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Daniel Negreanu's Weekly Rant: "BanHammer Gone Cray"

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Posted on 29 March 2012 by "T".

A new "episode" of Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu's weekly video blog 'The Weekly Rant was uploaded yesterday. This week's rant from Daniel Negeranu is mostly about his forum ban, but also he tells a pretty cool story about Phil Ivey playing in a game at the Aviation Club in France when it was getting robbed. 


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9 comments on "Daniel Negreanu''s Weekly Rant: "BanHammer Gone Cray""

 doomdy29/03/2012 07:38:49 GMT
Dunno wots the reason, but for some reason Negreanu is allways on my nerves, no clue why.
Must be me cos every other person likes him, i dont but have no clue why, maybe cos he talkes too much.
Anyway great player no doubt.
 Cruimh29/03/2012 08:41:26 GMT
Man, what a tantrum by Daniel.
 dozn0129/03/2012 11:51:13 GMT
hahahaha erm has daniel been banned from BRM for spaming our forum too
 Fakiry29/03/2012 12:46:53 GMT
Everyone needs rules, so as big star poker pros like Daniel, so the reason why they sent him away from the forum should have been good. I can’t understood what was it by watching this video, but the owners knew they would have to deal with some bad publicity sending him away.
 B1gfoot29/03/2012 17:50:54 GMT
Daniel "Diva" Negreanu, 1 day...STFU, why does he need an interview with the banner and other mods, you broke the rules, be a man and say oh, sorry, didn't know, won't do it again.
Guess it really didn't upset you!!
 SuperNoob29/03/2012 18:42:02 GMT
Streisand effect Cool

and agree he speaks too much, needs to accept he's not bigger than the site and should follow the rules. maybe he cud come here and Tony will teach him a lesson Big Smile
 oualidel30/03/2012 21:38:48 GMT
BanHammerrrrrrrr so funny Big Smile
 michaelwilk31/03/2012 01:28:10 GMT
Great player but yes I think he rivals Mike "the mouth" Matusow (not sure if thats how you spell it but I do however find most of his rants entertaining thus making him the perfect celeb poker star hehe
 DeivisT31/03/2012 15:07:17 GMT
Banhammerrrr Big Smile

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