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MOB ALERT: Exclusive PCA Qualifier - $1,750 worth of seats for mobster only!

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Posted on 01 November 2012 by "M".

pokerstarsWe are very happy to inform all our members that you will have an exclusive opportunity to qualify for the 10th Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure which is held at  the Atlantis Resort and Casino, situated on Paradise Island in The Bahamas between the 5th and 14th of January 2013. BankrollMob will host an exclusive Deadline Turbo where the prize pool of 175 seats to the 10th PCA Satellite $10 Qualifier (10 Packages Gtd worth $16,000 each) will be up for grabs!

The exclusive PCA offer
On Sunday the 4th of November at 18.30 CET BankrollMob will host the exclusive tournament at Pokerstars. All BankrollMob members will be able to join the tournament for a shy buy-in of only $0.10. The tournament is a Deadline Turbo which means that the winners (top 175 chipleaders) are decided once the time runs out. Please note: If the Deadline Turbo continues over the starting time (19:00 CET) of the 10th PCA Satellite $10 Qualifier (10 Packages Gtd), don't worry - the late registration is extended 180 minutes! The winners will be automatically seated in the target tournament. The seat is only for this Sunday's tourney.

You will need to get a password to register for the tournament. The password is: BRMPCA
The maximum amount of players are: 1 000. No less than 175 seats to the 10th PCA Satellite $10 Qualifier (10 Packages Gtd) will be awarded to the 175 top finishers.
Click here for all the information you need!

10th PCA Satellite $10 Qualifier (10 Packages Gtd)
When: 4th of November @ 19:00 CET.
Where: Pokerstars Lobby > Torney > Satellite > Events > 10th PCA Satellite $10 Qualifier (10 Packages Gtd).
Prize pool: $160,000 GTD - 10 PCA packages worth $16,000 each!

Pokerstars 100% up to $600 First Deposit Bonus!



About Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure
The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) has a long history of being an event that all players want to win. Since it started in 2004, over $60,000,000 has been awarded in prize money, with thousands of players taking part - including hundreds of PokerStars qualifiers.
PCA 2013 will be the 10th Anniversary of this incredible poker event. From its beginnings on a cruise ship meandering its way around the Gulf of Mexico, to the live event extravaganza it has become today, the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is an event like to other. Below you will find some essential PCA facts, plus details of every event since 2004, including tournament winners and prize details.

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28 comments on "MOB ALERT: Exclusive PCA Qualifier - $1,750 worth of seats for mobster only!"

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» MOB ALERT: Exclusive PCA Qualifier - $1,750 worth of seats for mobster only!

 DominicQuick02/11/2012 15:18:42 GMT
Im in and guaranteed to get a ticket! Bring on the fishes!
 pochui02/11/2012 18:07:02 GMT
can anyone explain me this part: "The tournament is a Deadline Turbo which means that the winners (top 175 chipleaders) are decided once the time runs out"- so is this just a time tourney or not? when i open the tourney lobby i see no info on "deadline turbo" or the winners being announced once time runs out...
 Flippedchips03/11/2012 02:34:29 GMT
 nipitiri303/11/2012 12:47:54 GMT
1 hour time to get top 175 i guess ....... 55 min played and 250 players left ? all in begins lol

ops i just now read ... we have time to win ticket 30 min+ 180 min ...... usually not even BRM freeroll not last so long and there is 5k players
 maxchouinard03/11/2012 13:36:36 GMT
where is the game i search and i dont view this game
 crash5803/11/2012 13:43:54 GMT
Go to the top of pokerstars and click on requests, then click on find a tournament, and enter this number 637059666, the tournament will show up and register, hope this helps. Big Smile
 Mysik8603/11/2012 16:20:16 GMT
I know that is pretty weird, but...

can anyone borrow me $0.10 ??? Tongue I don't have any cash unfortunately ;(

My nick is Mysik86 Smile
 teddybears7303/11/2012 16:23:25 GMT
i'm in. see you all at the tables sunday and good luck to you all. Thumbs Up
 uhhcallmi04/11/2012 11:04:57 GMT
i'm out,,thee tournament is full and i wanted to join,,so this morning i log in,,and find out it's full

1000 players only...what a crap..

So i joined 2 other pca qualifiers which are also held today...muhahahahaa

 teddybears7304/11/2012 20:03:05 GMT
well i was sitting in 70th place with 620 left in,when i had to go out, when i got back an hour and a half later i finished in 231 st,oh well next time maybe. Sad
 Greenmohave04/11/2012 22:01:24 GMT
Damn this just bites to be a U.S. citizen in what they say is a free country, but we're not even allowed to play poker with the money we work for. At least not on-line which means there won't be any chance for someone like me to participate. I know I'm whining, but tired of the bs with poker in this country.
 ILI_00204/11/2012 22:24:24 GMT
got in and qualified really easily
no fancy moves, just ABC poker.
I also played a couple of such qualifiers on 2 greek sites and won another entry
while i had qualified through BRM, which gave me some sweet T10$.. not bad at all

then in the real $10 tourney i went really bad
during the whole game i played only some 5 good hands as favorite but lost them all to underdogs (35-65%, 30-70%, 20-80%) and got out. Unlucky, yes, but what can you do?..

Thanx for the tourney BRM, maybe we'll see more promotions like this Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
anyone else going well in the $10 tourney?
 nipitiri304/11/2012 23:00:02 GMT
well had around 10k-12k chips then started all going bad AA vs QK opponent rivered flush and there were A in flop lol ....... 2 hands later had A10 vs same player 10K sure K came (it was in 10 usd tourney) getting ticket was not very hard simply played premium hands mostly
 djpremier04/11/2012 23:12:35 GMT
Ahh I forgot his one Sad
This was a really nice promotion exclusively for BRM and I wanted to play in this tournament..
Hope there's gonna be more promotions like this in the future so I can take part too Cool
 damosk04/11/2012 23:15:48 GMT
awwwwwwwwww pap!!!! been out for the day and missed the three hour late registration......... just........... oh well , had a fabulous weekend and had a $10 ticket already sonwont be too distressed but would have loved to have seen all u brm'ers at thel tables
 teddybears7304/11/2012 23:35:38 GMT
Green,you should try one of the skins on the merge network,i see loads of americans on there,i'm sure they allow you to deposit.
 uhhcallmi05/11/2012 02:42:27 GMT
today was worst ever,,,played 3 pca qualifiers all started at 18.30hours om pokerstars,,got the passwords from google and entered ,could not enter the brm-qualifier cause it was full with 1000 players already signed in...anyway...on all 3 i went all inn with A_K versus a medium pair and got busted 3 in a row...had qualified several times already earlier this month for that 11$ PCA satelite to full -package tournament..but every time i unregistered and took the T$ and today i failed to qualify for it..

still upsett about it,,,donks qualify ,playing all those sick hands and the tight players got busted playing their expectations were most high,,the outcome was -273 Celcius.

just not ment to be... Sad Angry Disagree Confused Question
 pochui05/11/2012 08:05:12 GMT
great promotion- really nice to see brm is offering all sort of promos ranging from no deposit bonuses, to deposit bonuses, gift offers, great value tourneys (as this one) and all sorts of nice stuff- brm is really a great site & great community too Big Smile btw i missed this tourney because was too lazy- when i decided to register the cap was reached already...
 simon605/11/2012 09:02:16 GMT
got my seat to the next level 10 bucks buy in but tourni alrady started, didnt have much of a chance because 10 runners had 30k plus so just hoped prayed knelt down said 50 hell marys said nI would never slag any one of at the poker table again but went out on river as usual. thx brmob any way
 Sorin88805/11/2012 17:06:11 GMT
What a waist of tjme from us and money from BRM this qualifier.Who set this should pay the 1750 $ prize.I won the 0,11 $ tournament and entered in the 10 $ qualifier to compete with players with stack 10 times bigger than mine to reach final tabel .Brilliant plan Thumbs Down Thumbs Down
 marqis05/11/2012 17:47:08 GMT
Posted by Sorin888:
What a waist of tjme from us and money from BRM this qualifier.Who set this should pay the 1750 $ prize.I won the 0,11 $ tournament and entered in the 10 $ qualifier to compete with players with stack 10 times bigger than mine to reach final tabel .Brilliant plan Thumbs Down Thumbs Down

This was very strange; the tournaments were only separated by 30 minutes, so anyone that succeeded in winning a ticket is hours into late registration, and has almost no chance of catching up...

This was really just a $1750 added tournament for players that bought the $10 ticket IMO...

What could be the reason that it was organised this way? No one really benefited from it, except the winners of the $10 tournament maybe, without even realizing it.

It's a bit of a shame, for $1750 of promotion money to go to waste like this...
 Doarulle06/11/2012 00:46:05 GMT
I'm not in, because i don't have money for travel, anyway i really don't know if i can win a tournament with 50000 players... any canse i can't play this private tournament because i can not afford to go there for play and stay there N days accommodation, if i could retire from main event yes, i participate but i hear i can't , so good luck for all mobsters who play Big Smile
 uhhcallmi06/11/2012 00:55:51 GMT
dear doarulle ,if you qualify and win such package ,you are allowed to take the money in tournamentdollars,so you won't have to play the extual event....

hope i've changed your mind..

zero investment ..with a possible 14.900$ packkage...

bye the way such package includes hotel and travelexpenses if i am not wrong...

 AlexSimion06/11/2012 21:31:34 GMT
In case u can't go to Bahamas Big Smile , you can exchange the package for 5000 $ cash , so either way it's very good Thumbs Up
 nipitiri307/11/2012 01:53:17 GMT
how was no chance BB were only 100 or 150 i think ...... i did made it to 15000 chips til bad luck came lol i prefer late registration anyways specialy in tourneys where BB is 15 min

i reccomend auto fold AA KK preflop specialy if try play seriously since if ya see flop its way tooo hard to fold em specially if A comes to flop while holding AA Tongue

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