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Had to quit his job to be able to play the Swedish Championship final table

Tags: hans berglund, lidl, swedish championship of online poker.
Posted on 02 December 2011 by "T".

Tomorrow it's time for the final table of the Swedish championship of online poker. 10 finalists will battle it out for a first place prize of 1.255.737 sek (about 137,800 euro). There has been quite a lot of talk in Swedish media and forums about the final table and the finalists.

However, one finalist has received much more attention than the other players, Hans Berglund. The reason for this is that Berglund's employer LIDL didn't give him time off to play the final table. In fact, Berglund's boss gave him an ultimatum: "either you show up for work or you're fired".

"They told me that it wasn't possible. "Come to work or find another job," Berglund told a Swedish newspaper.

Hans Berglund had no other choice than to quit his job at LIDL - after working there for 3 years.

"I couldn't do anything else than to quit my job. I've been working there for 3 years. If that's how they treat their employees I don't want to work there anyway"

Today he's working his last day at LIDL. This is what he answered to the question "What will you do after the final table?"

"It depends on how well I do on the final table tomorrow. We'll see if I look for another job. But my dream is to get a better poker player and make a living from it."


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34 comments for "Had to quit his job to be able to play the Swedish Championship final table"

 Davoodoo02/12/2011 15:22:52 GMT

It wont be fun for him if he finishes only 10th then Big Smile
 GIOMi602/12/2011 15:59:04 GMT
He has to win the final table in able to live a decent life as a poker pro. He could have taken some vacation time from work in advance.
 LoGiX02/12/2011 17:10:21 GMT
Worst decision ever coming from LIDLL. I guess the boss didn't expect that his ultimatum would show up in the media, now LIDL lost many customers which represent much more than the cost of replacing someone for 1 day.
 devitt1102/12/2011 17:39:35 GMT
well hopefully he rocks final table!!!!! top 3 or bust!!!
 alakz102/12/2011 17:52:28 GMT
One day i will be the one quitting my job to play a final table Big Smile
 thomas30dk02/12/2011 19:03:46 GMT
Well I quit my job and its hard.. I tell you its a lot easier to win when it doenst concern your living arrangements.. Lol
 Macubaas02/12/2011 19:42:19 GMT
Lets hope that his job quit will pay off eventually, if thats not the case i guess it will be pretty hard to get another job in these times...

Best of luck to him, i would never personally quit my job to play a poker tournament...
 pokerpro198602/12/2011 21:11:40 GMT
Goood luck to Hans Burglund! Hopefully he will win the 138k euros and has no problem to get another job if he needs to. Best wishes!
 Satjah02/12/2011 22:22:28 GMT
very strange... unbelivable that he dont get a free day...i will never go shopping at lidl anymore.
If i am the PR-Manager of lidl i will get very angry now and kick the boss of Berglund out of his position...
 YOdiablo02/12/2011 22:42:31 GMT
If he started winning big at poker he wouldn't have gone to job anymore anyway, I think..So this was inevittable. Smile
 Setera03/12/2011 01:10:03 GMT
Quiet sad they don't support him for making it to the final table. I geuss the boss doesn't like gamblers. Or is just really strict to his workers
 hendz03/12/2011 04:08:08 GMT
wish him best of luck
 cipe198803/12/2011 16:58:48 GMT
He works ther 3 yers and he didn get a free day, that is good company.I dont believe it
 Funope03/12/2011 20:31:57 GMT
The same in Holland. LIDL is squeezing their employees to make more profit.
 LoGiX03/12/2011 20:58:04 GMT
Hard discounters always squeeze their employees, they must do it so they can maintain very low prices... but they forgot the marketing factor there lol
 Jibberish03/12/2011 21:01:01 GMT
well hopefully he places decent enough then he can open his own business and take everyday off to play poker Big Smile
 Unpr3dictabl04/12/2011 08:52:21 GMT
LoL. .work for 3 years and dont give him a day off to play final table lol.

Now that is what i call a Squeezeplay
 vukas04/12/2011 09:02:18 GMT
well, playing poker is time consuming .. so maybe he should consider some small private business.
 tajttajt04/12/2011 19:38:58 GMT
Im from sweden ;DDD lol
best news in this country!
 chumba7704/12/2011 21:01:18 GMT
Very true Logix, if it already had such wide attention it was silly to put themselves in such a bad light. Though i'm guessing it was more to do with the hard-ass that was his boss, hope he takes the top prize and rubs it in his face.
 BeLLuM04/12/2011 21:12:39 GMT
if i was his boss i would pay him sponsorship for some advertising at the final table Smile) just saying...both could have made better decissions ..good luck to him ..hope he ll win something or he ll need another job
 chumba7704/12/2011 21:30:54 GMT
Ha yeah, would be funny if he turned up to play in his LIDL uniform instead of the usual kind of sponsors.
 JoaoIIII05/12/2011 00:55:11 GMT
Unbelivable...... Hope that he wins something....and LIDL loses
 QQuasar05/12/2011 01:19:23 GMT
LIDL should have promoted this guy and sell poker-chip-sets at all stores!!!
What a missed chance for LIDL.....
 jbrooksie05/12/2011 09:03:49 GMT
Anyone know how he got on, I'm guessing not well as there has been no follow up story. Tried Google but couldn't find anything, maybe someone here from Sweden might know?
 SnakeEye05/12/2011 15:21:21 GMT
He was the first one to get eliminated at the final table: 10th place hNz
He won around €5000. A couple of months work at LIDL :oP
 Fakiry05/12/2011 18:46:53 GMT
This must have been a dificult decision. Ok, so having a job in Lidl can be a not very good thing, but that means he probably hadnt had a chance to get a better one. If he had the idea that getting better than 10th place would be a almost impossible job, than that way he made a wrong joice. But if he thinks he can do something good out of that tourney and he already have enough chips in the hand to achieve his objective, than it was a reasonable choice. If he wins this, all media will be puting him in heaven, and maybe he can even manage to get a better job! If not, at least he has a story to tell in the future...
 chumba7705/12/2011 19:45:09 GMT
Haha he was unlucky to finish 10th, but obviously the experience gained is invaluable so he made the right decision, and at least he got some money from it, i was surprised when someone said in another post that he would only get paid if he was placed 1-3.
 Greenpeez15/12/2011 01:58:15 GMT
well finishing 10th really kinda sucks for him anyways best of luck to him atleast the little money he got for finishing 10th might equal the amount of money he might get from lidl for like half an year or something
 Heinar19/12/2011 13:42:47 GMT
Greenpeez 12/15/2011 1:58:15 AM GMT
well finishing 10th really kinda sucks for him anyways best of luck to him atleast the little money he got for finishing 10th might equal the amount of money he might get from lidl for like half an year or something


its 2 months salary
 pochui22/12/2011 14:03:12 GMT
damn thats a real fanatic- wonder how many of us would do that...i understand him though if the job was not of his liking...that was just a great excuse then, but if he liked his job- was that really worth it?
 Davoodoo22/12/2011 15:17:04 GMT

So he finished 10th ? Shock

Life sure shows no mercy ...
 SuperNoob22/12/2011 15:20:04 GMT
Posted by Davoodoo:

So he finished 10th ? Shock

Life sure shows no mercy ...

Murphy's law Tongue
 wiggggy22/12/2011 16:20:54 GMT
so he finished 10th at final table, So if hed of just not turned up but qualified would he of not just got 10th place prize money anyway? But he made the right choice, Not everyone makes it that far and you would be a fool to throw it away

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