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Many Pitfalls Along Greg Merson's Way to the 2012 WSOP Main Event Final Table

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Posted on 06 September 2012 by "T".

Greg Merson's road to this year's main event final table has probably been the toughest of all 9 finalists. About 5 years ago he finally managed to put an end to his drug addiction, and ever since he has been very open about his addicition in interviews.

For example: In a recent interview with ESPN, Merson said that he financed his addiction by playing poker in the beginning of his career and that he stopped caring about school and other things in life. However, he managed to quit drugs after getting professional help and then started taking poker more seriously. The kick he got from playing poker drug-free helped him fill the gap after he stopped with, for example, cocaine.

During 2011, Merson had a drug relapse that almost costed him his friends, family and his entire poker bankroll. This time it was Anthony Gregg, poker pro a friend of Merson, who helped him take control over his life again . Besides helping him to quit drugs, Gregg also decided to stake him so he could continue playing poker. Merson started playing more and more tournaments instead of cash games, and it didn't take long before it started to pay off. In fact, at the World Series of Poker this summer he cashed in 4 events, won a bracelet, and made it to the Main Event final table! Greg Merson will bring the 3rd largest stack to the final table in October and he's guaranteed at least $754,798, with the chance of taking home bank-busting $8,292,889!

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7 comments on "Many Pitfalls Along Greg Merson''s Way to the 2012 WSOP Main Event Final Table"

 crackfinder06/09/2012 13:31:46 GMT
Kudos on quitting, although who knows, maybe if he was coke he would've cashed 10 times, won 2 bracelets and had the biggest stack at the main-event final table, you never know.

JK Smile
 noonlion06/09/2012 18:25:30 GMT
Well, let's hope he doesn't get addicted again - because he will be dead within a year regardless of how he does on the FT. The scene in Scarface comes to mind, a pile of blow on the desk...

Drugs and poker - not a good combination.

Great that he's managed to kick the habit and that he's not afraid to talk about the problem he had.

Best of luck to him.
 pochui07/09/2012 09:15:25 GMT
cool- i hope he will bring some weed at the ft- what? no weed no go. nice to see anyone who admits he has problems, does so publicly and beats his problems (at least it looks like) surely hope that this will not happen again with him, fighting with addiction is tough, better just be addicted to poker than drugs
 Sorin88807/09/2012 10:18:02 GMT
Greg Merson is a survivor,ha passed drug addiction once,is open to talk about it.Doing good on the tables keep him focused on the business,nothing can stop him now.Nice to hear about the winners from time to time.Temptations are everywhere. Thumbs Up
 Fakiry07/09/2012 11:41:06 GMT
It's sad to see young poker promises with problems like this, leting a substance taking advantage of their minds, wills and many times also their own future. I don't want to be a moralist, i like to drink a couple of beers every now and then, one just have to realize when it's crossing the limits. After passing that line, the act that at the begining was a pleasure starts being an obsession, turning the person into a slave. No use...
 Macubaas08/09/2012 07:29:21 GMT
I really think he is a good poker player considering that he had to strenght to say no to drugs and live a normal live!

In all cases drug addiction and playing poker is usually a sad combo but he is a living example of will in my opinion.
I wish him best of luck, it should be an interesting final table.
 nipitiri308/09/2012 14:55:50 GMT
damn drugs sex and rocknroll lol good luck to this guy

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