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FTOPS: Soi Nquyen won his very own event

Tags: ftops, full tilt poker, rush poker, Soi Nquyen.
Posted on 19 November 2010 by "T".

Not less than 1,841 players took part in Full Tilt Online Poker Series Event 18, $207+$9 Rush NLH Super Turbo, which created a prize pool of $381,097. It ended up being no one else than the host of the event, Soi Nguyen, who took home the tournament and the first place prize of $78,503. Nguyen is the 7th Red Pro to win a coveted FTOPS jersey and he has now joined the ranks of Erick Lindgren and Greg Mueller as the only Full Tilt player to have won their own FTOPS event.

1. Soi Nguyen ($78,503.92)
2. hellviper86 ($51,827.83)
3. Luke Staudenmaier ($38,489.79)
4. WhoIsTJones ($30,105.87)
5. Philpro01 ($22,484.13)
6. wildjoker321 ($15,624.57)
7. gambeta_perrins ($9,527.17)
8. David Peters ($6,478.48)
9. Nick "agriffrod" Mitchell ($4,573.04)

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11 comments for "FTOPS: Soi Nquyen won his very own event"

 Calmplay19/11/2010 12:14:49 GMT
Yeah and I was shocked when I saw that and when I realised it was rush poker...

Soi the king of rush poker, anyway this was an awesome performance... congrats sir.
 oliver08229819/11/2010 13:58:11 GMT
Posted by Calmplay:
Yeah and I was shocked when I saw that and when I realised it was rush poker...

Soi the king of rush poker, anyway this was an awesome performance... congrats sir.

if his the rush king!! he deserve to win... congrats to him...
 ZmxPowah20/11/2010 07:32:30 GMT
If i remember good it was 3 min blinds super turbo... So u can't say he is gr8 player by winnings that one. You can say his luckboxing skills are much better then anyone else.
Anyway soft rigged cause he won his tourament.
 JunkyMonkey20/11/2010 15:01:20 GMT
Was is really "RUSH POKER (TM)" with table switch, quick fold etc. or just "very fast poker/levels" ?
 stojaca20/11/2010 17:05:22 GMT
Who is Soi Nguyen???

I heard for Scotty Nguyen, Anh Van Nguyen, Men Nguyen and now there is Soi Nguyen??? Are those people related or whole Nguyen tribe plays poker professionaly?????
 Aggro66620/11/2010 19:46:01 GMT
I know, you is Soi Nguyen, but, wtf is Fulltilt Poker?
was this the funny pokersite, created to support some friends of Mr. F. and trying to be bigger as pstars, but where not able to manipulate the RNG better than Pstars...

who, not you
 shoveandtilt20/11/2010 21:19:36 GMT
Yeah it was really Rush Poker :]] In Rush tournies you play 3/5 min levels until you hit the final table which is then played in a conventional poker manner ( ie longer levels say 8-10 mins, no quick fold etc )

On a side note, i dunno if all the Nguyen guys are related but there are bloody loads of em.... i'd be interested to know. Soi had a really good WSOP ME this year too, nice heater Blink
 dule-vu21/11/2010 02:41:15 GMT
I nevery heard for him,but it sick when host win first prize Big Smile !somebody could thing that is rigged,but very is nice if he won in rush poker with kind of prize pool!
 Pseudo1821/11/2010 16:09:38 GMT
I never played this tournament and never play. Rush Poker is an extreme and curious, but the money nice Big Smile.
 jpoblong25/11/2010 11:05:30 GMT
lucky for him he won his own event. Soi is one of the good pros out there today. im proud of him beause his Asian. i hope many more asians will join the ranks...
 SuperNoob27/11/2010 14:50:51 GMT
Hes having a good year, finishing ninth in wsop main event and now this win in his own ftops event. though prize money wasnt that much, but nice achievement for him

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