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ElkY won EPT Madrid High Roller (€525,000)

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Posted on 09 May 2011 by "T".

The EPT Madrid High Roller event attracted a field of 58 players who could afford the buy-in of €25,000. After 2 days of play, only 8 players had chips left and the final table was set. The final table, as you can see in the final table results below, included some really big names which made it a very interesting final table.

After many hours of play on the final table, the French Team PokerStars pro ElkY and Benny Spindler, from Germany, were playing heads-up. Spindler entered the heads-up with more than double the chips than ElkY. But just a few hands into the match ElkY picked up pocket jacks and managed to get Spindler to call his all-in on the river with top pair against his over pair. Now ElkY had 1.4 million chips to Spindler's 1.5 million. The match was very even after this all-in, and the crowd and the TV viewers had to wait about 1 hour and 45 minutes before the tournament had a winner. This is how the last hand was played out..

The pot was limped preflop and the flop came 2Club9Club4Diamond. ElkY had the big blind and led for 33,000.Spindler raised to 90,000. ElkY thought for a while before he decided to re-raise to 233,000. Spindler called.

The turn was the JClub and ElkY fired 277,00 into the pot. Spindler took a little time in calling to see the 9Spade river card where he faced a quick all-in bet from the Frenchman. Spindler counted his chips and had about 480,000 left. Hr thought for another minute before calling. ElkY showed 9Heart4Heart for full house vs Spindler's trip nines with KClub9Diamond.

Bertrand 'ElkY' Grospellier is the winner and €525,000 richer. This was ElkY's second big high roller win of his career. In total he now has $7.3 million in live tournament winnings!

Final table results
1 ElkY, Team PokerStars Pro, France, €525,000

2 Benny Spindler, Germany, €316,000

3 Juha Helppi, Finland, €185,000

4 David Sands, USA, €135,000

5 Vanessa Rousso, Team PokerStars Pro, USA, €100,000

6 Alex Repik, Russia, €72,000

7 Galen Hall, USA, €57,500

8 Peter Jetten, Canada ,€45,000


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12 comments on "ElkY won EPT Madrid High Roller (€525,000)"

 Flippedchips09/05/2011 07:39:16 GMT
nice little cash for elky and he will be soon all time biggest winners if he keeps this up, hes catching negreanu and the rest at the top fast. I said in the other thread about this he would be the fav to take it down
 SuperNoob09/05/2011 08:59:23 GMT
well done to elky winning this high roller tournament, he was quite behind when headsup started but he kept his cool and won it. spindler will be very disappointed maybe better luck for him next time.
 xxxYUMIxxx09/05/2011 11:29:48 GMT
Elky has consistancy both online and offline....I really respect and admire him for that!

He is gonna develop to be one of the top tournament players in the world...actually he is already there, next stop is a bracelet!
 Fakiry09/05/2011 12:47:37 GMT
Don't remeber of reading such an interesting final hand from this big tourneys. It wasn't easy. I don't know about Spindler, but perhaps when facing 3 clubs at the table, the reaction could be other. After all, ElkY hadn't any of that, but could be a prediction of what was going to happen. After wacthing two 9 at the table, Spindler would never let that hand go, taking in consideration the chips we would left behind if he quits it. Very nice played by ElkY.
 Macubaas09/05/2011 15:16:22 GMT
Well, congrats once again for Elyk although i don't really appreciate it at all. On the other hand other players at the final table played very good than other times. I really likr how Juha Helppi played, too bad he only finished on the 3th place. From what i know he has tons of live tournament experience compared to other more popular online poker players. Also a nice surprise was Vanessa Ruosso,, he showed that she also has the looks and the poker knowledge, one true team pro.
Too bad Viktor Isildur1 Blom and Tom Dwan durrrr already were eliminated, i saw Viktor already started to play at SCOOP on Pokerstars.
 LooseKiddie09/05/2011 15:26:55 GMT
I love watching how he plays, maybe he isn't my favourite poker pro, but I enjoy watching his game. The last hand was very interesting, like @Fakiry said Blink Another great win for ElkY, of course not last. He's awesome on- and offline, I wish I could have at least 25% of his skills Smile
 vukas09/05/2011 16:20:58 GMT
Bravo ElkY. There is something positiv about this guy. Just keep going.
 MarcWinz09/05/2011 16:34:11 GMT
Nice cash for ElkY. One day I hope to be at this level..................mmm Here's hoping.

I've watched him on tv and think he is one of the best players I've seen, I like the way he moves and "takes a gamble" sometimes. His playing style is very adaptable and exciting.

GL to him and to all you Mobsters..

Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 Niklas9109/05/2011 18:20:48 GMT
Better luck for Spindler next time.. And gz to ElkY.. Smile Definitely a nice cashing for him and he'll be catching up with the biggest players in winnings soon Smile
 JazzyJeff09/05/2011 23:15:35 GMT

Great Job from ElkY, i agree he's on his way to bigger things, he is a very good
player both online and live.
 Reiiz10/05/2011 22:18:35 GMT
I agree with Niklas91,Elky's future will surprise many players
 timborep11/05/2011 04:46:00 GMT
congrats to him but I really don't like this guy no real reason guy just gets under my skin

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