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Daniel Brits Wins WPT Emperors Palace Poker Classic

Tags: Daniel Brits, Eugene du Plessis, Johannesburg, South Africa, WPT Emperors Palace Poker Classic.
Posted on 12 November 2013 by "T".

On Monday, WPT Emperors Palace Poker Classic concluded after 4 days of play at The Palace of Drams in Johannesburg, South Africa. Eugene Du Plessis brought 46% of the chips in play to the final table and had a fantastic chance of taking down the whole thing.

Just as many expected, after several hours of play and all short stacks had hit the rail, he had made it to heads-up against Daniel Brits who was second in chips when the final table kicked off. Brits held a slight lead with 3,40,000 to the 2,690,000 of Eugene Du Plessis and they battled each other for about three hours before the final hand was played...

Eugene Du Plessis bet 200,000 from the button and Daniel Brits called. The flop rolled out QDiamond7Spade2Diamond and Brits checked and Eugene Du Plessis bet. Brits, who had a 2-1 chip lead, went all-in and Du Plesis called.

Du Plessis: JDiamond7Diamond
Brits: QSpade8Diamond

Brits had the best hand but Du Plessis still had 47.07% chance of winning the pot. The turn card was the 9Club and Brits remained in the lead. The dealer burned a card and dealt the river card: QClub. Brits took down the pot, the tournament and $132,128 in prize money + a seat at the WPT World Championship.

Final table results:

1 Daniel Brits $132,128
2 Eugene du Plessis $92,708
3 Rob Fenner $59,634
4 Dominik Nitsche $44,136
5 Wesley Wiegand $33,130
6 Ronit Chamani $26,504

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8 comments for "Daniel Brits Wins WPT Emperors Palace Poker Classic"

 doubletop77712/11/2013 10:33:14 GMT
well done to daniel brits for winning this. the last hand played itself and there was nothing eugene could have done about it and he would do the exact same thing again.$132,128 nice early xmas present!
 K0_ot12/11/2013 12:03:52 GMT
Previous Daniel's results...
Nov-7-2013WPT- Emperors Poker Classic Main Event - 1st - $132,128
Feb-25-2012 Event 5 - No-Limit Hold'em - 17th - $906
Jun-9-2013 - Event 3: No-Limit Hold'em - Deep Stack - 9th - $852
 sergejcho12/11/2013 14:06:08 GMT
Du Plessis: JDiamond7Diamond
Brits: QSpade8Diamond

Both have good flop , Du Plessis is in better possition and thats why he called when he was reraised by Brits. Brits have more luck and good river. Congratulations to Brits and he take a seat at the WPT World Championship.
 Heskor12/11/2013 14:16:20 GMT
Hmm great play, not a huge prize pool but enough to warrant some attention. Yeah the flop was a flip both got in with their money good, so basically it was left to chance to see who was going to win.

Just sad that Eugene Du Plessis did not use his stack advantage when he had like 46 % of the chips. Anyway good matchup!
 demodawggy12/11/2013 16:49:06 GMT
Never heard of ANY of those guys...! Not a big enough prize to draw any of the poker superstars down there,...but 100K+ is a very nice prize, and a hell of a lot more than I'VE ever won... about 1000 times more... Confused

There's enough cash there for the top few guys to buy themselves into a bunch more live tourneys and hopefully snowball their winnings up into heaps of cash,....and make a name for themselves...! Thumbs Up
 noonlion12/11/2013 19:33:47 GMT
Nice way to this - sometimes the final hand is terrible or just bad play, the long grind makes players shove with weak stuff, but this was a great AI with a possible flush draw and just under 50% to win it, must have been nerve wracking to watch.

Hope this brings some publicity to South Africa and poker there.
 skroeva12/11/2013 21:32:33 GMT
Congratz to him once again. The man has proven by now to be a good opponent and he definitely gave south africa some attention.

I hope to see more of him in the future, i don't know how many of you have actually seen the footage of the final, but its definitely worth watching.
 Macubaas13/11/2013 21:38:54 GMT
Too bad Eugene couldn't keep his huge stack advantage that he had when to joined the final table.

But still i guess second place is still pretty good considering he could have ended even in a lower place that this.

Also big congrats to the winner!

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