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EPT Vilamoura: Toby Lewis takes home the first place prize of €467,835

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Posted on 03 September 2010 by "T".

It ended up being Martin Jacobsen (second last in chips when the final table begun but was big chip leader during Day 4 - 441,000) from Sweden and Toby Lewis (chip leader when the final table started - 3,322,000) from UK who were the last 2 men standing on the EPT Vilamoura Final table. Even though Lewis had a big chip lead when they started playing the heads-up, Jabobsen still managed to fight back and brought things back to square after some time. However, when both players had quite equal stacks, it all came to an end after this hand...

Lewis raised on the button to 160,00 and Jacobsen called. FLOP came AClub9HeartTSpade and both players checked. A 5Spade came on the turn and Jacobsen betted 180,000, only to be raised by Lewis to 525,000. After a few moments of thinking, Jacobsen reraised to 1,025,000. It didn't take long before Lewis fired back at him with another reraise - 2,025,000. Jacobsen has about 4,000,000 chips left at this points. After some time of thinking he decides to go all in. Lewis said "call" straight away.


Jacobsen 9Diamond5Diamond
Lewis 5Club5Heart

Jacobsen's 2 pairs were't good enough and he will need to hit one of the two 9's that are left in the deck, but unfortunately the river card is a 10 and Lewis takes home the tournament with a full house.


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4 comments on "EPT Vilamoura: Toby Lewis takes home the first place prize of €467,835"

 MANUEDO03/09/2010 12:34:33 GMT
Congratulations, for winning and for taking home this prize. Next time hope an italian player will win.
 edr_00703/09/2010 21:30:40 GMT
wowww nice prize, I see who wons now, lol. well done toby lewis. a really nice pot
 mazas04/09/2010 08:18:12 GMT
good prise pool and i want really too to grab the pot like this
congrates to the winner he really did great job
 giginicola05/09/2010 12:23:53 GMT
i think what i will make with 50000 euro's when i will win EPT Smile i am the best player ever :X:X

and congratulations Toby Lewis, we will play at the final table Tongue

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