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Video: Ziigmund in Finnish Fear Factor!

Tags: Fear Factor, high stakes, Ilari Sahamies, Ziigmund.
Posted on 12 February 2010 by "T".

We are getting quite used to watching, hearing and reading about Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies high stakes games (live and online) against some of the world's best poker players. It's not a secret that he has made himself a name and a fortune from playing this high for such a long time.

However, we all know that many things in life becomes routine and just an ordinary day after some time. This applies even to the most famous and rich poker players, who have everything an ordinary person could ever dream of. Could this be the reason why Ziigmund wanted some new challenges and took part in Finnish Fear Factor last year?

Judge for yourselves! (Do not watch this clip if you just had a good meal Laughing)

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16 comments on "Video: Ziigmund in Finnish Fear Factor!"

 NanoGrinder12/02/2010 11:00:52 GMT
I have to confess I don't watch reality television that much but at least this clip was really entertaining. I guess that is partly because he is not some young person desperate to get any kind of attention but a person already well known and affluent.
 dozn0112/02/2010 12:54:22 GMT
lmao looks like sum1 shot there load on him at the end Smile
 duck_199112/02/2010 12:58:09 GMT
some publicity it's never too bad Smile) i don't think he's doing for the money !
 Fackinas12/02/2010 15:20:08 GMT
LOL funny Big SmileD omg i never will do it ... Cha cha cha Big Smile lol ..arghhh argghhh ..
 Kristan12/02/2010 15:54:04 GMT
Reckless, careless, but very talented! No matter if its poker then or playing jackass Tongue . And then they say from across the "lake" that we, Scandinavians are cold-blooded - i dont think so Cool Worship
 mazas12/02/2010 16:01:45 GMT
some publicity it's never too bad Smile) i don't think he's doing for the money !

i agree with u all 100 % just this he do not for money but for peoples who watch poker and who play poker too and so he easy will grow his fan club and not only playing but also in realitty show taking part :0

good luck all Smile
 ZmxPowah12/02/2010 17:08:42 GMT
Haha quite funny and it looks like he lost it Big Smile.
Damn he will hate bugs now ^^.
Anyway it's always good to promote yourself.
 GabeKaplan12/02/2010 19:18:40 GMT
its all about publicity, of course Phil helmuth really turns people off poker when he is on T.V.,Mike the big mouth is a lot nicer at being mean to others
 SuperNoob13/02/2010 04:56:21 GMT
looks like he's really bored of poker to do something like this.
but some publicity never hurts and poker players have to depend on themselves for it.
 xxxbchxxx13/02/2010 10:58:31 GMT
Bored of poker Naaaaa! surly that cant happen?
That was quite funny I thinkthe public should decide just who does these reallity things then we could set them up silly.
Fook them all they get there at our
 JunkyMonkey13/02/2010 13:33:51 GMT
What did he drink?
 thehood555FM14/02/2010 13:58:54 GMT
 Puppet_Maste14/02/2010 14:10:37 GMT
oh my god creepy
 LaBaiz14/02/2010 16:21:36 GMT
Watched the whole show on youtube and have to say that Ziigmund performance was pretty good, great job Zigi Blink
 racpxt14/02/2010 17:55:25 GMT
 Fackinas14/02/2010 17:58:42 GMT
What were he doing i have not understand any word Big Smile so if some one can traslate that Big Smile

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