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BetRaiser €5 Free No Deposit Bonus - PAUSED!

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Posted on 18 February 2010 by "K".

Free BetRaiser €5 no deposit bonusWe're sorry to inform that the BetRaiser €5 No Deposit Bonus which we announced yesterday in our newsletter, is currently paused per request from BetRaiser.

The reason is simple: The bonus was too popular for BetRaisers' servers to handle all the new users and traffic.

Everybody who created an account and followed the instructions, should still receive the €5 bonus. Also, if you have any problems logging in at BetRaiser, please have patience - they are working on upgrading their servers, at which time we intend to re-opend the BetRaiser €5 no deposit offer.

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33 comments on "BetRaiser €5 Free No Deposit Bonus - PAUSED!"

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» BetRaiser €5 Free No Deposit Bonus - PAUSED!

 GabeKaplan18/02/2010 19:11:49 GMT
Posted by mazas:
have same 100 bonuses and then give them all and just stop Smile
why they do this ? these players who not aloud to get this free bonus never play in this site and also never will in future try to get bonus from this site because they do promotion but not help poker players to play Sad

not good for poker sites they say comoon and get it after 2 hours sorry all bonuses are claimed Sad


I just verified and just got my $5 instant, then 10 minutes later i got $5 more, now have E10

dang i better spend it be4 they take the extra E5 back lol

 HandsomeDave18/02/2010 19:37:56 GMT

read the rules, fish. No pokersite would let you withdraw free money before you earn some money for them. They should not only block you, but ban you.
 Aleshimo18/02/2010 21:22:45 GMT
Tanks BRM, I got my free $5 and After the verification i got $5 more. Big Smile .
 volhuis54618/02/2010 21:40:49 GMT
haha i've had the bonus but you're not missing much i went down with KK against K.J suited with my 12.45$
the flop came A.10.4.6.Q like just another rigged software beat..when youre just starting to warmup in chips the KK or AA the hand you supposed to win all in Pre-flop...this hands you will lose in the long run in online poker but thats just me talking hey haha Worship
 Andzej118/02/2010 23:24:16 GMT
I got 5$ too,thanks very mush! Worship
 xxxbchxxx18/02/2010 23:59:30 GMT
WHat you really have to get in there early with these bankrollmob binuses dont you.. I have missed 2 now. Each time i've been at work so unable to get on and sign up. The next day its cancelled, same as Euro poker. (i think)
 cantbeatu19/02/2010 07:52:21 GMT
Ok you peple are not missing out on alot the trafic is 200-300 people max the card system sucks (I flop nut straight and get runner runner fullhoused on my very 1st hand ) also they seem to cancel freerolls whenever they feel like it ...
 ierons19/02/2010 09:32:55 GMT
sick... doesn't work...

 jessthehuman19/02/2010 10:06:23 GMT
volhuis546 2/18/2010 9:40:49 PM GMT
haha i've had the bonus but you're not missing much i went down with KK against K.J suited with my 12.45$
the flop came A.10.4.6.Q like just another rigged software beat..when youre just starting to warmup in chips the KK or AA the hand you supposed to win all in Pre-flop...this hands you will lose in the long run in online poker but thats just me talking hey haha


You're not "supposed to win" you're statistically more likely to win (against one opponent anyway) even KK vs A rag is going to lose a LOT. If you think it's rigged every time the probability goes against you then you're simply just not very bright, that is all.

Hmm, i didnt bother with this, as much as I appreciate Betraiser allowing this promo and BRM for providing it, I've heard bad things about betraiser in the past regarding withdrawal issues.

IMO: Steer clear of sites with <1000 ppl for traffic at peak times.

 CrazyFlog19/02/2010 11:30:15 GMT
so we can raise the money we have to deposit?
 Flippedchips19/02/2010 13:09:58 GMT
yea the sites not up to much but i will say one thing the freerolls are the best i have played 15 min blinds and 3000 starting stacks. lol it is one of the lowest bunch of people i have seen on a site all the same im playing a little tourny just now with 60 in it and only 144 on the site lol. as for it being rigged i think its ok had a few bad beats but nothing like any ipoker site where u get done by 4 card flushs every other hand Big Smile
 iamlegend119/02/2010 13:49:58 GMT
wow love the bit about the ipoker site a high stakes cash torment man i never seen nothin like in my life the ipoker is a sick one
 kszpd19/02/2010 19:38:14 GMT
Is SaulenasLT (Betraiser nick) from here? He is the one and only player I played with and actually had some poker experiences. Cool
 catavl19/02/2010 21:05:27 GMT
I think all the players just went all in with 5 euros. I mean come on. Double or nothing. And out of 100 players they ended up with 30 Smile
 ProBucurest120/02/2010 04:41:52 GMT
Hello,fellow pokerheads , I made the mistake to open an account on betraiser from my brother,s computer but when I want to play again from my own computer they told me they suspend my bonus( in that time the bonus was in the form of 4 freerols per day) because I had multiple accounts on betraiser and I send them 3 messages like this(Ok, thanks for your scam, for lying people to make accounts on your super site with 160 players online at the same time.
I have only one account on your site, not more, I have two computers in my house so if I wanna play from an airport or from an hotel or from an internet cafe ,I can not do that because your stupid system says that I have multiple accounts.) and they said to me 3 messages like this (We would like to inform you that once the system detects multiple accounts coming from the same IP and/or PC, they will be automatically blocked from playing Freerolls.) that is nothing compare with couple of my friends who get closed their accounts with money on betraiser because they play poker on their site from another computer than where they open the account on betraiser. So be careful. BETRAISER IT IS A MESS !!!

Hello again, about the cashout from betraiser they tax you with 10% of how much money you want to cashout : I f you want to cashout 200 Euros they will Tax you 20 Euros.
 Vovik1120/02/2010 12:36:45 GMT
Very nice pokerroom ... with 5 euros for three days rose to 150 euros. 100 euros withdrawal. Thanks for the no deposit bonus. Thumbs Up Tongue
 LaBaiz20/02/2010 20:00:57 GMT
too bad this promotions was stopped, this is the second time I have waited for the weekend to use a no deposit bonus and it got canceled.
 CrazyFlog20/02/2010 22:54:56 GMT
I also wanted to take some of mine, but my account mioneybookers so 40 cents is someone I can deposit 1 euro in my account? [email protected]

 FenoMeno20/02/2010 23:34:17 GMT
Seems like to me, that's a new style here BRM to open new NDB's and and after a few days just get stop them for a few days/weeks Big Smile - I hope Euro poker NDB will be open just like Noble poker NDB Smile
 LanceP21/02/2010 03:26:55 GMT
oh thats a shame i already had an account there..its all good plenty more to choose from when i go broke Tongue
 Fakiry22/02/2010 13:55:47 GMT
I wasnt able to get this bonus, but i have good referrals from it. Some friends say the level of players is so low that sometimes its dificult to find players in some low buy-in games!!! But some of them complained about the software, saying sometimes the PC needed to be restarted before they can open the rooms!
 Puuuru27/02/2010 23:43:27 GMT
Can't even get the bonus, because like most of them have my country blocked..

It just sucks when you want to try something new, you unfortunately cant.. Sad

 Airas10/03/2010 10:50:28 GMT
Hate these little sites, having trouble with the support too guys?
 davidcharlie12/03/2010 07:54:32 GMT
I myself would never play on a site that takes 10% of your winnings when you cash out.

it hard enought to win in the first place
 mahdrof12/03/2010 13:41:54 GMT
Got their 5 Euro BR 3 weeks ago and played it up to 75 Euro. Not a lot of players but fun and tourneys are good value. Must reach 100 Euro to cash out. 10% of winnings is not a lot to leave considering there is no rake - no rake is real nice, especially when starting out with only 5. Try it!

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