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Video: Daniel Negreanu and Liv Boeree hit the dance floor

Tags: dancing, Daniel Negreanu, ept san remo, Liv Boeree, party, pokerstars.
Posted on 22 April 2010 by "T".

Liv Boeree is probably the "hottest" female poker player at the moment. Yesterday, she took down the Main Event of EPT San Remo (the biggest ever EPT in Europe) and became a euro millionaire. Even though this is her first major tournament win, she's definitely not a new face in the poker world. Liv has been around for quite some time and been interviewed many, many times.

So, Liv is a successful poker player, millionaire, model, TV presenter, guitar player and seems to a be a fun and interesting person to hangout with. The dream girlfriend, some would say. Well, if you're good at dancing you can try to impress her - just like Daniel Negreanu did at a PokerStars party 1 year ago. Smile

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15 comments on "Video: Daniel Negreanu and Liv Boeree hit the dance floor"

 jevo22/04/2010 10:06:35 GMT
omg I would tap dat ass

Liv FTW Heart
 cyberbabel22/04/2010 12:11:02 GMT a dancer is very good poker player..
is more wicked than me, poor daniel..jeje
 ILI_00222/04/2010 13:57:44 GMT
Liv Boeree is a killer player, very smart and one of the cuttest female players at the tables hands down, but I'd take Lacey Jones to dinner any day.... Blink
 valerica12322/04/2010 15:06:46 GMT
well done negreanu, the roumanian knows to have fun ola leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
 baxter0122/04/2010 16:26:29 GMT
yes she is very hot, but who let daniel in? the guy dances like he has glow sticks in his hand maybe a E tard???? lol
 B1gfoot22/04/2010 16:41:44 GMT
LOL, thats too funny, not one person there can dance, not even the girl on the pole.
Congrats to Liv, as any self respecting poker player does, she tweeted as soon as she took it down LOL.
 ciango22/04/2010 18:00:02 GMT
mhmhmh Smile

she is very nice Smile and she nice dancing Big Smile

i like her now Big Smile
 labanda00722/04/2010 19:15:17 GMT
Because we were invited to this event, members of a party we should BankrollMob identical to know all members.
Apart from this comment by Daniel well deserves it's a great player and it is logical to have some fun.
 corners22/04/2010 20:33:07 GMT
he plays better than playing Big Smile
 leroi2122/04/2010 21:18:55 GMT
yeah she's hot and she know how to gring + she can play poker that what a call a dream girl
and for daniel we know and like him like a poker players not as a dancer
 JASintra23/04/2010 15:46:07 GMT
daniel it's a cool guy!!!i like him!!
 goliathfirst23/04/2010 15:51:04 GMT
haha thats hilarious, he is a bit of a douche though...shes much better
 teteban23/04/2010 18:02:52 GMT
I say let her keep dancing and moving that nice booty, but please send Daniel to the tables. He clearly cannot make a living on the floor Tongue Tongue
 watoba24/04/2010 17:19:14 GMT
uh yeah she´s very hot.
ok i win the next wsop and dance with her Big Smile
 SuperNoob01/05/2010 06:23:20 GMT
seen this video long time ago, but gotta agree Daniel looks like adonk on the dance floor, maybe he should keep himself to tables, lol
and Liv is super hot Heart Heart

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