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Impressive comeback by Kevin Vandermissen, the new Irish Open Champ!

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Posted on 10 April 2012 by "T".

The 2012 Irish Open main event final table was played yesterday in Dublin, Ireland. When the final table started there were 2 players, Ian Simpson and David Dean, with about 2 million chips and 2 players, Steve Watts and Thomas Beer, with 1.3-1.5 million chips. Many expected one of these 4 players to take down the tournament, instead it ended up being the smallest stack who took down the whole thing...

Kevin Vandermissen, a Belgian Pro, only had 492,000 chips when the final table kicked off and everyone had basically counted him out against the big stacks. Vandermissen used this to his advantage and kept a cool head while he waited for the right moments to strike (go all in and double up).

After only 5 levels of play, Vandermissen had defeated Thomas Beer, from Germany, heads-up and laid hands on the €420,000 first prize. This was his biggest cash of his career, with his second biggest being a second place finish in EPT Snowfest last year for €260,000.

Below are the final table results;

1st. Kevin Vandersmissen €420,000
2nd. Thomas Beer €225,000
3rd. David Dean €158,000
4th. Ian Simpson €107,500
5th. Steve Watts €78,000
6th. Jordan Lewis €59,000
7th. Samuel Chartier €44,500
8th. Andy Black €32,700
9th. Philip Magennis €23,000

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7 comments on "Impressive comeback by Kevin Vandermissen, the new Irish Open Champ!"

 suzie201110/04/2012 09:23:23 GMT
 Fakiry10/04/2012 12:12:15 GMT
Impressive! We all know this is possible, but it isn’t very common to see something like this happening in a big tourney. Usually, when the shorty gets a good hand in a big tourney, everyone notices and let him pass taking the blinds instead of coming back to action again with more chips. This time, things went so well for the shorty that he ended up alone in the table. Good, I can still dream with the day something like this will happen to me!
 gymmy99910/04/2012 13:21:11 GMT
Really impressive I would say..nice catch :$ lol..i wonder if i would have won all those money Big Smile it's true that the last is nit the least lolz Smile congratulations and keep up the good work nice one sire Blink
 Neptunus2110/04/2012 16:18:03 GMT
didn't Daniel N. get to the final table?
 RockDead201210/04/2012 18:14:49 GMT
oh my gaash money 0_o
 GIOMi611/04/2012 02:38:01 GMT
congratulations to Kevin Vandersmissen for winning his first ever big tournament and I hope he will make many more final tables in the future.
 grahamy2712/04/2012 01:27:05 GMT
wewll done..very impressive win and nice paycheque to....
wouldnt mind a piece of that myself

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