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WSOPE High Roller: Watson Defeated Juanda Heads-up

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Posted on 05 October 2012 by "T".

The Majestic Super High Roller (with re-buys) attracted 49 players with 11 rebuys being added to the prize pool. When the third day started, 9 players returned to play and John Juanda had an huge lead with 2,596,000 chips.

After several hours of battle on the final table, Juanda was playing heads-up against Mike Watson, the Canadian poker pro who started the day in 9th place with only 299k. Juanda started the heads-up with 4.83 million in chips to Watson's 4.17. Juanda took down the first few pots and increased his lead, but things changed drastically when Watson got a bit lucky a few hands into the match...

Mike Watson betted 240,000 from the button. Juanda reraised to 750,000. Watson decided to move all-in after 2 minutes of thinking. Juanda made the call holding AHeartKSpade. Watson was behind with AClubJClub.

The flop came down 9Diamond5Club4Spade and Juanda remained in front. The JSpade was a fantastic card for Watson and it left Juanda with only 3 outs. The river card was the 6Spade and Watson picked up the pot of 3,850,000. Juanda was left with 1,170,000 chips and looked a bit frustrated. 

The very next hand both players ended up all-in again; Mike Watson with KSpadeJHeart against Juanda's KHeart10Spade. The board ran out 3SpadeJSpade3Heart9Spade8Heart, and Juanda was eliminated. Watson claimed the title and the €1 million first place prize! 

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7 comments on "WSOPE High Roller: Watson Defeated Juanda Heads-up"

 TheMachineQC06/10/2012 07:03:54 GMT
Brutal ^^

John Juanda plays so tight I think I've never seen him shove or call a shove with the worst hand when he has a decent stack. Better luck next time, It's always nice to see that ABC poker still works.
 Doarulle06/10/2012 08:28:38 GMT
Awfull, John Juanda plays better than him, but whant can you do when you get AK vs AJ and lose... and next hand you got KT vs KJ ... first hand i think he was unlucky and next hand was no lucky Smile)) anyway €1 million is €1 million ...
 pochui06/10/2012 08:42:54 GMT
we all know that in the long run luck evens out and if you lose with ak against aj even 10 times in a row, you will win probably 15 times in a row later. but the point is not winning the more hands with the better hand- it is super vital that you will the hands that are most important financially! like this one, tough luck
 nipitiri306/10/2012 09:59:38 GMT
like under youtube videos wheres juanda in there says I HAD TWEEPS (trips)
 mazas06/10/2012 15:39:56 GMT
Watson more aggresive player and he won congrates to him i hope soon Juanda will change his tight playing style and his heads ups will be more succesefull
good luck all
 nipitiri307/10/2012 13:53:10 GMT
never heard anything about watson but i do know juanda .... i guess he is simply more famous
 Fakiry08/10/2012 09:50:55 GMT
Mike Watson must have done a great work at the final table, starting with 239k and reaching the final HU with 4.17 M, looks like John Juanda rested more than a lot during this period, and this may have been the cause for his loss. It's ok to let things go when you're leading with such an advantage, but if you stop showing some work those who will be rising in the game will feel them as weakers. Mike won enough confidence at the final table, with such a boost to is stack, that he played equal to equal on the last HU, not fearing anything that could come from Juanda. And nothing bad came.

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