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Full Tilt Poker Hiring Staff

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Posted on 13 September 2012 by "T".

The relaunch of Full Tilt Poker is getting closer and closer and the new owner, PokerStars, is working around the clock to get everything ready in time. A part of the relaunch-process is to hire new staff.

In total, eleven positions are posted on Rational FT Services in 2 separate categories, Marketing and IT. In the Marketing area, a Promotions manager and a Product Business Analyst are available. In the IT field, nine positions are "up for grabs", including software developers, a Linux Engineer and a Java Developer. No salary terms are listed for the positions and the potential hires would likely have to move to Dublin to take the position.


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18 comments on "Full Tilt Poker Hiring Staff"

 Fakiry13/09/2012 08:39:50 GMT
Dublin seems a nice place to live... I bet these salaries will be nice, but the chosen ones will also have to be good guys, PS don't want to commit any mistake in the begining. I would only apply if there was some place related with the comunication of the organization, i will have to take a closer look to see it.
 Mysik8613/09/2012 09:28:02 GMT
Nice job, I bet nice salary... but if you will work there, you wouldn't play in poker on PS and FTP, am I right?
 Sorin88813/09/2012 11:17:57 GMT
You will not have the time to play poker at all because any launching of a site involve a huge amount of work.Of course ,been inside of the business you will have to close the accounts in PokerStars and Fulltilt.Dublin is nice if yo like rain windy weather
 kwasac13/09/2012 17:00:59 GMT
Cant w8 for announcement of relaunch date!!! Smile
 noonlion13/09/2012 23:15:28 GMT
Anyone apart from kwasac actually excited for this?

Prolly very nice jobs and well paid, but also very stressful hours iwth the launch coming up - major, mega overtime for all.

I know FTP is under totally new management, but the name still has a bad rep - i never lost money on there and I still don't like it lol.
 Greenmohave14/09/2012 01:10:22 GMT
I actually think the site will be bigger then any one out there within 2 years of their launching date. This being because by then the U.S. will have finally developed a means to collect taxes on money won by the U.S. players. That's the real reason the DOJ stepped in anyway. Not because of the way FT ran their business, but to get what they feel (the DOJ) their share of the money. If it werte all about play money they wouldn't care!
 Bellum114/09/2012 04:40:58 GMT
im hopeing to get the cash back i lost lmao
 Macubaas14/09/2012 07:44:14 GMT
kwasac, in one of the last press release from pokerstars it stated that full tilt poker will reopen on 6th november, even a bit quicker maybe Smile

So far pokerstars proved to be a serious company so i'm pretty much sure that the money that we'll deposit on ftp from now on will be pretty save.
 pochui14/09/2012 07:49:42 GMT
i want one of those jobs where you are given a few millions in your account to play at the highest stakes and look very cool- i have lots of experience at playing with millions of dollars (never-mind that it's play money). i can work 24/7- that's 24 minutes in period of 7 days Big Smile and i am willing to travel- as long as it's bahamas with a bunch of blonds traveling with me (for pure coaching needs Big Smile )
 pinku13514/09/2012 08:03:20 GMT
waiting for FTP to reopen !!
 farnhamboy14/09/2012 20:00:27 GMT
I am also excited. Want my money back
 Doarulle15/09/2012 13:46:34 GMT
Waiting for my br
 Seph77716/09/2012 04:24:54 GMT
I'm looking forward to its reopening in November, let Full Tilt Poker.
 Bassets17/09/2012 18:02:34 GMT
God i've missed Fulltilt, it was by far the funniest pokersite to play on at the time. Just hope the new guys wont make the same mistake and keep it running.

 pinku13517/09/2012 18:33:05 GMT
nice place , nice pay !! etc very plumb job but have to quit poker think so !!
 xdomagojx30/09/2012 19:22:13 GMT
Hire me pls. Need a job. I think i can be pretty good boss. I'm used to bossing around and i have no problem firing people nor jelling on their lazy ass whole day. Contact me here pls if you are interested.
 Macubaas30/09/2012 19:43:45 GMT
^ Make sure to contact them, i bet they need a boss there Big Smile

One thing is sure, this time a bit of stars discipline will do wonders in their management. In the end the best part is that people will get their money back!
 ayaraled05/10/2012 03:20:03 GMT
yeah yeah yeah....this is it......ftp welcome back......30 days to go....

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