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Dmitry Gromov won WPT Vienna (€447,840)

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Posted on 30 March 2011 by "T".

Dmitry Gromov and Maxim Kolosov, both from Russia, survived a 555-player field and ended up playing heads-up on the final table. The match only lasted 5 hands before both players pushed their stacks into the centre of the table (pre-flop) - Gromov with ASpade10Heart and Kolosov with 8Club8Diamond. Gromov flopped a 10 and the turn and river cards were to no help for Kolosov. For the win Dmitry Gromov received the first place prize of €447,840 and a seat in the WPT final. The runner-up, Maxim Kolosov, got €241,180.

Final Table results
1. Dmitry Gromov - €447 840
2. Maxim Kolosov - €241 180
3. Simon Ravnsbaek - €169 690
4. Mario Adinolfi - €115 420
5. Valentin Stroiescu - €83 550
6. Maximilian Noll - €65 460
7. Alessio Isaia - €49 100
8. Mark Jenisch - €36 180


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5 comments on "Dmitry Gromov won WPT Vienna (€447,840)"

 Niklas9130/03/2011 08:36:22 GMT
Maybe Gromow isn't the most known name within the world of poker, but still he did beat the largest European field in WPT history. So it might be exciting to hear, if he can do anything in the WPT final Smile
 mazas30/03/2011 12:39:45 GMT
russians attack the places number one at the tournaments and some months agao alot off people saying that russians are dumb players now look at this and what can u say now ?
congrates to both players thay did great job and for that was awarded with huge amounts off money
 Jackjin30/03/2011 12:49:15 GMT
yea niklas ur right he isnt the most known man but how u mentioned he is a very very very good player i think. so i think that he is going to place very well in WPT FINAL

so gl anyway Blink
 Fackinas30/03/2011 13:11:58 GMT
Such a big win Big Smile I would like to win same prize 1day ! Sure I think it is not first big winning for him and it is not first tournament he is playing.. so we need to grind live tournaments to win same :}
 SuperNoob31/03/2011 20:37:37 GMT
nice first prize almost double the second but disappointed headsup lasted only 5 hands, maybe he cud hav waited for better hand than 88. anyway well done to gromov for winning the event Blink

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