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EPT founder leaves PokerStars

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Posted on 04 January 2012 by "T".

Last Sunday, rumors that John Duthie, the man who created European Poker Tour and has $2,7 million in career tournament winnings, was no longer part of Team PokerStars Pro started circulating in different poker forums. It didn't take long before Duthie confirmed that he didn't sign a new contract after the last one expired in December 31, 2011. Duthie's departure comes just a few months after that JP Kelly left Team PokerStars Pro. This leaves only Liv Boeree, Victoria Coren and Jude Ainsworth representing Team UK and Ireland.

Rumors that Duthie's exit was some kind of protest against PokerStars' new VIP program was quickly denied by Duthie himself.

"Hey guys....I'm afraid this decision had nothing to do with the VPP situation or the 'Sit-Out'; it was quite simply that I didn't want to renew my contract which expired 31st December. There was also no Tweet to this effect. All very self-centered to be honest. Love the idea of being 'Tribune of the people' but sadly this is not the case."


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6 comments on "EPT founder leaves PokerStars"

 pochui04/01/2012 12:22:34 GMT
or maybe there was something fishy behind his decision, but don't expect to hear this from him. as always if there is something cooking up behind the scenes- only interested parties know the info, and the rest of dudes are just left on themselves, just remember full tilt- lot's of players left with a serious tilt- full tilt that is...
 Fakiry05/01/2012 10:32:10 GMT
So, he just said what wasn’t the reason of not renewing contract, but he “forgot” to tell everybody what was the reason. Can this have something to be with his $2,7 million career tournament winnings? This looks a lot of money, but it would be possible that it would be expected a bigger value coming from him. Ben Lamb did $5 million in one year and it is now on the top, Duthie has only made hald in his entire career. It’s a matter of perspective…
 MaRsBMG09/01/2012 19:58:06 GMT
I think he is leaving in a time that, although world is submersed in crisis, is a phase of big growth in poker, which means EPT can become bigger. I truly believe this. The game is each time more recognized as skill game, with lots of factors that can turn it into a pro game all around the world. I believe EPT will not suffer a bit with John Duthie’s abandon, he is the one who will miss it.
 hulkborges10/01/2012 23:41:55 GMT
more a jumping off, probably have their reasons and feeding stuffs not renew the contract, on the plus side there will probably be a renewal in pro team players, the chance for everybody who is showing its full potential by there
 OneBourbon11/01/2012 00:36:12 GMT
Joe Haschem left as well...who knows who decid that decision...coincience pokerstars is now spamming for
 holzkopf1329/12/2014 10:55:58 GMT
in my opinion is he a damn good poker player . i have the feeling they change the poker rooms like football players their teams.

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