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Aussie Millions: Matthew Ephraums wins the Main Event

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Posted on 18 January 2010 by "T".

The Main Event of Aussie Millions became a huge success this year as not less than 1143 players took part and created the largest Australian championship poker tournament field in history. After Day 1 a b c, Day 2 & 3 had been played, Matthew Ephraums and Brandan Edmonds were the 2 remaining players who were going to fight for the first prize of $200,025. At this point, both of them had equal stacks and plenty of chips to play with. In other words, it seemed like it would take all night before a winner could be crowned. Edmonds took the lead almost straight away thanks to his aggressive style of playing poker. But it didn't take long before Ephraums striked back and took half of Edmonds stack. All thanks to this great read.

Ephraums raise 400,000 on a 2HeartQClub10Heart flop. Edmonds calls.

Turn is 4Heart and Ephraums bet 600,000 and Edmonds called again.

The river is a 8Heart. Ephraums bet 500,000. Edmonds goes all in almost straight away.

Ephraums thinks for a moment before he decides to call with JDiamond9Spade - straight.

Edmonds shows 10Spade6Spade - only 1 pair.

After this hand, it didn't take long before the last hand was about to be played.

Edmonds raise to 300,000 on the button. Ephraums reraised to 1 million straight away. Edmonds pushed in the rest of his chips. Ephraums calls.

Ephraums: AClub10Club
Edmonds: JDiamond10Diamond

The flop is 3Spade3HeartADiamond

Edmonds now needs to get lucky on turn and river to stay in the game.

The turn card is a 6Heart and its game over for Edmonds. After 17 hours of poker, 2010 Aussie Millions Main Event has finally found its winner, Matthew Ephraums.


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14 comments on "Aussie Millions: Matthew Ephraums wins the Main Event"

 Davoodoo18/01/2010 14:23:15 GMT

who ?
 mazas18/01/2010 15:36:01 GMT
1-st time hear this name but congrats for him its just good play at the last hand and good pot for maybe new poker pro star Smile
just be happy and good luck all Smile
 Miloutre18/01/2010 16:03:21 GMT
Congrats to the winner
 Fakiry18/01/2010 16:17:09 GMT
Nice flip hand. I dont know if Ephraums did that good read as you say in the text. That play would be kill or die. He could be confident that his oponent wouldnt have big hearts, but we are talking about one single heart, it could even be the 3h that would be enough to send is straight straight away. Lets admit he was a bit lucky.
 BBU18/01/2010 16:18:26 GMT
GREAAAAAAAAT but that J9 call is WWW
 pmgignac18/01/2010 16:39:49 GMT
way to go Ephraums on the net you would have lost fot sure looks like an everyday suck-out situation (J-10) .....WEIRD
 Tchungpo18/01/2010 17:23:58 GMT
Waw, this is a sick call.
I think Fakiry is right : any heart would beat him so its really a flip call. The offensive move is good, the call is more discutable... but well, it was THE call of the game !
 dozn0118/01/2010 18:08:39 GMT
Posted by Davoodoo:

who ?

thats what i thought Confused
 LaBaiz18/01/2010 22:05:31 GMT
17 hours to play for more than 1000 players, that seems to be pretty fast, should be a bit more i guess.
 m0n019/01/2010 05:43:18 GMT
WTF?! Main Event hasn't been played yet (starts on the 24th)!!!! Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
Matt Ephraums won the opening event (Event 1) - not the Main Event.
Fix the article!

btw, Tony Hachem had to settle for 11th place...

$1100 PLO (Event 4) is being played right now... some well known players are in it - including Joe Hachem, Emad Tahtouh, Annet Obrestad, Bill Argyros, Mel Judah,Grant Levy, Graeme Putt and others
 SuperNoob19/01/2010 09:12:25 GMT
lol can't believe he took that call with a straight with four hearts on board, but that call won him the game.
anyway congrats to him for taking this down
 duck_199120/01/2010 03:19:35 GMT
well , like m0n0 says ... this cant be the main event ... the winner took only 200k ? :| something its wrong...
 m0n020/01/2010 12:32:58 GMT
Annette Obrestad just won Event 4 ($1100 PLO), Emad Tahtouh finished 6th...
 xxxbchxxx21/01/2010 02:27:53 GMT
cool great read yeah...!
with his tourny on the line he made a great call.
Nice win aswell.

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