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Gambling Law Reason For Danish Poker Magazine Closure

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Posted on 14 May 2010 by "K".

Danish Poker magazine "Ace" has announced that Ace #50, scheduled to hit the streets May 20th, will not be released and the company will shut down the printed version of their magazine.

The reason can be found in the new gambling law in Denmark, looking to be effective as of July 2010. The law will make it impossible for many foreign gambling providers to operate within Denmark, without a license. Such a license, cannot be obtained until January 2011, but nobody seems to know the exact requirements for a license yet. Without foreign gambling providers and their advertising budgets, "Ace" will be unable to continue with an acceptable economy.

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15 comments on "Gambling Law Reason For Danish Poker Magazine Closure"

 B1gfoot14/05/2010 14:12:52 GMT
Its almost funny.
Gamblers are getting treated as if they are some sort of mobster, govenments just want money from us all and if they cant get it then lets stop the party.
Why not just pay us all in tokens that are only valid for what they want us to spend them on.
Slaves to the machine.

 jevo14/05/2010 14:29:02 GMT
Remember what happened to Peter Eastgate? Denmark are out of line!
What about poor M3turbo Sad Come move to England Brah!

How do you post vids like that b1ggy?
 tongerlo14/05/2010 14:37:49 GMT
it's crazy. I can't understand how they can ban the sites that are legal within the EU and pay taxes within EU, but that's what they're planning to do.
Spade Club Heart Diamond
 delboy7615/05/2010 18:13:18 GMT
The whole live poker seen in Denmark is in a serious decline and poker clubs are being closed down left right and center. Now when you enter a live tournament over here, you have to pay your buy-in over your webbank and recieve your winnings through your bank account, so that the tax man can check up on you! And the clubs cant really make any money anymore, so there just closing down, sending the whole poker seen back underground.. Its all about greed and control.
 leroi2115/05/2010 18:47:32 GMT
san story for play from denmark hope that canada wonth do the same thing or some thing like that. do this mean that it illegal to play online poker in denmark now??
 psycokiller17/05/2010 03:09:35 GMT
Goverments all over the world have been becoming more brash and aggressive in curbing civil liberties and freedom of choice. Starting to wonder if there isn't some more bizzare grang scheme going on. Here in Canada, our conservatice right wing gov't has been on the offensive against such things as unions, wages,health care, anyone not christian, woman's groups...etc,etc. In other words, being open douche bags. They haven't attacked online gambling yet, but I'm sure that they're cooking something up.
 leroi2117/05/2010 20:35:34 GMT
government lose alot of money do to online poker site and casino because is not taxable
so the money you put or you make on online poker zero% for our gouvernement that try to take the most of our money
 DAGOR18/05/2010 17:19:23 GMT
Hello everybody!
Really disturbing as info. It feels really small for a poker player.
See you soon for new posts lol!
 teteban18/05/2010 17:39:02 GMT
Ah, the beauty of the overly fatherly states...when will they learn that they cannot go around regulating whatever the people want to do with their hard-earned money?!?!
 leolook19/05/2010 19:04:00 GMT
Disappointing. I do not understand the reason for these bans, poker is a sport!
Glad I live in Brazil. Here you can do everything 'kkk
 ILI_00219/05/2010 20:04:13 GMT
Bigfoot you put my favorite Floyd song here man... maybe Waters had stupid gambling laws on his mind writing this after all.... Big Smile Big Smile

#I__CAME__TO__GAME# Heart Diamond
 watoba20/05/2010 07:58:02 GMT
yeah in 1-2 years i leave germany to find a country where i can play where i want without problems.When u here want to make a tourney or a cash game round with good money and high prices u got many problems.Only casinos is legal or u play with good friends at home.Fuck the govermemt, bomb the system
 B1gfoot20/05/2010 08:26:49 GMT
Posted by JeVoOOo:
What about poor M3turbo Sad Come move to England Brah!
How do you post vids like that b1ggy?

Wher is he, Im guessing he took sponsership.
[youtube ] vid No. goes here [/youtube]
 SuperNoob06/06/2010 18:12:11 GMT
these stupid laws wont let poker players play in peace. now they have virtually forced out small companies out of denmark. lets hope other countries dont follow them
 kazman06/06/2010 21:03:22 GMT
As usual government needs money, just a normal thing.
Somebody have to pay for the crysis. Pokerplayers and sites are just to rich.

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