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$10 Million Sunday Million - 18th of December!

Tags: 10th anniversary, bankrollmob, deposit bonus, freerolls, leaderboard, pokerstars, sunday million.
Posted on 13 December 2011 by "M".


PokerStars 10th anniversary celebrations is soon about to reach its climax. The Sunday Million on the 18th of December will have a $10,000,000 prize pool! The buy-ins remains the same but the prizes are tenfold. There are plenty of ways to qualify to this December's main event in the online poker world for as little as a shy $1.

Make sure that you'll be seated and ready to battle for the guaranteed first prize of $2,000,000!

What: Sunday Million Tournament - $10 Million Guarantee
When: December 18 at 20.30 CET
Prize pool: $10,000,000
First prize: $2,000,000 guranteed
Buy-in: $215

How to get there - the Economy Class:
There are hundreds of satellites running in the days leading up to the event. To register for a satellite or buy-in directly, open the PokerStars lobby and click ‘Tourney’ & ‘All’, or ‘Events’, ‘10th Anniversary’ & ‘All’.
For your best chance to qualify, play the $11 Sunday Million Mega Satellite with a huge 1,000 seats guaranteed. It takes place one hour before the Sunday Million at 19.45 CET, and you can win a seat for just $1.
You can also turn your Frequent Player Points (FPPs) into a $215 Sunday Million entry with the PokerStars 10th Anniversary Sunday Million Mega Path!

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39 comments for "$10 Million Sunday Million - 18th of December!"

 DarkSylph113/12/2011 18:03:28 GMT
i'm register
see me 18 dec
DarkSylph1 (:
...luck for me...
 Macubaas13/12/2011 20:14:22 GMT
How many people registered already for this tournament ??

Since i don't play tournaments it's pretty had to find it on the pokerstars client.
 TheMachineQC13/12/2011 20:35:41 GMT
4838 registered players already. And with all these 2$ satellites giving entrees, this will be full of donks I bet ^^

But still it's a good promotion, I know people who never play online that will play this tournament!
 Fackinas13/12/2011 20:43:07 GMT
Anyway $2mln wont be for the first prize definetly will be deal at FT
 phaxaq13/12/2011 20:49:13 GMT
I am just wondering how many ppl will be playing in this tournament...
 TheMachineQC13/12/2011 20:52:47 GMT
I would say over 20k for sure, probably more because of satellites and late registration! Wich is why I'm probably not gonna play it.

Good luck to those who try though, I hope a BRM member wins first position Big Smile
 Kristan13/12/2011 21:26:59 GMT
Im going to play thisone for sure on 18th (Y).
Did played the 1M gdt aswell few days ago and finished on top cream, but not quite in the final table.

Any BRM bighshots having a go on thisone? Dollar
 BeMyATMplz13/12/2011 21:41:37 GMT
obviously gonna be 50K+ people (cant imagine stars wont manage to have the tourney hit the guarantee)
 mihke66613/12/2011 23:19:30 GMT
50k+ easily.. probably around 60k-65k
 mascona14/12/2011 09:29:46 GMT
I will bet, it will be more than 75.000 players, so the pricepool will easy reach 15 Million $$$.
Last time the 10 M. $ was guaranteed, it was more than 16 mln.$ at the end.
 rubsrockpt14/12/2011 11:16:52 GMT
Almost the 18th I better hurry!
But with so many players its going to be fun!!
Good luck to all!
 Fakiry14/12/2011 11:56:29 GMT
I know you all wanted to, but don’t expect to see me in this tourney. Christmas time fill my free time with lunches, dinners and midday drinks with friends that the only time that lefts is to sleep and work. I hardly find space to come to BRM, but that is something always secure, because I see this space as my daily escape. Good luck to all mobsters with sit in the $10 mill. One thing you can be sure of: the prize is worth the effort!
 PhixedGear14/12/2011 15:39:31 GMT
I may actually have to deposit at PS to play this one.
 GIOMi614/12/2011 19:20:45 GMT
Well I won't be able to play this huge tournament, but I wish everyone who is gonna play good luck and may you finish in the money.
 DaMessiah66614/12/2011 19:49:50 GMT
I thought the special one would be the December 25th because is Christmas and is the last sunday of the year, but they decided to take the 18th. Anyway ... it's possible that I will be there. Bad luck for all of you because I need to win the $2M Evil
 parabroen14/12/2011 22:04:15 GMT
I have wanted to play this tournament is very interesting the amount of players there and the prize is awarded to first place the satellite would play well for 11 dollars
 SuperNoob15/12/2011 06:45:03 GMT
i dont play there but def gonna be life changing tournament for the final table finishers.
gl to any1 from BRM playing this one Big Smile
 hulkborges15/12/2011 12:14:50 GMT
still fighting for the job!
 Kristan15/12/2011 16:29:19 GMT
haha, bad luck to you too DaMessiah! Tongue
 Greenpeez15/12/2011 18:01:26 GMT
I'm in aswell, lets see how far i can make it in this one. first huge online tournament for me. well gl to all the mobsters participating Big Smile
 DaMessiah66616/12/2011 10:55:26 GMT
Posted by SuperNoob:
def gonna be life changing tournament for the final table finishers

I haven't thought what I am going to do with the money yet. Maybe I'll stop working Tongue

Posted by Kristan:
haha, bad luck to you too DaMessiah! Tongue

lol Big Smile
 ashtonn16/12/2011 11:00:40 GMT
i,m in rd 2 lol and originally cost 25 points lol , wish me luck.....
p,s not adonk ,
well not all the time lol.....
 psycokiller17/12/2011 06:21:40 GMT
Good luck to everyone who's entered or trying to enter via satellites. I won't be playing since I don't have an account there.
 FuxX9117/12/2011 12:40:53 GMT
Didnt win a freeroll there and dont want to cash in Smile
Good luck
 mazas17/12/2011 16:37:22 GMT
it will be really great show and i ll also try my luck in this crazy tournament
good luck to all brm users who ll play in it
 maricel17/12/2011 19:48:28 GMT
probably 100-110k..
 teddybears7317/12/2011 20:02:23 GMT
i'm in it too gl and see you there.
 lupugol17/12/2011 21:12:01 GMT
epic tournament.. hard to win this Aww crap!
 jaavii9118/12/2011 19:48:32 GMT
its incredible, id wish to play, although i played 250k gtd and 1kk gtd im happy
 TheMachineQC19/12/2011 22:26:18 GMT
So, any bankrollmob members made it to the cash?

I saw Marcel Luske is the only pro who made it far, he seemed to be playing very very few hands when I was watching his table. And most pre flop raises were only 2x, it seemed to me like most people were playing scared poker, so I'm sure some aggressive players stole a lot of chips! Smile

The last 6 players made a deal though, the biggest stack was a Canadian and he got over 1.1 million. Worship
 zohaan17/09/2013 01:13:18 GMT
This looks interesting to me.Need to brush up my poker skills and play for this event.This is going to be huge.. Worship
 qzmag17/09/2013 01:29:26 GMT
zohaan, this post is 2 years old. And i was really looking after this tourney, and couldnt find it lol. Till i check it again, and then i saw the date ....
Try to not post anymore on realy olf stuff.

Have a nice day / night and GL.
 MikeMOB17/09/2013 03:13:08 GMT
I ddid that too, but get suspicious after reading ppl posts about christmas... Question then I noticed that it was christmas, but 2 years ago... Agree lol
 RoninHarper17/09/2013 06:42:59 GMT
G'day mates

Well I think I will need to plan to plat the Dec. 18th Sunday Million tournament.
Hopefully I will be over my flu by then Smile
Still feel like total crud.
Been like 5 days now.

be cool mates

Ronin Cool
 pochui17/09/2013 08:20:55 GMT
oh yeah i will play it for sure - anyone want to stake me? i will pay out 100% of my winnings (i really don't mind that this tourneys already has been played 2 years ago...who cares about all those small details). i will also thank you very much and declare you being a true brm'er and a great person- looking forward to receiving the cash Dollar
 RoninHarper18/09/2013 02:34:01 GMT
G'day mate

Well thanks pochui.
You just ruined all my fun.
Wanted to see how many people would wish me luck playing a game which was already over.
You went and told on me so now no one is going to wish me luck.
Oh well maybe next time eh Smile

be cool

Ronin Cool
 demodawggy18/09/2013 22:33:04 GMT
DEFINATELY gonna be in on THAT one.... Those big celebration tourneys PokerStars puts on are generally pretty easy to get into the cash in... Smile Dollar Thumbs Up

That's one great thing about PokerStars,...they always seem to have some great tourneys for their members! I'm thinking it's not only a promotional thing,...but also an appreciative thing too...! Thumbs Up
 crash5818/09/2013 23:07:57 GMT
demo this game was played 2 years ago good luck in playing
 demodawggy19/09/2013 01:13:02 GMT
Posted by crash58:
demo this game was played 2 years ago good luck in playing


So it was.... Confused Me Dunce..... Aww crap! Big Smile


I will get into my time machine,....and go back to my spot at the 'Final Table'... Blink

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