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High Stakes: Action-Filled Monday on PokerStars

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Posted on 14 November 2012 by "T".

The action on PokerStars' nosebleed tables has slowed down quite a bit since Full Tilt Poker reopened for business. However there were some pretty nice $200/$400 PLO ring games running there on Monday with Ilari Sahamies, Sam Tricket, Barcode and other regulars in the centre of the action. Barcode, whose identity is unknown, ended up as Monday's biggest winner with a $232.6k profit. Most of the profit came from a $282k pot - that could have been a $680k pot. Here is how it was played out...

Ilari FIN bet $1,720 from UTG, patpatman folded, LuckyGump raised to $5,880, and barcode reraised to $19,680. Ilari FIN called, LuckyGump moved all in for $34,675, barcode reraised to $123,785 and Ilari FIN called.

The pot was $282,480 when the flop 4Club7Diamond5Heart hit the table. barcode moved all-in for $199,923 and Ilari FIN decided to lay down his hand ($381k left at the table).

LuckyGump 9ClubKHeart2SpadeAHeart

barcode ASpade3DiamondAClub10Diamond

Turn 2Club, river 4Heart - barcode took down the pot of $282,480 with a straight.

Ilari Sahamies could have been the biggest winner of Monday...
Ilari's Monday at the poker tables was one hell of a roller-coaster ride. He was up about $500k for some time, but eventually he lost almost everything and finished the day about even. He won 4 pots of $200k+ during the beginning of Monday, and one of these pots ended up being the biggest of the day.

Ilari FIN bet $1,520 from the small blind, patpatman raised to $3,400. Ilari FIN reraised to $10,520 and patpatman called.

Flop 4Diamond10Spade7Diamond Ilari FIN bet $21,355 and patpatman called.

Turn 9Heart Ilari FIN bet $64,065 and patpatman called once again.

River 9Club Ilari FIN went all-in for $164,010 and patpatman called with his remaining $46,185.

Showdown: Ilari FIN AClub8DiamondASpade6Diamond - patpatman JDiamondkSpadeQSpade10Diamond

Ilari Sahamies took home the pot of $284,405 with a straight.

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4 comments on "High Stakes: Action-Filled Monday on PokerStars"

 Fakiry14/11/2012 14:17:37 GMT
What a crazy call of patpatman on the biggest win of day of of Sahamies. It's so nice to see him playing well, although suffering ups and downs on the stack, at least those ups and downs aren't aren't on his personal life. It would be nice to know what did he had on that other hand with LuckyGump and barcode when he decided to fold...
 Macubaas14/11/2012 20:47:58 GMT
Not sure why but it seems that the nosebleed games from full tilt poker did not start yet...

I think the most interesting player from stars it's barcode know, i think that sooner or later we'll descover his true identity.
 DZaharov16/11/2012 18:48:36 GMT
Ilari 200 grams of worms scored in other competitions) fisherman emae)
 pochui16/11/2012 19:07:01 GMT
Posted by DZaharov:
Ilari 200 grams of worms scored in other competitions) fisherman emae)

hmmm Confused whatever yanks your crank Off Topic

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