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Patrik Antonius's PokerStars nickname revealed?

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Posted on 08 November 2011 by "T".

According to new rumors, the Finnish Full Tilt Pro Patrik Antonius is playing at PokerStars under the nickname "Fake Love888". Since Black Friday when Full Tilt Poker was closed down, Antonius has claimed that he's not playing much poker and that he will lose millions of dollars if Full Tilt Poker doesn't pay back their players money.

However, some people claim that he's been a quite active player at PokerStars since a few months ago. A forum user on a big poker site recently posted this conversation from the PokerStars chat.

Wimet_: jo oogee
Wimet_: whos fake love888
oogee: pa
Wimet_: ok
Wimet_: glgl
oogee: thx

"pa" = Patrik Antonius. Apart from that the "Fake Love888" account is registered in Antonius home-country Monaco. In total, "Fake Love888" has lost about $60,000 at PokerStars this year. But this doesn't include Mixed and Draw Games - something that "Fake Love888" has played quite a lot.


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10 comments on "Patrik Antonius''s PokerStars nickname revealed?"

 doomdy08/11/2011 08:54:48 GMT
Wimet_: jo oogee

Wimet_: whos fake love888

oogee: pa

Wimet_: ok

Wimet_: glgl

oogee: thx

 Noisecore08/11/2011 10:59:55 GMT
I knew this for a few months already, everyone in the full tilt department are lying bitches.
 Chartoule08/11/2011 11:23:14 GMT
Hi all

If true, is a stab more in the back FTP. In anyway, I think FTP is more that everything goes well in the 'Tapie affair' than to go chasing their pro's.

Greetings from Barcelona!
 SuperNoob08/11/2011 20:32:24 GMT
might be true but hard to say unless we know who's behind these accounts doing this conversation. can just be one of the rumors flyin around
 Macubaas08/11/2011 21:30:16 GMT
Everything is possible of course, and i admit that the majority of pros made or just reactivated poker accounts on other platforms than full tilt poker...

Still, those two guys could just talk about speculations, so nothing is really clear...

 Fakiry09/11/2011 11:46:27 GMT
Why does he keeps his nickname anonymous? Playing highstakes, its normal that players want to know everything they can about their oponents, and that includes their real id. This doesn’t look normal, because playing online we can be whoever we want. We can even use our real name if we want. But if we don’t, that means we don’t want to reveal our real id. Only poker site has to know our real id, not other players. But this doesn’t scare me, I will never loose against him, he doesn’t risk that much to play my level Big Smile
 Emmenaar8911/11/2011 11:01:21 GMT
I never trust a pokersite blindly, but its a shame that full tilt has gone down. I loved to play on that website. Played many freerolls there and each time i won a small amount of money. Hope it comes back soon!
 pokerpro198605/12/2011 22:14:50 GMT
That conversation up there is the only reason that we think it may be him? What an odd conversation that was! I have never even heard of any of those two people before.
 T3ddyKGB05/12/2011 22:29:15 GMT
bet all the pros play at pokerstars now, where else should they play as addicted online pokerplayers..

if FT ever comes back, which i dont believe in, they will have a hard time, just like absolute poker after their scandal.

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