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"TheManM" From Brazil Wins MicroMillions Main Event ($126,000)

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Posted on 25 November 2013 by "T".

The 6th edition of PokerStars MicroMillions concluded yesterday with the $1 million guaranteed Main Event! The tournament ($22 buy-in) saw 65,397 entries that pushed the prize pool up to an incredible $1,307,940. The top 8,505 players were going to get paid and $167,090.74 was set aside for the winner.

However, at the end of the night, the winner ended up taking home "only" $126,000. Due to a three-way deal, the largest chunk of the prize pool ($128,842.57) went to German "ZAR84" who was eliminated in third place.

$20,000 was left to play for after ZAR84's exit. "kabukiboy" from Romania had a 3.4 to 1 chip advantage when heads-up began, and it didn't take long before "TheManM" moved all in with 2Club2Heart - only to run into the 6Spade6Club of kabukiboy. The poker gods delivered two twos on the board and a very lucky TheManM doubled up to 294 million.

TheManM played more aggressive after the double up, and it seemed like he took down almost every single big pot on his way to the victory. In the final hand, TheManM had a 2-1 lead and shoved with QDiamondJClub. kabukiboy must have been tired of being pushed around since he decided to call with AClub7Spade.

Now, it was't a bad call by kabukiboy given that he was 55.94% favourite of winning the hand. However, for the second time of the heads-up match, the poker gods delivered an incredible flop for TheManM in a massive pot: 10SpadeQSpadeQClub. The turn and the river didn't help kabukiboy either and he received $118,091.75 for his second place finish. TheManM was crowned the champion and received a life-changing $126,000!

MicroMillions-098: [$22 NLHE Main Event]
Entrants: 65,397
Prize pool: $1,307,940.00
Places paid: 8,505

1. TheManM (Brazil) $126,000.00*
2. kabukiboy (Romania) $118,091.75*
3. ZAR84 (Germany) $128,842.57*
4. angelcartuja (Colombia) $55,652.84
5. terabyte11 (India) $36,164.54
6. Pozetivchik (Ukraine) $22,248.05
7. Kogel Gees (Netherlands) $13,903.40
8. Sam Einauge (Germany) $8,383.89
9. xuTpblu*25 (Ukraine) $5,584.90
*= reflects the results of a three-way deal that left $20,000 in play for the winner


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8 comments on ""TheManM" From Brazil Wins MicroMillions Main Event ($126,000)"

 Heskor25/11/2013 14:42:48 GMT
lol the third one got more money than the first one, looks like the 2 are not used to making deals, or the 3rd guy is just too good at making deals. Anyway nice scores for all of them and even the 9th place got a 5 figures. Nevertheless top 3 got 6 figures. That is huge.

 kulturniss25/11/2013 15:39:54 GMT
Nice tournament, wanted to play but I guess it was to much time 4 me to play that.
 doubletop77725/11/2013 16:41:11 GMT
What a great pick up for only $22. This type of money is mind blowing and i bet he woke up this morning with a pretty massive hangover. Congratulations to this player and i hope he enjoys the money
 noonlion25/11/2013 22:50:01 GMT
65k players!!!!
holy mother of Frankenstein. crazy field size but what a way to win from $22.

Also incredible luck to be hitting monster boards like that.
 Plexo25/11/2013 23:07:26 GMT
You got to play good Poker and have some luck to be the winner of a tournament with 65K player

I can't imagine how tilted was "kabukiboy" after losing 22 vs 66. It is hard when you are so close to win a the pker gods are not from your side.
 Macubaas26/11/2013 11:02:19 GMT
Plexo i can assure you that more than everything you need to have also tons of luck to be number one in a mtt with such a huge player pool.

Anyways big congrats to the winner and also big congrats to kabuki, he actually is on a local poker forum Smile
 aleksey77www28/11/2013 00:00:48 GMT
To win this tournament Mitsromillions need to have a lot of luck, patience and luck. Congratulations to the winners!
 parabroen28/11/2013 02:33:14 GMT
amazing prize, but the last time get very far.

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