010 19:10:11 GMT
its a mind game and robl takes a lot of time in every hand. and tony had a flow that he made money of and robl screws it up
 dule-vu03/11/2010 20:33:34 GMT
he just love to cross the line and doesnt take care is he in hand or somebody else!just love to "fight" with people!
 jpoblong09/11/2010 08:09:25 GMT
guys you are pros. you should be good sports. a lot of poker layers idolize you.. set a good example..
 watoba17/11/2010 23:05:35 GMT
Tony G is a idiot he think he is the greatest but he talking like a child as phil helmuth. When you see the best players they must not talking much they know there are good and must not do talking shit

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