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Exclusive BRM Freeroll at 888poker 9th of January @ 19:00 GMT!

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Posted on 08 January 2013 by "M".


Once again, BankrollMob has teamed up with 888poker to be able to offer you something really special!

How about your own racing-horse?

That's right! BankrollMob and 888poker are giving all mobsters a great opportunity to win a $220 ticket to the Race Horse Syndicate Qualifier where the winner gets one of 20 shares in a premium racehorse trained by horse racing legend Ralph Beckett. Each share is valued at £3,000! All you have to do is to win our exclusive New Year Freeroll at 888poker on the 9th of January at 19:00 GMT! You can register already!!!

How to join?

The following requirements have to be met to participate in the ecxlusive BankrollMob Freeroll at 888poker on the 9th of January at 19:00 GMT:

1. You need to have a 888poker account which is tracked to BankrollMob. If you don't - GET IT HERE!

2. You must have made at least one deposit of at least $10 since you openend your account - no specific time period. If you haven't made a deposit yet, then you better hurry up - the action begins tomorrow!

What: BankrollMob New Year Freeroll.
When: 9th of January @ 19:00 GMT (20:00 CET).
Where: 888poker client - All Games - Tournaments - Restricted -
BankrollMob New Year Freeroll.
Prize: Winner gets a $220 worth ticket to Race Horse Syndicate Qualifier on the 10th of January!

The Race Horse Syndicate - Qualifier is scheduled on the 10th of January at 19:55 GMT!

Good Luck!

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13 comments on "Exclusive BRM Freeroll at 888poker 9th of January @ 19:00 GMT!"

 Fakiry08/01/2013 13:59:24 GMT
You can count me in. I have loved to play for a ticket there when there was a XMas BRM freeroll, and i am waiting for my prize, a magic wallet - a wallet for one or two cards and money, very simple and nice, must be arriving my place in the next few days - and now i can run for more prizes there with BRM, that's just what i want.
 bullettooth108/01/2013 14:10:05 GMT
would be very nice to own a piece of a racehorse. thanks very much BRM for the opportunity Thumbs Up
Big Smile Worship
 jomull5708/01/2013 18:36:12 GMT
i have just try and register and it say that i am not allowed to enter and i should contact support. i don't know if my 888 account is tracked by BRM that's the only thing i can see that might be wrong.
 cucho31608/01/2013 20:26:10 GMT
same situation as jomull57 described... weird. Any solutions??
 damosk08/01/2013 22:53:14 GMT
Awwwwwwwwww..... i love 888 but mynaccount is not tracked to BRM so I wont be able to join your lovelies at the game, or the races but good luck to everyone wo does have atracked account and have fun.
 Sandik10709/01/2013 11:00:35 GMT
What I have to do to have a 888poker account which is tracked to BankrollMob? The 888account is already opened. Where is it possible to configure or pair?
 MarcWinz09/01/2013 12:38:35 GMT
Hi all. Well good luck to you all. I have opened a account to 888 through BRM, but as yet it has not recognised my account, so I won't be able to enter. I have contacted them but no reply. I have 6 hours to wait, knowing them no chance........................Getting fed up with this shit so might have some time off.

In fact, cashed out to my poker stars account last week. Nothing yet, so I suppose I should contact them, who will say contact BRM, who will say everyone is on holiday, meanwhile 20 e-mails later nothing and by a miracle a week later, assuming no other hold ups, like id or passport, it will appear. I tell you what lets cut out the middle man and just sit on my arse for a week and see what happens!!!!!

Why oh why should I bother - can someone please tell me...................... Angry Angry Angry
 stone9009/01/2013 15:46:34 GMT
will i be able to join this
 Peter787809/01/2013 15:52:15 GMT
I can't join this freeroll, because my 888 account is not tracked through BankrollMob. Sad
 davo09/01/2013 17:58:54 GMT
 Fakiry10/01/2013 10:59:15 GMT
Unfortunately i wasn't able to play the game at that time, i am having some trouble in managing time in these first days of the new year, and so poker is becoming each time more secondary... just hope to have all my problems solved by the time to play the BRM Doors Freeroll!
 bullettooth110/01/2013 11:03:47 GMT
i finished in 22nd place Sad there was only 24 in it lol. ran my 88 into QQ Aww crap! good luck in the main event to the winner of the ticket Thumbs Up
 Terroreffekt11/01/2013 07:11:51 GMT
Hey I've never seen anything special at the 888 Poker software have played so far and only FT PStars. There comes a event for PStars? That would be great!

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