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Mike "Timex" McDonald takes a break from poker

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Posted on 05 April 2010 by "T".

A few days ago, Mike McDonald wrote in his blog that he will take a longer break from poker. The main reason for this seems to be that he has no motivation regarding the game, he has accomplished everything he wanted to, he would rather remain unknown, he wants to learn new things and "live a life that is more in touch with everyone else" and he wants to start his own company together with a friend. It's a very, very long blog post and many, many reasons why he has decided to take a break from poker. However, one can understand after reading the entire post that its not the last time we have seen him at the poker tables.

About Mike "Timex" McDonald
Mike "Timex" McDonald is a 20-year-old Canadian poker player who become famous for his great results in EPT. At 18 years of age, McDonald won the EPT German Open in Dortmund and became the youngest player ever to win an EPT event. McDonald has won more than $2 million dollars in different live tournaments and has also been quite successful in some major online tournaments.


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14 comments on "Mike "Timex" McDonald takes a break from poker"

 B1gfoot05/04/2010 09:16:58 GMT
Think its safe to say he will still enter a few tourns, 20 with mills in the bank, why not go and enjoy it, just hope he does not blow it all and makes the money work for him outherwise could end up in a horrid riches to rags story.
20 with mills PARTY!!!!
 Fakiry05/04/2010 10:13:45 GMT
It would be rather normal to watch some 50 or 60 year old player, with more than 20 years of poker carreer, to say they needed a break than a 20 year old boy. Although he gave a lot of reasons for the break, we all can remember some others. So he's still young, with the good things of life all in front of him, and a bank acount full of money in the other side. Enjoy some nice vacations Timex!
 dozn0105/04/2010 13:08:10 GMT
this sounds like me on some days playing poker Smile
 shokaku05/04/2010 13:17:45 GMT
Wow. Done with poker at the age of 20!

In the US he would not even been allowed to play in a real life casino, cause he is underaged there. Shock
 pokkerimees05/04/2010 13:22:07 GMT
common thing nowadays, people try everithing so young that they get bored and then they discover drugs
 MANUEDO05/04/2010 13:22:21 GMT
I was thinking to do tha same to enjoy my 100 million euros before to get to old Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Maybe I could spend all year travelling around the world or buy this site just to ban some of you Tongue
 DAGOR05/04/2010 15:43:45 GMT
Hello everybody!
It's good to pause when there is more motivation. And money to spend. It is a good chance he is right to enjoy.
See you soon for new posts lol!
 Chartoule05/04/2010 16:46:32 GMT
It´s a natural thing that he takes a break if he got less mtivation than before, he has won enough $$ to can take this time.

I can´t, i have a morterage to pay every month..
 Raggamann05/04/2010 17:31:10 GMT
funny to see guys quitting their (very successful) poker career even before they are old enough to play at the wsop.
 edr_00705/04/2010 23:20:11 GMT
wow he is really crazy in my opinion.
i could never take a break on poker in my life, never.
its really awesome to see him in that posiion and very sure, i could never do that.
good luck timex
 leroi2105/04/2010 23:39:07 GMT
wow he retire from poker at 20 !!

hope i can have is resut in tournament and take my retreat in a great south country Big Smile
 debb31306/04/2010 01:28:51 GMT
HAHA leroi21 no one said he retired he just taking a break, he one lucky guy at 20 years of age with his record he obviously got an eye 4 poker hehe i wouldnt blame him 4 takin a break and spending some of his well earned cash who wouldnt.respect to you 'timex'
 SuperNoob06/04/2010 06:21:14 GMT
hes won lots of money but if he no longer finds it fun in poker then theres no point playing it as he'll end up making wrong decisions to make it more fun for him.
 pokeristas7706/04/2010 22:04:53 GMT
if you playing just for money, not feeling fun in playing, better stop, because you can loose all your money, and broke your family with mental problems...get angry and smack your wife or kid....jesus... poker is fun, and money makes just more intresting...also i think, poker cant be life style, you dont have any job, just living from poker....this is very bad...

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