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PokerStars Sunday Million: "palurdo" took home the first prize of $257,930

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Posted on 08 February 2010 by "T".

Not less than 9031 players paid the buy-in of $200+$15 and took part in the world’s most popular online tournament yesterday, PokerStars Sunday Million. Thanks to the big starting field, not less than $1,806,200 was up for grabs.

The final table was very interesting and thrilling this time. When there were 6 players left, they all had about the same amount of chips left. This is quite unusual thing to see on a final table. Anyhow, it came to be the player "palurdo" who took home the tournament at the end. For the win he received $257,930.

Sunday Million fact:

* The first ever Sunday Million was held on March 5, 2006, and was won by ‘aaaaaaaa’ from Massachusetts, USA. A total of 5,893 runners played for a prize pool of $1,178,600.

* The average field size is 7,070 players.

* The biggest Sunday Million field so far was 16,260 players, on December 28, 2008 generating a total prize pool of $3,252,000 in prize money.




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18 comments on "PokerStars Sunday Million: "palurdo" took home the first prize of $257,930"

 mazas08/02/2010 11:20:19 GMT
good news for the winner just good pot only 215 paid and over 257000 won its really good night he have Smile
no he will play more in this tourneys Smile

good luck all hope one day and we win so much Smile
 DaMessiah66608/02/2010 11:36:36 GMT
lol ... palurdo ... In spanish this name means "yokel", it's funny Smile

I want to think the winner is also Spanish. Few days ago another spanish player "Juan Maceiras" already won the Sunday Million.
 oliver08229808/02/2010 11:41:55 GMT
can anyone tell me who this guy is??? i just like to know...
 GabeKaplan08/02/2010 12:28:45 GMT
I thought last weeks special addition was the biggest Sunday million by far, But thats a good payday anyhow
 DaMessiah66608/02/2010 13:41:59 GMT
I confirm he is Spanish: he is Manuel Labandeira
 PRStevie08/02/2010 13:43:11 GMT
Think GablKaplan is right last week there was just over 19000 runners
 Fackinas08/02/2010 13:44:52 GMT
Che che , lucky boy grats and I think he will be poker stars Later Big Smile GL
 Doomsday_vic08/02/2010 14:07:42 GMT
Problem with these tourneys is that it takes a lot of mental concentration since it lasts well over 10 hours for such a huge prizepool o.O. All one needs is to run good and win one time~
 ZmxPowah08/02/2010 17:28:05 GMT
Why is that news? Tongue Is that guy someone from bankrollmob or something?
Because if would be weird if every Sunday Milion winner will be annouced in news Tongue.
Last time it was special Sunday Milion and pot was much higher.
 SuperNoob08/02/2010 17:39:52 GMT
nice prize for the first position for 215$ he paid.
was a fair fight between the six of them left never seen something like that in a big tournament like this
 DAGOR08/02/2010 21:20:00 GMT
Hello everybody!
it's just my dream lol.
See you soon for new posts lol!
 dule-vu08/02/2010 21:52:50 GMT
like ZmxPowah who is he when you open thread about him?someone from BMR?and this factsa are not correct,beacuse week before this tournament prize pool was almost 4 m(I think) and first prize over 500 000,so its not biggest on 28.dec 2008.
 MANUEDO08/02/2010 21:55:36 GMT
Nice one, compliments. How many hours did he play to win tournament ? Any pause, also just for pissing ..... ahahah
 xxxbchxxx08/02/2010 22:54:07 GMT
16,260 players thats crazy.
Only $200 + 15 thats great value.
I dont play at PS but I might check it out later this year... I've got a few bonuses I need to clear before I go depositing there.
 DaMessiah66609/02/2010 15:19:03 GMT
I would like to know how many rebuys and add-ons has spent to reach final table .... I would participate in that tournament but, firstly ... on monday i usually go to work, and secondly it's not fair fight against people who have a lot of money to invest in that tournament
 mazas09/02/2010 16:25:20 GMT
Posted by oliver082298:
can anyone tell me who this guy is??? i just like to know...

all can play in this tour just put 215 bucks registre here and u welcome u can try get another quarter off the million in same not late future :0
all off us brm users who have 215 in pokerstar account can be the winner off this tour Smile

so iff u play and win about 90 % off the world poker players will ask who is this player ? Big SmileD

so good luck all

i also 1-st time hear his name but hope not the last Big Smile
 IslandJack09/02/2010 17:40:16 GMT
I'll be satteliting in to this one within the next 2 months... I would like to try it, just to see...
 leroi2109/02/2010 20:42:29 GMT
wow the cool thing in big tourney like this it a change life imagine winning 257k just amazing more cool than the lotto because you have to work for ot hope to win one one day

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