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Poker game between NBA players degenerated

Tags: Gilbert Arenas, gun, Javaris Crittenton, nba, poker, Washington Wizards.
Posted on 03 February 2010 by "T".

If you ask Doyle Brunson how it was to play poker "back in the days", you will get to hear stories about people getting robbed and even killed over a game of poker. These days, however, it's quite safe to play poker in a casino or at a proper poker club. Of course, things still happens once in a while, but it's still much safer than how it used to be. Or is it?!?!

Not long ago, NBA players Gilbert Arenas & Javaris Crittenton played poker for high stakes on an airplane heading towards their next game. The game soon degenerated as Javaris Crittenton owed Gilbert Arenas more than $25,000 and refused to pay. Gilbert Arenas took up a gun and pointed it at Javaris. Javaris had no plans on paying Arenas, or at least not to show him that he was afraid. Therefore he took up his own gun and pointed it at his Javaris. However, the action stopped after this.

Today, both of them are friends again and none of them are afraid of losing their contracts with Washington Wizards even though they got suspended for a few games because of the small "incident".


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19 comments on "Poker game between NBA players degenerated"

 Davoodoo03/02/2010 17:27:22 GMT
Today theres only black in the days ... Big Smile

who the f carries guns on a airplane ?
 Kristan03/02/2010 17:50:05 GMT
Ive got only one word - wannabes. Bet neither of them cant really poker Tongue
 dozn0103/02/2010 20:36:23 GMT
yeah how the heck did they get a gun on the plane????
 dule-vu03/02/2010 22:31:14 GMT
you have to have big problem in head if you have gun in locker room!if he have problem with gambling,he could stop,not carry guns!now he will get what deserves!
 duck_199103/02/2010 22:43:51 GMT
they carry guns for protection guys =)) they are bad beat safe ... the problem was that they both had guns :-j
 GabeKaplan04/02/2010 00:59:54 GMT
they didnt get suspended for a fe wgames, they got suspended for 1 year, ouch there goes the life, we see this every day, athletes think there above the law
 leroi2104/02/2010 01:11:34 GMT
i think if they had think about what happen if they point their guns on each other and lose million for a little 25k for a 10 timie billionnaire maybe the next time they gonna think about it before take a gun
 ZmxPowah04/02/2010 03:34:51 GMT
The whole history sounds really weird....
Guns on airplanes... friends who pointing guns at each other for some cash....
I'm not buying it...
 Doomsday_vic04/02/2010 03:36:07 GMT
Guns on planes.. it thought the security was pretty strict about guns and sharp objects is forbidden on any plane.. especially in the US
 oliver08229804/02/2010 03:43:55 GMT
that incident dont ususally happen on a high stake table, should they played at live poker tables... but got one adviec to them, they shoud play it online coz that way, they could point a gun through the monitor..., and no cases would have been filed... no suspensions...
 DaMessiah66604/02/2010 07:46:06 GMT
I suppose it's a usual situation in United States: you get a little angry and took up a gun pointing to nearest person. Very normal ... Even if they are famous NBA players ... I love this game!
 SuperNoob04/02/2010 09:58:30 GMT
lol how can they let ppl carry guns in a plane that too in a poker game.
and can't believe they were fighting for 25k. don't think thats high stakes in these times, is it?
 pmgignac04/02/2010 12:55:32 GMT
hard to belive ... strange story
2 nba (millionaire) player figthing over 25 000$
with guns on a american flight
sorry i doubt it a lot
 karstenkloss04/02/2010 13:52:44 GMT
How the f.... they get the guns on an airplane. Never tried that, but i think it's quite impossible, even in the USA. Also that they mess up because of 25.000 $ i don't believe. Seems like a tale, or not?! Heard better ones. LOL
 mazas04/02/2010 14:44:39 GMT
all try play poker because they have a lot off free money and also there are some big companies who do poker tours for some stars off sport or etc.
so good luck all hope nobody off this players not loose so much as ILsidur 1 Smile
 jporp04/02/2010 14:45:14 GMT
A gun in a plane. WTF
 LaBaiz04/02/2010 17:00:01 GMT
wow, NBA players are bringing guns to a play and I don't think it is a good thing to play poker before a game, as your mind will not be in the basketball game but poker.
 xxxbchxxx08/02/2010 23:02:18 GMT
pumped up freaks with to much money and not enough respect.
Niether deserve to be in the public eye and both should be dumped by there team for being punks.

I mean pulling a gun on your team mate....PUNKS.
 Airas10/03/2010 12:21:13 GMT
Gun in a plane is like acid in a girls vagina. What a scream it makes.

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