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FTOPS XX: $38 million up for grabs!

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Posted on 19 April 2011 by "T".

In case you missed it: Full Tilt Online Poker Series is running at the moment. Between April 17th - May 1st over $38 million is guaranteed in 45 events. There are daily satellites to all the events, so it doesn't have to cost a lot to, for example, play in the Main Event with a $7,5 million prize pool on May 1st. Another exciting tournament will be the 2-day event (NLH) with a $10,000+$300 buy-in on April 23rd. So far no one has signed up this tournament, but it's probably just a matter of time.

Once FTOPS XX comes to an end there will only be a week's break before MiniFTOPS kicks off (May 8th - May 22nd). MiniFTOPS will as always include the same events as its brother but to 1/10 of the buy-in. More than $12,5 million is guaranteed by Full Tilt Poker this time, so it will for sure be 45 thrilling events to follow/play.


If you don't have an account at Full Tilt Poker already, then we recommend that you to check out our gift offer and rakeback offer. On top of that we run daily freerolls at Full Tilt Poker and you can also take part in the leaderboard ($2000 up for grabs).



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10 comments on "FTOPS XX: $38 million up for grabs!"

 GIOMi619/04/2011 17:43:43 GMT
These are big tournaments with a large field size, but they are the most prestigious tournaments online, so good luck fellow members
 Macubaas19/04/2011 17:57:26 GMT
Well, great to hear that full tilt poker still makes this event happening. They could easily shut this event down too just like they did with the Onyx cup due to the black friday in online poker. Now i'm really curios what the buy ins for sattelites are, there is no way an average player could afford a $10.000 buy in. Still, for the MiniFTOPS i'm sure i can register on some sattelite and join the fun. The prizes are very attractive indeed.
Good luck to all that will participate and if you are in for the MiniFTOPS maybe we'll meet at the tables.
 gazza200919/04/2011 18:29:59 GMT
Not sure how long FTP will keep these events goin now us players carnt play because lets face in FTP and stars are/were usa dominated.
 Flippedchips19/04/2011 18:53:45 GMT
Posted by gazza2009:
Not sure how long FTP will keep these events goin now us players carnt play because lets face in FTP and stars are/were usa dominated.

lol tbh there is 234k people on stars now so i think thats a bit over rated the loss of americans, it is big but not that big. i think they will do fine fulltilt im not so sure about
 timborep19/04/2011 18:59:37 GMT
not to mention that all thats left for poker players on tilt is a hand full of good players and a butt load of "fun players" and by fun i mean dip sht donks that are just pissing people off at least with the americains there were some good players to help deal with the donks now its just russian all in donks "oh suited k3 all in all in"said the donk russian
 SuperNoob19/04/2011 20:59:16 GMT
wow nice prize pools for these online tournaments, dont have funds at fulltilt now and anyway buyins are too high for my bankroll so surely wont be playin them. maybe i'll hav enough $ to play in future lol
 JazzyJeff19/04/2011 22:04:25 GMT

I allready played FTOPS event 1 last sunday. Because of Black Friday the
prizepool was reduced from 3 million to 1 million guaranteed. I diden't finish
in the money. So this FTOPS-series isen't 38 million$ anymore!!!!!.
It still says so but in fact is about a third of that. The main event is reduced
from 7,5 million to 2,5 million, all the events prizepools are reduced!!!
 paulparadiis20/04/2011 09:25:45 GMT
My biggest question is that, how can i be sure i can get my money out of there??? In my opinion there is no excuse to FTP support. They stay quiet, for days, then say everything is ok, don't worry. When i try to cash out through monebookers they say, "sorry, it's not possible at the moment". I'm getting very sceptical about this. And also reading in 2+2 what people think is making me even more sceptical. All the FTP promoters, who used to be regulars in 2+2 are just vanished!?! What's that about? I don't know what to think anymore... Club
 JazzyJeff21/04/2011 01:20:47 GMT

Paul: i cashed out 2 days ago at FT to my neteller-account and the money was
in my account immediatly! So they do pay out, but i've also heard from
friends having the same problem as you have(sorry, it's not possible at this moment).
Gl, hope it works out Cool
 mazas21/04/2011 12:41:49 GMT
the winner off this tournaments i really can say will be peoples who arent from usa Big Smile
so europe poker players the biggest luck for u i ll wish also will be canadian players very strong Big Smile
good luck and have fun

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