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CPA - High Roller event: Final table today

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Posted on 14 January 2010 by "T".

It's time for the final table in the High Roller Event of PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. 8 players have survived the starting field of 84 players (84 players who could afford the buy-in of $25,000) and now they will fight for the first prize of $576,240. None of the 8 finalists are probably familiar names to many people. However, many of them have some great results in the past and are probably players that we will hear much more about in the future. 

The most interesting thing about the final table has to be that 1 of the 8 remaining players are girls, which is really impressive as only 9 women took part in the tournament (1 of them ended up in 9th place). The one that will bring the most chips (1,072,000) to the final table today is Tobias Reinkemeier from Germany (picture). Reinkemeier is playing his first ever final table and it's not hard to understand that he's very excited and happy about it.

"I feel really great. I've had so many deep cashes - 11th in London, 23rd in Barcelona, 46th here in the main event - but no final table," he said. "Now I've made it. It's an amazing feeling, especially as I am going in to the final as chip leader, with a big buy-in and a field so strong."

1.Tobias Reinkemeier, Germany - 1072000
2.Adolfo Vaeza, Uruguay - 790000
3.Will Molson Canada - 669000
4.William Reynolds, USA - 482000
5.Lisa Hamilton, USA - 440000
6.Michiel Brummelhuis, Netherlands - 394000
7.Matt Marafioti, Canada - 236000
8.Dmitry Stelmak, Russia - 150000

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11 comments on "CPA - High Roller event: Final table today"

 wardy3214/01/2010 12:15:19 GMT
you can catch this live here for anyone whos intrested Smile
 dozn0114/01/2010 12:30:36 GMT
Posted by wardy32:
you can catch this live here for anyone whos intrested Smile

cheers Smile
 Tchungpo14/01/2010 14:06:18 GMT
Oh nice, thanks for the link, cool to watch it live !
I think its gonna be a nice FT
 MANUEDO14/01/2010 15:16:53 GMT
I hope a woman win, just to increase number of women playing poker.Don't know none of them and I'm sorry for Minieri Blink
 pmgignac14/01/2010 15:26:25 GMT
hope Marafioti wins he from canada like me lol
and is got a mobster name too...hehe
tks for the link ...I WILL BE WATCHING THIS IS BIG
 Fakiry14/01/2010 15:35:51 GMT
Investing $25K in a chance to transform it into $570K its not for all, no wonder there were only 83 players, but what amazes me is the lack of pros at this tables. I guess their sponsor havent wanted to pay their buy-ins, that should be the great reason, but, if they are good and the number of good players in the tourney is reduced, that means they would have more chances to win big. Why havent they payed their own entrance? It was a great oportunity for pros... Each time i understand less pros politics...
 ZmxPowah14/01/2010 16:29:14 GMT
Posted by wardy32:
you can catch this live here for anyone whos intrested Smile

Thanks at what hour it will start? Don't know if i can be for that time ^^. I wish i do.
 XenOsky14/01/2010 20:02:37 GMT
Go Adolfo show these europeans what are South americans made of!
 DaMessiah66615/01/2010 08:03:05 GMT
Finally William Reynolds won. If Lisa would want, I would be happy because she was the only woman at final table and this is always a good news.
 mazas15/01/2010 11:01:29 GMT
nice one ty for link just keen on watching and enjoying
hope russian will take some hands and grow up not be the last at this table i vote for him and hope he will win because russia is our neighbors Smile
so good luck all and be happy watching poker final table Tongue
 SuperNoob15/01/2010 12:54:46 GMT
with a buyin of 25,000$, no surprise only 84 players turned up and that final table had familiar names.
Tobias Reinkemeier, well done reaching his first final table
thanks for the link wardy

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