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EPT Berlin - Main Event: Massive field in Day 1b of the tournament!

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Posted on 04 March 2010 by "T".

A massive field of 557 players packed the ballroom at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Berlin as the second starting day of the EPT Berlin Main Event kicked off. Out of the 557 players who started the day, roughly 300 players made it to Day 2 of the tournament.

Among them we find PokerStars PRO's William Thorson (133,100), Vadim Markushevski (93,800), Jude Ainsworth (138,100), Noah Boeken (54,100), Florian Langmann (134,000), Julian Thew (71,600), Johannes Strassmann (100,700), Marcel Luske (75,400), Thierry van den Berg (36,200) and Chad Brown (45,400)

Chip leader as Day 1b came to an end was Tu Tuan To from Germany with 212,600 chips. He is now only 1k behind the big chip leader from Day 1a, Kfir Yumin from Israel. However, the tournament is still at the early stages and its hard to say which players that will make it far in the tournament. 

Well, if I could take a wild guess, then I would say that the Swede William Thorson (picture) will make it far in the tournament. He's a a very talented and skilled poker player (3 EPT Final Tables, 13th Place in the 2006 WSOP Main Event etc) who has been doing very well lately in many major tournaments. So maybe its time for him to take down a big tournament now?


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13 comments on "EPT Berlin - Main Event: Massive field in Day 1b of the tournament!"

 doomdy04/03/2010 09:15:14 GMT
Many dutch pros still in, good job guys Smile
 LaBaiz04/03/2010 13:03:52 GMT
ouch, after day 1a i thought there would be only 389 players but if we add these ones it is almost 1000 players. Seems like a huge tourney.
 smds04/03/2010 14:38:45 GMT
Yeah, the last Day 1 is usually the one with the biggest field. Wish I could be there.
 GIOMi604/03/2010 15:03:04 GMT
This is a very strong field. Strong indeed. We will see who the best is. I hope that someone from South America wins the Tourney.
 DaMessiah66604/03/2010 15:10:58 GMT
I'm glad that Jude Ainsworth is still there. I am a big fan of him since he won the last WCOOP when he wasn't pro. He is a nice Irish person so ... I wish he win.
 Fakiry04/03/2010 16:48:17 GMT
All european tourneys are getting bigger each year that passes. This confirms what everyone has been saying, that poker is growing and more people are trying their luck at the big tables. Which is also a sign of the crisys, because when economy is going down, people tend to bet more on their luck. That can bring other problems related...
 xxxbchxxx04/03/2010 16:58:46 GMT
Just a random thought but...
The surrounding hotels must love this poker boom! More rooms let out!
Also the local economy must have a small uplift when more and more players are around the area? Dont know do you think it would be a noticable uplift?
Tu Tuan To from Germany with 212,600 chips.
thats a nice stack after only one day, I wonder what they started with? anyone know?
 MANUEDO04/03/2010 21:25:18 GMT
Ok, yesterday I posted my doubts about this EPT: now I have to say the cap has almost been reached: more or less 980 players is a wonderful result Smile
Good luck all italian players
 SuperNoob05/03/2010 09:49:37 GMT
wow nice turnout for day 1b and many pros from pokerstars team participating but never heard much of either of them , maybe one of them will win this tournament
 mazas05/03/2010 11:47:26 GMT
good players good poker tour good prise and all was good here Smile
just play and enjoy that good luck all
 DAGOR07/03/2010 12:45:41 GMT
Hello everybody!
Bruno Fitoussi eliminated in 109th position damage. But it was shortstack
Coming very soon, new post lol!
 MARCEL12308/03/2010 01:04:51 GMT
very nice post.

i heard a lot of pro players would be in this, including some from pokerstars. like SuperNoob said.

usually the pokerstars players do well indeed, so who knows howmany there will be on the final table !
 teteban08/03/2010 01:56:16 GMT
Posted by GIOMi6:
This is a very strong field. Strong indeed. We will see who the best is. I hope that someone from South America wins the Tourney.

Not going to happen...There aren't that many southamerican playres to begin with...

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