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2012 WSOP LIVE: Peter Eastgate in 2nd place with only 4 remaining players!

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Posted on 05 July 2012 by "T".

Many former WSOP Main Event finalists and winners have been doing quite well at the 2012 WSOP. Now it's the 2008 main event champion Peter Eastgate's turn as he's among the last 4 players in Event #56: No-Limit Hold'em, a tournament that saw a field of 2,798 players, and has the chance of winning his second gold bracelet.

Eastgate, from Denmark, has 3,100,000 chips at the moment - about half the stack size compared to the chip leader Tomas Junek from Czech Republic. The other 2 players, David Borg (Australia) and Donald Vogel (USA), have 1,6 million each to gamble with. 

The next player to hit the rail will take home $209,111, and the one after that nothing less than $289,530. When heads-up begins, the last two players will fight for a first-place prize of amazing $661,022! ($410,517 to the loser).



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7 comments on "2012 WSOP LIVE: Peter Eastgate in 2nd place with only 4 remaining players!"

 noonlion05/07/2012 10:04:17 GMT
Pretty sick prize pool - i always thought Eastgate was British, maybe he has a some british connection.

Does seem to be a trend of proven pros doing really well this year. I've heard some pros say that its harder and harder to win with big fields and so many solid players, but i think the pros still have a sizeable edge against most.
 Fakiry05/07/2012 12:34:00 GMT
$200k guaranteed is already awesome, but a player with the curriculum of Peter Eastgate, 2008 gold bracelet winner, will only be happy if he manages to win his second bracelet. If it’s him who sends the two lower stacks home, at that point he will be equilibrated with the chipleader, if things keep as they are now. But that is doing futurology, and no one believes that. The chances are good, he just have to be smarter than the chipleader and not being fooled by the other two.
 Macubaas06/07/2012 20:26:32 GMT
Congatulations to the winner, too bad that Eastgate didn't took the first prize but this shows once again how impredictible is the poker game Smile

The good part is that you always get a second chance and i think then he will prove more than this time.
 damosk06/07/2012 22:48:34 GMT
This is what is fascinating about Poker...... going into a final table as chip leader and then getting a duff run of cards and despite all your best efforts you end up being beaten. What a game though and well done to the winner. Keep trying guys!!
 ayaraled07/07/2012 01:19:59 GMT
Eyeing for this 2nd bracelet, GL....
 kwasac08/07/2012 13:46:21 GMT
This first place is not even enough for a buy-in on One Drop next year... Big Smile
 uhhcallmi09/07/2012 19:55:47 GMT
entering the final table as chipleader....hmmm..

a good reason to hold back and play even more tight...if u try to steal a will get definetely get called or reraised...

people just know , how to attack the chipleader....that's the player who wants to keep his chips and stay on top of the rest...

while if the shortstack makes a steal attempt ..they mostly think...this guy has it,,because why would he risk getting kicked out at this stage...

so as a chipleader it's not easy to find balance at a final table...

i always wait for monsters...and if i play and bet/raise ,,i do it as confident as possible...

have seen many players lose there chiplead and the final table...and the shortstack wins the tournament...

ofcourse every final table is different...but i know enough...will not get kicked out in 9th place
while enter it as chipleader...then i better wait ,,see what happens..let some folks lose all first...
then play poker again..positive hing about this f-table strategy is...after not playing several hands and spots..the moment you do bet you will get respect...
And if it's a monster i play with, i consider a slowplay... Worship

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