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Video: Pogo650' wins $102k with Q3o in PokerStars 60 billionth hand

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Posted on 31 March 2011 by "T".

In case you missed it: PokerStars recently announced that they were going to celebrate milestone hand 60,000,000,000 with some fantastic cash prizes for the players who were dealt into the hand. More than 200,000 people were playing on PokerStars when the 60 billionth hand was dealt on a FLH $5/$10 table. The 6 lucky players on that table were just a minute or two away from winning some nice cash.

A PokerStars host joined the table and informed all the players that they were guaranteed $500 and all of their prizes would be increased based on the number of VIP Players Points they had earned in the past 50 hands. The winner of the hand would get at least $60,000. The host then told the table "The winner of the hand will have their prize money doubled. On top of that, they will receive an extra $60,000. And you can't win a hand by folding".

All players at the table except 'DrPepel', who probably didn't understand what the host just had said, got involved in the hand and called all the way to the river. Winner of the hand was 'Pogo650' with Q3 offsuit. He took home the hand with a pair of 3's and won $102,090 (+the $147 pot). The smallest winner at the table was 'MeisterHahn who got $11,040. The rest of the pack received $21,045 each - that included DePepel, who claimed to have folded 2 4, which wouldn't have helped him anyway. 

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14 comments on "Video: Pogo650'' wins $102k with Q3o in PokerStars 60 billionth hand"

 GIOMi631/03/2011 09:25:39 GMT
wow that is great for the winning players, they are lucky guys. Hopefully one day it will happen to me lol winning such a huge amount of cash.
 jovicakralj31/03/2011 09:47:02 GMT
WOW! That dude actually folded pre flop!!! OMFG! Maybe he didnt have chat on so hi didnt knew what is happening??? I dont understand how someone can be sooooo stupid?
 Niklas9131/03/2011 09:47:37 GMT
I was just thinking the same.. Maybe some day it could be me! Big Smile And what a win nevertheless.. Q3o.. I would have been crying blood if I was the one with AT and getting the smallest amount of money >.>
 todd331131/03/2011 10:42:15 GMT
yes it would be nice for a change,because i had bad luck,i never win,rrrrr
 Jackjin31/03/2011 12:02:15 GMT
evry time the same never win wtf ???
 xxxYUMIxxx31/03/2011 12:45:50 GMT
talk about being a luckbox..haha. I don't mind winning even $10 with Q3 off!
 Fakiry31/03/2011 14:49:06 GMT
this is such a luck to happen being in this table. Perhaps this is way there aren't many rooms with events like this, they also dont have this huge amount of regular 24hour/day players. Eventhough, looks strange, in minimum (at least to me) that this hand had just been in a $2/$5 blinds. This people play with big amounts of money and, although a prize like this is always good, i bet all of them have already spent more than $10,000 in Pokerstars. I am not saying the 60,000,000,000 was inducted to there, but its strange. Everyone has to agree with me that it would be nice to see some fools playing $0.01/$0.02 blinds cash game seeing this advice on the screen. They sure would be screaming all the way long through the hand, looking for a way to save the moment on the screen Smile Smile Smile i would Smile
 shokaku31/03/2011 16:01:23 GMT
Q3o wins $100k+ => any two can do Shock

Lesson learned: Never fold a junk hand at joker stars. Big Smile
 dealmeout101/04/2011 21:03:36 GMT
yes it would be nice for a change,because i had bad luck,i never win,rrrrr
 SuperNoob02/04/2011 07:15:06 GMT
what a lucky day for pogo650 winning 100k from q3 o
but still very nice promotion by pokerstars, just need to play and get lucky.
btw - 128 players waiting :O :O :O
 Fackinas02/04/2011 07:39:20 GMT
Saw that hand 1 player folded pre flop while wining hand was pair of three, I think he is very big idiot Big Smile he fold his chances away to win 100k+ ... Absolutely lucky bitch playing 5/10$ LHE .. Damn what an idiot
 mahdrof02/04/2011 08:48:50 GMT
At any given time on Pokerstars there are tens of thousands of tables open, so to be at the table chosen is like winning the lottery. Congrats to the winners!
 SimonBolivar02/04/2011 10:55:05 GMT
I can still not understand whats the point of givin money away forcing people to play stupid.
 Fingers02/04/2011 20:17:59 GMT
doesnt make any sense to me, a CHOSEN TABLE? means if they are playing on a chosen table the hand is not actually the 60 Billionth hand, the money should have been awarded to the player who played the actual 60 Billionth Hand. Wish i had won Sad

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