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Casino in Schweiz robbed!

Tags: casino cosmopol, ept berlin, malta, robbery, Schweiz.
Posted on 02 April 2010 by "T".

Last weekend a casino in Basel, Schweiz was robbed. Around 10 armed men broke in through the entrance door, dragged guns and fired a warning shot before demanding everyone to lay down on the floor while they went through their handbags and pockets taking everything of value. The robbers failed with getting in to the bank valve, though, they still managed to get away with quite a lot of money. So far the police hasn't arrested anyone and there are very few details left out for media to take part of.

This is the 4th casino related robbery in Europe in a very short time. In the beginning of February a casino in Malta was robbed. On the 6th March the Grand Hyatt hotel, where EPT Berlin took place, was robbed. The very next day a money transport truck was robbed outside Casino Cosmopol in Stockholm.


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» Casino in Schweiz robbed!

 Synthetikos02/04/2010 12:29:36 GMT
can somebody tell me if the Europoker free bankroll is still available and if so where can i find the link inside the bankrollmob?
 watoba02/04/2010 12:39:55 GMT
i think the four casino´s was robbed by the same gangsters.By a group of ten people and the good organisation maybe ex-millitäry members.
 SCDossett02/04/2010 12:58:49 GMT
Posted by watoba:
i think the four casino's was robbed by the same gangsters.By a group of ten people and the good organisation maybe ex-millit�ry members.

A fair number of the other robbers have already been caught, making it very unlikely its all the same people.
 Kristan02/04/2010 14:17:00 GMT
Its like an everyday crime now that someone robs a casino. I know that in Estonia it has happened more than few times alsol, but the amounts being robbed are totally different. If it was only slot machines casinos that were robbed I relly would not gaf Blink, but if there were poker tables aswell, then I do hope they will catch those robbers!
 Hajinnho02/04/2010 14:44:10 GMT
Posted by SuperNoob:
its getting bad for poker players and casinos, they found the robbers in ept robbery hope they can find these guys too but these guys dont seem to be amateurs.

is this a new trend now ? Im getting really tired of Casinos getting robbed -.- I hate those guys...
 duck_199102/04/2010 16:04:10 GMT
go go guys Smile take some money back :-j
 IslandJack02/04/2010 16:47:44 GMT
This is only going to get worse.
In Belgium gangs are starting to rob supermarkets with Kalashnikovs.
Crazy! and there is so much money up for grabs in the casinos, security will be beefed up aal over the world, i'm sure.
 valerica12302/04/2010 17:04:10 GMT
i think in this moment is more profitable to rob up the casino that the bank lol
 psycokiller02/04/2010 20:42:40 GMT
This is starting to be a pandemic. People are seeing the easy score of robbing a casino and are copy catting the process.
 DAGOR03/04/2010 11:56:55 GMT
Hello everybody!
these stories are really growing. The robbery came back into fashion in Europe.
See you soon for new posts lol!
 Fakiry03/04/2010 17:17:13 GMT
Things like this are becoming normal to see on the news. What world is this that we are living at? Economical crysis is turning things difficult to some!
 oliver08229804/04/2010 03:59:27 GMT

if it did hit the european part! i think there aint a safe place anymore...
 $k04/04/2010 06:51:17 GMT
wow so man people are robbing casinos i dont know why tho who wants to go behind bars and then get a bar behind you lol
 ierons04/04/2010 10:29:41 GMT
I feel sorry for the guests I guess, but I just can`t feel any pity for casinoes. Bunch of fucking black holes...

and... I doubt the French authorities will give a shit about what happens in Switzerland.
 Gabri04/04/2010 10:38:03 GMT
I agree on don't having pity for the casinos. They don't have pity for you when you lost a fortune there. I just don't know how can these guys rob a casino and get away with all that security. Maybe an inside job?
 KalorTald04/04/2010 11:21:54 GMT
It's sad to see how much casino were robbed last time.
 robkey6904/04/2010 12:15:20 GMT
it was allways going to happen, all that money inb 1 place.
 Raggamann04/04/2010 15:56:37 GMT
probably no amateurs like in berlin, but not really smart too. they robbed 100k, making about 10k for everybody. armed robbery for 10k? its a joke when you consider how long you have to go to prison if you get caught. robbing the transport makes more sense in my eyes, theres the big money
 leroi2104/04/2010 18:01:53 GMT
i think they gonna caught them like they caught the ept robbers but dont know for the money ... not big chance to find it
 shokaku04/04/2010 19:09:20 GMT
And the next one. Evil

A casino in Lyon has been robbed by 4-5 men. They escaped by car with ~ 28.000 Euros.

It is like a disease. Evil
 T3ddyKGB04/04/2010 19:36:39 GMT
i hope this wont be a domino effect that some wanna be gangsters start to rob costumers after leaving the casino with big winnings.
perhaps its always been that way just we never heard about things like that, but since poker got more and more popular the news bring it on TV/newspaper ?
 911insidejob04/04/2010 19:38:25 GMT
wow another 1..gees it seems easier to rob a casino than to grind out a few sngs's for some dollars...
 mozg8804/04/2010 20:42:58 GMT
And speak, in a casino it is impossible to win!Go and WIN!!! Smile
 hybercube05/04/2010 07:39:49 GMT
i think in this moment is more profitable to rob up the casino that the bank lol
 1Shot05/04/2010 20:37:41 GMT
Money money money money Moooooooooney

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