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WSOP Finalists Hire Poker Coaches

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Posted on 15 October 2012 by "T".

Since the inception of the November Nine 2008, there have been quite a few stories about how the finalists have practiced and prepared before the WSOP Main Event final table. Some of the finalists have even hired other poker players to help them improve their game. This year is no different...

Chip leader Jesse Sylvia said in an interview last week that he has hired Vanessa Selbst to coach him, and Russell Thomas, who will enter the final table 4th with 24.8 million, revealed on Tuesday that he has appointed Jason Somerville as his personal "October Nine" coach. Somerville is filming the entire process and sharing it on youtube. Here you can check out Part 1 of his training process with Somerville and others:

The 2012 WSOP final table will begin October 28 because of the 2012 U.S. presidential election. Here are the finalists:

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9 comments on "WSOP Finalists Hire Poker Coaches"

 Fakiry15/10/2012 09:51:17 GMT
Pros hiring other pros to coach them, it seems strange but it makes sense, taking in consideration the relevance of the game they will be playing. They say this year's WSOP final table will begin earlier because of the US presidental election, but i think it's got more to do with the opening date of FT, because that's poker related, and elections aren't and wouldnt interfer in the event.
 OneBourbon15/10/2012 13:56:05 GMT
It makes no sense at all to me. Why hire someone to coach you who obviously isn't as good as you are else they would be in the final 9....LOL
 Doarulle15/10/2012 14:15:43 GMT
No sense ... when you're at final table... you're as good as all 8th players... chips matter... but your skill is almost good like others... when i will play a final table... i play as i started... no coach... okay if i'll can use... i'll use a cheat Smile)) lol
 pochui15/10/2012 18:18:34 GMT
well they try to brush up on small things that matter- even if you are at the final table, and your coach isn't- that doesn't mean you are a better player than him, any single mtt tourney with big field is very very dependent on luck. and besides no matter how good you are, there is always something you can learn- the moment you think when you know everything, your curve starts to go down
 damosk15/10/2012 21:25:00 GMT
Im not sure why this is a big issue. Just because the player may be a highly rated or rankedcplayer doesnt mean they cant improve. Sports players, musicians ....even Andy Murray gets extra coaching from a past star........he does need it though!
 Fakiry16/10/2012 10:42:20 GMT
Posted by OneBourbon:
It makes no sense at all to me. Why hire someone to coach you who obviously isn't as good as you are else they would be in the final 9....LOL

If players from other sports have coaches, why shouldn’t poker pros to have them too? A pro player knows rules and strategies, but a good coach can help him to understand when to choose on playing one way and when to go another way, the percentage of the stack that should be put in a single hand related with the type of hand, the best ways to avoid tilt, it can turn essential to have another person telling him what he already knows, but making repeating it loud, so he interiorize it.
 OneBourbon16/10/2012 18:57:20 GMT
hehe....hire me then
 Macubaas16/10/2012 19:32:54 GMT
I do not see something wrong in doing this, from what i know this guy was pretty much a new name in the poker life...

The poker pros that he hired are known to be one of the best, plus they have tons of experience on live tournaments Smile
 Greenmohave16/10/2012 19:53:46 GMT
I beleiev any of these pros have the opportunity to be in eachothers shoes it's just the way the cards fall in a lot of cases once your so good. I mena the crosstraining is definitely effective since it promotes the player's overall skills, methods and educates one from others perspective. It's just like football players prcatice, race car drivers practice or as with any sport. Practicing / training with another poker pro has to help with their game in a lot of ways.

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