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Stock trader won the 2012 PCA Main Event ($1,775,000)

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Posted on 16 January 2012 by "T".

The 2012 PCA Main Event is now in the books. After serval days of play, John Dibella, a 43-year-old stock trader from Westchester, New York, was the last man standing after knocking out Kyle Julius in 2nd place.

Dibella survived a field of 1072 players to reach the fantastic first prize of $1,775,000. Dibella's previous tournament cashed totaled just $42k, and his biggest cash up to this point came in 2008 at the PCA when he finished 60th for $16,000. In other words, $1.775 million will come in handy for his future poker career.

This is how the final hand was played out:
Kyle Julius raised to 825,000 on the button with 9Diamond6Spade and John Dibella defended his big blind with 6Club5Club.
The flop came down AClubQHeart3Club and Dibella checked. Julius bet 725,000, but was matched by a quick Dibella call. The 8Diamond hit the turn and both checked, landing the TClub on the river. Dibella bet a cool 1,000,000 with his flush, but Julius represented a big hand and shoved all in. Dibella quickly called with his flush, ending Julius' Main Event run with a runner-up showing.


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5 comments on "Stock trader won the 2012 PCA Main Event ($1,775,000)"

 Fakiry16/01/2012 11:22:30 GMT
Some companies will definitely use this guy as an example of the opposite of what just happened. May companies are trying to get the attention of online poker players to go invest on the stock market, saying there are similar ways to act in both activities. This just gives them one more reason to try to convince us to go there and show we can also win in the stock market. I still have my doubts about that…
 Macubaas16/01/2012 15:20:58 GMT
Big congratulations to the winner, it's nice to see that united states players are still attenting these live tournaments after the black friday.

Can't wait to see more live mtts in the future considering many top players already stated that will take part, including Blom.
 arthur7216/01/2012 15:24:05 GMT
That's a very nice prize and was a well deserved win, hmmm I wonder how much he will invest in the markets with that prize money lol "_" Congratulations to him. Worship Worship Worship
 Greenmohave16/01/2012 22:33:17 GMT
Don't know about how he feels, but I would be considering a career change at this point. At 43 years old unless I was vesting in my own business it would be time to stop working for the man.
Also, goes to show the professionals don't win'em all!
 hulkborges21/01/2012 07:24:11 GMT
very good, it will be a great player coming? I confess I've yet to see moments of this tournament but I will look to see them, and congratulations to the great champion that follow with great achievements

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