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2009 WSOP Champ robbed - by his own friend!

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Posted on 09 August 2010 by "T".

Joe Cada, 22, wrote poker history last year when he became the youngest player ever to win the WSOP Main Event. For the win he received nothing less than $8.5 million, however, he only got to keep half of his winnings because he was staked by some friends. 

According to many interviews with Joe Cada after the win, he has been very careful with the remaining part of the winnings and it also seems like he has tried to live an ordinary life, even though he's rich and famous. Sometimes, however, it doesn't seem enough to keep a very low profile, at least if we should believe what Joe Cada wrote on his Facebook a while ago.

"I love how people take advatage of being my friend. I always help when it's needed, but sometimes it's not enough. Numerous times I have caught friends stealing from me." wrote Joe Cada on Facebook.

he continues..

"Today, I got to know that a friend, who I can mention by name, stole a checkbook from me about 4 months ago and used it to cash huge amounts of money with my signature." 

Joe Cada never reviled how much money his friend had stolen from him, but it seemed like he was very upset about it. And who can blame him for that? However, he removed the post not long after. Maybe his friend, who stole the checkbook, contacted him and gave an explanation? Let's hope that we get to hear more about this in the near future.


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18 comments on "2009 WSOP Champ robbed - by his own friend!"

 Davoodoo09/08/2010 14:40:06 GMT
Nice friends ...
 magatt96609/08/2010 14:44:15 GMT
A friend of mine in similar happenings use to say: with friends like these he doesn't need enemies Tongue
 dozn0109/08/2010 17:46:33 GMT
wish i had a check book,,,,,,,,,in fact a freind......... Smile who can steel off me

any takers Big Smile
 Marcogeovany09/08/2010 17:55:47 GMT
Real friends dont do things like that. Thats why he doesnt have any Tongue
 Aggro66609/08/2010 19:13:47 GMT
when he does not miss the chque book, and even not higher amounts of money in his account, it can not be really hurting him. but in anyway, my friends always are depositing money in my account... love blackmail hehe
 twicEight09/08/2010 20:07:57 GMT
Sh*t happens) every1 wants easy money..somebody robbs friends.. Thumbs Down Angry
 IslandJack09/08/2010 23:11:12 GMT
Pretty sad stuff...

He always looked like a nice guy to me.
the kind people take advantage of, unfortunately.
 Kristan09/08/2010 23:25:04 GMT
Didnt like the way he got lucky several times in FT wsop 09´ so not going to give my symphaty to him lol.
Id rather be ashamed to declare it to the whole world that the only friends I have, rob behind me. Instead of taking down a good tourney and writing about that, he writes how his friends rob him - really dont care about his personal life Cool
 Pjot10/08/2010 06:54:05 GMT
You would think that a pokerplayer at the higher levels is good at:

A. Riskanalysis. That is, he would not leave his checkbook out.

B. Reading people. That is, he would not let a person that is capable of stealing from a friend near his checkbook.

It seems as it failed in both cases here? Shock
 spootbv10/08/2010 07:46:17 GMT
Best friend in the world Smile))
 mazas10/08/2010 07:56:09 GMT
the best friend in the world he had now his friends list just down becouse one must be outed after this good robbing Sad
all we have the same friends but its only one thing we didnt have so many money and didnt know never or we have the same friend Smile
good luck all Tongue
 Supererou10/08/2010 10:41:27 GMT
Well.I guess that's what friends are for!!...
Friends forever.
 Funope10/08/2010 18:08:52 GMT
Friendship is an illusion.
 maloalto13/08/2010 11:56:49 GMT
is it too much to ask that a blogger learn how to spell or use spell check?
 Assad9116/08/2010 07:24:58 GMT
in one way it would kinda suck to win so much, cause you know everyone would use you. even if that's not their intention it would happen.

in one way it would kinda suck to win so much, cause you know everyone would use you. even if that's not their intention it would happen.
 atownshend16/08/2010 07:33:33 GMT
A very big teptation leaving a cheque book to a fat account where someone can access it. Easy come, easy go, I guess.
 Sapoazul14/10/2010 12:02:34 GMT
Nice friends... I believe that will not occour to me wen I will be rich... I know to "read" qhen the person is good or bad.. and I only will accept the company of good people...
 BMan9814/10/2010 13:13:03 GMT
That's why I intend to stay poor for the rest of my life. That way you know that your friends are true friends, and there is nothing for them to take from you anyway.

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