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PCA 2013: Vanessa Selbst Wins The High Roller For $1.4 Million!

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Posted on 15 January 2013 by "T".

Vanessa Selbst made history last night when she won the 2013 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure $25k High Roller, earning $1,424,420. The 28-year-old Team PokerStars Pro now has more than $6 million to her name, which means that she's the biggest female winner in tournament poker history (about $1.1 more than former number 1: Kathy Libert).


Selbst, who had the third largest stack when the final table kicked off, faced Russian pro Vladimir Troyanovskiy heads-up. She had a 3-to-1 chip lead and took down the first two pots. Troyanovskiy didn't have much left to gamble with at that point and was forced to move all in to stay in the game. He doubled to over 30 big blinds with JJ against J10 of Selbst. Then he doubled again with ASpade9Club against KDiamond10Heart on a board of QHeart10DiamondADiamond6Diamond2Heart. In the middle of Level 26, Troyanovskiy had another great chance to double his stack...

With the blinds at 30k/60k+10k ante, Troyanovskiy raised to 125k on the button with two kings. Vanessa three-bet to 290k with AHeartQSpade,Troyanovskiy thought for a minute before four-betting to 550k. Selbst moved all in for 1.7 million, and Troyanovskiy made the call right away.

Selbst fans cheered for an ace, but the flop came down 2Heart2Club8Diamond. The room fell silent as the dealer turned over the 10Diamond, and Selbst sat down to start cutting out chips. But she got right back out of her chair again when the river card AClub was dealt!

Vanessa Selbst might be the happiest lady on planet earth right now. Apart from the amazing win, she got engaged to her girlfriend over the weekend. That's right! Check out the interview below!

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20 comments on "PCA 2013: Vanessa Selbst Wins The High Roller For $1.4 Million!"

 Sorin88815/01/2013 09:11:49 GMT
Vanessa Selbst is arguably one of the best poker players in the world, female or otherwise.
Indeed, with numerous tournament titles and more than $5.5 million in live winnings, the law graduate is a match for anyone at the felt.
A gay match
 pochui15/01/2013 09:19:18 GMT
i watched her a few times on tv, it seems that she has a good mtt game: plays aggressively, reads the board well, makes the most of opponents mistakes
 thefly13115/01/2013 09:24:56 GMT
Saw her also a fw times on TV.

She s indead a good MTT player , agressive style, which is a winning one for her
I remember a loss she had vs kevin McPhee and she was not happy with it.

Worship Worship Worship kneel for the winner
 Mysik8615/01/2013 09:31:19 GMT
Maybe, she's good at poker... but she looks like a man! Awful!
 pinku13515/01/2013 09:51:32 GMT
Good day everyone Smile
Thats a sweet pay check for vanessa selbst !!! i have seen her play in many vids .. well she is a good player indeed , she deserved the win ...Whatever ... but the point is if she marries someone her husband can sit behind at home or enjoy touring around the world with her money Big Smile lol ..
Lucky guy Big Smile

Good luck at the tables Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 Mysik8615/01/2013 10:06:28 GMT
Maybe she's good at poker, and she want to catch handsome guy, who is marry her because of her money? Tongue
 remco250415/01/2013 11:08:10 GMT
pinku135 and Mysik86...i think you guys didnt read it to the end.
I already knew this but she will never have a guy or husband..
Why?? ... She loves titties and
 kinogomes15/01/2013 11:12:09 GMT
Why she is lesbian?? Why???
 thefly13115/01/2013 11:40:57 GMT
Posted by Mysik86:
Maybe, she's good at poker... but she looks like a man! Awful!

That s why she does not make it into Pochui´s hot poker babes. But maybe she gets a beauty of a GF and teaches her some poker so she can get into the list of hot poker babes...

Or maybe she can use her price money for some plastic surgery
 pinku13515/01/2013 14:10:40 GMT
Posted by remco2504:
pinku135 and Mysik86...i think you guys didnt read it to the end.
I already knew this but she will never have a guy or husband..
Why?? ... She loves titties and

Oh shit !!!
Thanks remco for the information i did not know this lol Big Smile Big Smile
I never expected too !! lesbos ... oops !!
 bullettooth115/01/2013 14:17:49 GMT
i don't see what her sexual orientation has to do with any of this?
she's a great player FULL STOP.
why sorin felt the need to put that at the bottom of his post i don't know. Sad
It's 2013 ffs. why is there still so much bigotry about? Live and let live, people. C'mon!
 djpremier15/01/2013 14:27:31 GMT
100% agree with bullettooth1...
I don' wanna talk about her being lesbian since it has nothing to do with this..
Vanessa is a great player and it don't matter wether she's gay or not ..
 Fakiry15/01/2013 16:10:36 GMT
I don’t remember to read anything about the previous female poker pro Kathy Libert, but I went to do some research and all of her big achievements were made already during the 21st century, which turn things very close. This only shows they are betting on the game too, and exactly with the same purpose of men: to win big. Vanessa Selbst had already given enough proofs she would soon be able to win an event like this, it was a matter of time to show PS all of her capabilities. That final hand was just a like in the movies with the ace at the river.
 Weenie15/01/2013 22:37:51 GMT
I dont know why, I dont have this feelings to other "famous people" too often, but I really dont like her, even I dont know her personality Big Smile I am quite sure its not because she looks like and behave like a guy but I dont know why Big Smile
 Greenmohave15/01/2013 23:40:26 GMT
I've always liked this girl and I knew she was a lady's lady, but that's cool. I liked watching her play on High Stakes with Antonio Estfadari and Doyle Brunson. She always held her own. It's to bad she likes the ladies though!
 damosk15/01/2013 23:48:41 GMT
Continental stereotypes and bigotry are alive and well in 2013. Come on guys...... Since time began men have fancied men and women women, so why today do some of you still get hung up on this. Take and accept people for who they are; do not determine them by your own fears and ignorance!
 TheMachineQC16/01/2013 07:47:38 GMT
I never really liked her, but she's definetly one of the best MTT live poker player.

She's an awfull cash game player though, she always thinks her opponents are bluffing and she can donk a huge stack on a 6-7bet shove pre flop with J9 suited. When I saw that on the big game I was like WTF? lol

 Terroreffekt16/01/2013 19:21:09 GMT

I know not at this poker player, but I know if I'm honest almost any poker player because I have not long been interested to PokerNews or have played in general. In any case, a princely sum is that you have won and there is no reason not been determined so far. I wish all members of BRM luck at all tournaments Blink
 leking118/01/2013 07:31:27 GMT
she is shuch a good player. i thinnk she is top 10 in the world, han she has so good composure and the table. she really is one of my fouverite players. great win she is the best.
 Mysik8618/01/2013 07:41:59 GMT
Posted by remco2504:
pinku135 and Mysik86...i think you guys didnt read it to the end.
I already knew this but she will never have a guy or husband..
Why?? ... She loves titties and

OK, maybe she's lesbian, but she never find attractive woman Tongue Or maybe she will find woman who will fall in love with her cash Smile

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