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Sahamies made a fool of himself in Baden

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Posted on 03 November 2011 by "T".

The Finnish poker pro Illari Sahamies has done it again. At Grand Casino in Baden, Germany, he once again made the biggest mistake a poker player can do - drink alcohol and play for high stakes. According to rumors, 16 players took part in the game where hundreds of thousands of euro changed owner, and Sahamies was so drunk that he barely could stand up. Apart of that, he called his opponents "retard, "monkey", "idiot" and other rude things. However, it's not clear whether he lost or won any money that night.

Not the first time
This is far from the first time Ilari Sahamies has been drunk at the poker tables. A year ago, he lost just about €200,000 over a night and wrote about the crazy session they day after in his blog. And just a month ago he was drunk while playing high stakes on PokerStars. However, that time he managed to win about €100,000 and probably didn't feel so bad when he woke up the following morning.


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14 comments on "Sahamies made a fool of himself in Baden"

 Macubaas03/11/2011 15:58:16 GMT
I think that is a big minus for his poker carrer, he stopped playing drunk about a couple of months ago and won big on pokerstars...

It seems he simply can't quit drinking and this will clearly cost him a lot of money in the future. Since the news was that he just made fool of himself i don't think he won/lost significantly.
 Jibberish03/11/2011 16:13:36 GMT
i play better when i drink, but when i run outta booze i have to log off or lose my roll
 Macubaas03/11/2011 17:29:59 GMT
I heard stories everytime of people that seem to play better when they are drunk than when they are awake but the fact is that they didn't made this as a statistic...

I mean play at least 10 sessions on which you are awake and 10 sessions in which you are drunk and i bet in general you'll have worse results on alchohol...
 starbay03/11/2011 17:44:27 GMT
most people probably make better judgements/calls when sober as alcohol tends to block the emotions but each to their own
 lukasb03/11/2011 18:59:27 GMT
sahamies behaved just like any other day thats what the title should say.
 Cliffem03/11/2011 19:19:01 GMT
just lol
 shokaku04/11/2011 06:59:30 GMT
Posted by lukasb:
sahamies behaved just like any other day thats what the title should say.


Yep. And don't forget Scotty with his epic drunken performance at the WSOP a few years ago. Some can get away with such thing.
 SuperNoob04/11/2011 08:25:14 GMT
classic sahamies play drunk, gamble and then trash talk.
he seriously needs more discipline if he wants to be successful at high stakes.
 Fakiry04/11/2011 11:35:03 GMT
When it’s a big name, it become news, but I believe this happens a lot with many of those who dedicate a lot of their time to poker, even if its just online. I have a friend who plays NL Hold’em ring $1/$2 and he manages to pay te bills with that. But there are always some Saturdays when he decides to go have a drink with his friends and, when going back home, instead of going to sleep, he always passes on the PC… and it always runs bad.
 Macubaas05/11/2011 20:09:11 GMT
A few days are gone after this news was released but i could never won if he won or lost while he was playing drunk...

i guess i was pretty close to the truth, he was pretty much breakeven which is good for his br but bad for his poker carrer...
 gmgm07/11/2011 08:24:54 GMT
hes got more money than me,if thats his style then so be it
 devitt1107/11/2011 19:57:26 GMT
i find it funny that u know how many drinks he had but u donk know if he was up or down on the night.:}
 Macubaas07/11/2011 21:28:46 GMT
^Yeah, i think almost a week passed since the original news hit the poker online world but nothing was mentioned about the result of that night...

Thats why i think he was pretty much breakeven, more or less, in another case the news sounded a bit different...
 DanyGR26/02/2012 21:14:42 GMT
Alcohol stop you to think cleary and to see the player's reaction when they make a bet. Yes you can play drunk without a problem, but you lose very fast the players reaction, witch is very important

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