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PartyPoker - a total of $15K up for grabs!

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Posted on 18 October 2011 by "A".

partypokerGet ready for our long string of leaderboard tournaments in collaboration with PartyPoker. Not less then $15,000 in total is up for grabs the next 3 months - exclusively for BankrollMob members.

The details:
- 4 freerolls worth $25 every day - Monday to Friday.
- 4 freerolls worth $50 every day during the weekends.
- A monthly leaderboard (each month) with $1,000 in extra prizes.
- A total of 4K freerolls + 1K leaderboard prizes for the next 3 months - so total of 15K is up for grabs!

You will climb the monthly leaderboards by getting the same amount of leaderboard points as the cash prize you win from the daily freerolls. If you are among the top 30 finishers by the end of each month, you will win a share of the $1,000 prize pool - directly cashed out to your Party account. The top 200 finishers each month win an entry to a $500 freeroll.

How to participate:
1. Signup for a free Mob account here at BankrollMob. If you already have an account, great! Just make sure you're logged in.
2. Create a PartyPoker account - check out our exclusive PartyPoker offers below. If you already have an account, no problem!
3. Register your PartyPoker account name in the form on the Leaderboard Page - shortcut to the Leaderbord Page Here. This is a must, otherwise you will not earn points for the leaderboard.
4. Play as many of our daily PartyPoker freerolls as you like, to earn points for the leaderboard!

Exclusive PartyPoker Offers

$150 No Deposit Bonus Gift Offer 5,000 MobPoints ($50)



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103 comments on "PartyPoker - a total of $15K up for grabs!"

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» PartyPoker - a total of $15K up for grabs!

 benno7803/12/2011 18:17:30 GMT
I have tried a couple of them but no win yet Sad
But i wont give up Smile i must win one of them turnaments Blink

me too Sad i have also just started for real Aww crap!
 yayoav04/12/2011 20:13:32 GMT
Something is going on with the tournament in today at 20:00 GMT jugadores.Nadie alone were 12 more could apuntarse.Algo is failing, I hope not accounted for the league.
 pokerminde04/12/2011 20:17:11 GMT
BankrollMob $50 Freeroll (ID: 2425744) mus be not included to the leaderbord because just 12 players coul register. Other just could jealous and look how 12 people playing for 25$
 stagles8707/12/2011 18:50:54 GMT
It tells me the password is incorrect. Also there is no one registered.
 danm15808/12/2011 09:31:51 GMT
Maybe it would be better to shorten the time for releasing the PW so it cannot be poster around in other forums. Aww crap!
 PATAKIJAN08/12/2011 13:13:30 GMT
time to rebuild my bankroll hell yeah !!!

 kazek777710/12/2011 13:42:18 GMT
Big Smile sure why not Smile Thumbs Up
 pokershark7411/12/2011 16:08:40 GMT
wooohooo... now i just got to get on the leaderboard hehe it will happen i hope id love to get first., anyways good luck all in the freerolls i hope everyone does well and has a good time playing this lovely december.... merry christmas to everyone here at bankroll mob i love brm and its people.... at the brm felt its like a huge home game. i hope to get to know all of the major players here and ill see you all at the final tables.
 jsantos7511/12/2011 19:41:00 GMT
very niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
 RockyDuque13/12/2011 17:40:35 GMT
I can not find the password for the tournaments for today
 yayoav13/12/2011 18:00:47 GMT
Today there are no tournaments are on vacation in BRM
 BOLIVAR7717/12/2011 16:03:13 GMT
Please create a bankroll allowed to continue playing
 ichyvon18/12/2011 08:43:17 GMT
no Cool
 doaga18/12/2011 10:56:30 GMT
Great Thumbs Up
 madicIvan19/12/2011 02:43:03 GMT
Admin, will there be leaderboard on party next month also?
 Administrator19/12/2011 06:22:16 GMT
Posted by madicIvan:
Admin, will there be leaderboard on party next month also?

I don't have any information about that yet.
 Jorgeezy21/12/2011 14:31:07 GMT
Can't wait till my Party Poker account is authorised by the Mob team so I can play in these!
 cullicko23/12/2011 19:44:32 GMT
nice promo !
 madicIvan26/12/2011 07:17:29 GMT
ok, tnx, hope it will...
 arthur7226/12/2011 18:59:59 GMT
Hard enough trying to get past the first blinds with AA lol but oh well thats Poker
 rabit0928/12/2011 13:19:35 GMT
why the leader board is not reviewed since 20 of december????
 arthur7229/12/2011 03:00:47 GMT
Can't even get past first round of donkeys LOL Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!
 RockDead201229/12/2011 21:53:18 GMT
Help mee where??
BankrollMob December Leaderboard $50 Freeroll
Aww crap!
 arthur7230/12/2011 09:21:32 GMT
If there are poker Gods then they aren't with me at Party Poker that's for sure. I am generally a very Tight Aggressive player but it seems that whether you play Tight or loose on there that something always comes unstuck. LOL Maybe I am not used to the way the cards flop on there yet but will see how 2012 Bodes. Oh yeah btw HAPPY NEW YEARSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

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