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Black Friday: 53-year-old businessman admits to money laundering

Tags: black friday, court, doj, fbi, Ira Rubin.
Posted on 20 January 2012 by "T".

Ira Rubin, a 53-year-old businessman in financial transactions, has in an agreement with a court in New York pleaded quilty to several crimes related to Black Friday (the day when FBI and DOJ closed down Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars etc).

According to the Department of Justice (DOJ), Rubin has deceived banks into transferring gaming funds so it wouldn't look like the money came from gambling. The potential max penalty for Rubin's crimes is 80 years in prison. But since he had some kind of agreement with the court, experts believe that he will get less than 2 years.


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14 comments on "Black Friday: 53-year-old businessman admits to money laundering "

 SuperNoob20/01/2012 13:09:04 GMT
the guy who moved funds got 2 years but what are they gonna do with UB and Full Tilt owners who stole people's money?
most of them are just enjoying life
 vlplastika20/01/2012 14:16:03 GMT
do not even know what to say, people cheat the law is clear, but if you do it okuratno steal, not to get caught. one happy that people acknowledge their guilt.
 Macubaas20/01/2012 15:36:59 GMT
I wonder why the us gov doesn't make an law for the online gambling companies, it would be so much easier and they would get paid too...

Frankly these long trials don't advantage anyone...
 IslandJack20/01/2012 17:18:13 GMT
Ok. so this guy probably made Millions and, with time off for good behaviour, will "maybe" have to sit for a year.
THEN...he can go back and enjoy his Millions, whether it was from this scam or one of the many others this kind of guy is probably involved in.

Great system we live in!
 Davoodoo20/01/2012 19:55:39 GMT
"But since he had some kind of agreement with the court, experts believe that he will get less than 2 years."

He probably squealed and revealed his closest friends just to save his own ass. Smile

What a shady business all this online casino and poker is Sad
 hulkborges21/01/2012 07:16:20 GMT
is as absurd and who is losing money in this story?? move money to the guy meets a long time and ready 2 years will enjoy what this time joined. I hope that this deal out soon for everyone to have their money stuck around the site
 pochui21/01/2012 12:37:13 GMT
"The potential max penalty for Rubin's crimes is 80 years in prison. But since he had some kind of agreement with the court, experts believe that he will get less than 2 years"- oh yeah that says it all! lets think for a sec here: he can get 80 years, but prob will get less than 2- hmmm 40 times smaller...just wonder what were this "some kind of agreement" Smile and eventually it could turn out that less than 2 years ends up being 24h...
 Indo36M21/01/2012 14:08:28 GMT
the law in the US is so stupid and it sux,in some state u can and may drive in a
car by the age off 16, 21 then you're an adult,18 y old is to young for going out
U may drink alcohol when u'r 21,but when u are 18 u can buy machine guns,
RPG's,M.50's,M.16,Bean bags,so on and so on,and i u have sex when u are 17 and the lady is 21 then the lady can also expect 50 years prisson, some people
if i read the newspaper get a jail bonus time off 800 years,but they do that,
for 1 reason ,that how good u behave in prison you can't come 4 the parool
board,here in Holland u sing it out,u get evry day fresh toast,whit 8 slice off cheese,peanut butter,egg's,coffee 250gram,coffee milk,sugar each 2 day's,
only at dinner time,3 time a day,u sit 30 min behinds bars,until 20;00 hours/21
00 hours is the door OPEN,U have a TV whit 4 movie channels whit porn stuff
there they make there own alcohol ( taste like S...T but u can feel it ),and even
in some Jails in Holland u have u'r own FRIDGE and BATHROOM in there !!!!
it's not bad to sit in there,it cost just you're freedom. wanted to wright more
but it's time ...... for 30 min lock up,c ya.......... ( LOL )
 Macubaas21/01/2012 15:45:47 GMT
This happens when all states have different laws, i also saw there are some conflicts in the US legislation...

I saw a poker blog reported that full tilt poker should be up in couple of months, at least some hope for the players that had money there.
 DaCapo7121/01/2012 15:56:52 GMT
The biggest scandal was, that the doj blocks the money from not us players. What interesting european players the us law? OK and what the business man do is only air trading...
 Chartoule21/01/2012 18:00:35 GMT
Only 2 f***ing years? Only with all the troubles and money lose for the players he must be in jail al least x10 the time.

Hope more of that guys finish in jail and for more time
 Setera21/01/2012 18:19:31 GMT
step 2... Smile when will step 3 come... waiting for more more more news!:d
 Fakiry23/01/2012 11:24:50 GMT
That must have been a good agreement. “I didn’t wanted to run from paying taxes, I just didn’t wanted my wife to knew from where was the money coming from…” I don’t know if he said something like this, but it sure must have been some very good excuse to reduce the prison sentence in more than 95%, I am just throwing some more fuel on the fire!
 pokershark7423/01/2012 12:06:40 GMT
US law is a fcking joke... case and point casey anthony fcking bich flat out murders her child (yes she totally did it) and gets away pretty much scott free!!!!!

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