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Happy New Year!

Tags: 2011, 2012, bankrollmob, new year.
Posted on 30 December 2011 by "K".

We would like to thank all our members and affiliate partners for a fantastic year! 2011 has been a fun and exciting year full of challenges for us working at BankrollMob. Our aim for 2012 is to grow even bigger and to get more exciting bonuses, leaderboards, freerolls etc.

This is of course impossible without all of our current members help, so we hope that all of you will stay with us and keep on supporting our affiliate sites by, for example, making deposits and generating some rake Smile

We wish all of you a Happy New Year!

/BankrollMob Crew

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55 comments for "Happy New Year!"

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» Happy New Year!

 19MR7230/12/2011 15:53:32 GMT
thaks Smile
 comisaru30/12/2011 15:58:46 GMT
happy new year!!
 SuperNoob30/12/2011 18:53:26 GMT
Happy new year to all the members and BRM staff and big thanks to BRM for all the nice promotions Big Smile
gl in 2012 ev1
 herlis30/12/2011 19:05:48 GMT
same here a Happy New Year to everyone here.
 Greenmohave30/12/2011 21:15:01 GMT
Thanks BRM / Mobsters. Wishing you all a Safe and Happy New Year's. I hope and pray that things get back to normal or better yet improve for the U.S. poker players and everyone who plays in general. Good Luck to All!
 ladyred30/12/2011 21:38:59 GMT
Happy new year to mobsters, good luck to all Smile
 Darth_bane30/12/2011 22:51:02 GMT
happy new year fellow mobster
 grahamy2731/12/2011 01:17:21 GMT
happy new year to everyone and hopefully we all become rich on the tables in 2012(thats as long as the Mayans were wrong....lol)
 pacopeca31/12/2011 05:34:19 GMT
feliz año espero ganar algo en 2012
 Macubaas31/12/2011 07:09:21 GMT
Happy new year to bankrollmob.com and to all bankrollmob members!

Good luck at the tables in the year to come Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 doaga31/12/2011 08:54:12 GMT
Happy new year :>
 bombsapphire31/12/2011 10:49:48 GMT
Happy new year all !!
 RockDead201231/12/2011 11:48:16 GMT
Happy new year from latvia Cool
 ChinZanoMe31/12/2011 13:31:16 GMT
Happy New Year!
 palomo8731/12/2011 13:40:08 GMT
happy new year to bankrollmob, because you're the best forum of poker!!
 cambam24731/12/2011 14:02:25 GMT
THX all this is a great poker community and Im wishing all BRMers a safe and prosperous New Year..... Big Smile
 BOLIVAR7731/12/2011 14:02:58 GMT
thank you for allowing me to have fun during this 2011, I congratulate them for their daily work and wish them the greatest successes in 2012, to continue to grow and provide the best for their users
happy new year
 IslandJack31/12/2011 14:25:10 GMT
The end of another great year on BRM.
Lots of new members, many nice, some crazy. Smile

Wishing all of you, and the great staff of BankrollMob a VERY Happy NewYear !

 schwabo31/12/2011 14:50:54 GMT
Happy New Year to everybody and I wish that 2012. isn't last like some are predict and to all be happy,to have good health and to wishes comes true !
 kisrics31/12/2011 15:30:24 GMT
Happy new year :
 inkognitoni31/12/2011 16:25:17 GMT
if you want drunk, give the keys your wife she can drive. xD
lots of success on tables and much luck in new year.

have a nice day and a happy new year.
 jessthehuman31/12/2011 16:51:12 GMT
Happy New Year everyone - I guess most of you are yet to go out and get smashed.. Nearly 4am here.. All over.. My 2011 was a pretty good one, relatively speaking.. So end of a good year for me and hopefully start of an even better one..

Hope ya'll had a good 2011 too (unlike all the sooks on facebook banging on about another failed year) And wish a great 2012 for everyone!
 lomax31/12/2011 17:01:26 GMT
Happy new years to all bankrollmob members Smile good luck at the tables for 2012. Smile i hope you will win a lot of money Smile
 exxxperthief31/12/2011 17:02:48 GMT
HAppy New year to evrybody the amazing crew and the members of course !!
 Chartoule31/12/2011 17:16:51 GMT
From Spain happy new years to all BRM comunity.
I hope we can see us in the tables during long time and reading and posting good news here.

Good night guys!!!!
 Nick177C31/12/2011 17:53:30 GMT
Happy new year all forgot all the bad beats in 2011 and working to a positive roi in 2012 Smile
 comisaru31/12/2011 17:54:15 GMT
Happy New Year!!
 mahdrof31/12/2011 19:44:19 GMT
Happy New Year to all the mobsters and mobsterettes of the best poker forum on the internet! Have fun and have a great 2012! Smile
 bigsam01/01/2012 00:40:08 GMT
thank you all at BRM looking forward to the new year Big Smile
 GIOMi601/01/2012 01:21:38 GMT
Happy New Year to BankrollMob and the forum members, I wish everyone a heathy new year also and good luck at the tables.
 qzmag01/01/2012 02:03:10 GMT
Happy New Year !!!
 Breghtje01/01/2012 04:03:44 GMT
Happy New Year !!!
 TheMachineQC01/01/2012 09:14:09 GMT
Happy new year to all bankrollmob members!

And also to the admins, supports team ect. of bankrollmob for the great job they're doing!
 Flippedchips01/01/2012 09:30:05 GMT
happy new year Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 mikic12301/01/2012 12:12:33 GMT
happy new year all
 pretplayer01/01/2012 16:32:09 GMT
happy new year all
 juxtox01/01/2012 16:45:27 GMT
Happy new year all Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 Fakiry02/01/2012 09:58:35 GMT
Thank you BRM! I would also like to wish all the crew a happy New Year and I hope the work developed during 2012 will contribute to the wealthy of all! Reading we learn, writing we accumulate points, eliminate our doubts and advice others, getting NDB’s we experience new rooms, depositing we increase our possibilities of receiving more profits! I am sure everything will be great in what concerns to BRM and poker!
 cosmin40402/01/2012 10:29:52 GMT
happy new year
 remilia02/01/2012 11:43:23 GMT
Happy new year to all !!
 hulkborges02/01/2012 11:52:32 GMT
a really great year BRM, I would like to thank you for all you have done this year and say that I feel privileged to be a member of the site, happy new year to all and many victories
 Smilie02/01/2012 15:00:17 GMT
Happy New Year to one and all. Best of luck in 2012 on the felts. Hopefully this pw hacking will be fixed Smile.
 todd331102/01/2012 16:30:59 GMT
YEAH HAPPY NEW YEAR,i requested a cash out from my HEROPOKER account like 4 days ago to my moneybooker account and still havent got it,,unreal,plus i sent them a e,mail like 6 hours ago and of course no e,mail back from them yet,,STARTING TO GET A LITTLE P,S,S,Y,,,RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
 bobbyneight03/01/2012 17:06:32 GMT
happy new year and hope we will win all together a lot of money in this pokeryear. good luck to all
 bella2011d03/01/2012 19:47:36 GMT
happy mew
 FenoMeno03/01/2012 23:25:53 GMT
Happy New Year for every BRM user!! Dollar Thumbs Up
 hulkborges04/01/2012 00:15:17 GMT
happy new year to everyone that this year will be full of achievements is playing poker or the lives of all partners and of course we expect the BRM continue offering all the good that comes in offering
 arthur7204/01/2012 05:54:06 GMT
Thanks again BRM and Happy New Year Smile
 19willem6905/01/2012 11:57:39 GMT
THANX mob's and i wiss you the same...........

 ashtonn05/01/2012 12:06:15 GMT
and a good one too you all too ,and hope we all win big...

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