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EPT Deauville Main Event: Remi Castaignon Secures A Second French Victory On EPT Season 9!

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Posted on 11 February 2013 by "T".

Remi Castaignon, 29, began the final table of the EPT Deauville main event with 9.9 million chips, which was more than double what his closest player had and about five times what the other players had. However, things changed drastically only half an hour after play began...

Castaignon was up against Enrico Rudelitz on the board QClub6Diamond3SpadeTClub4Diamond. Rudelitz went all-in on the river and there was more than 6 million chips in the pot. Castaignon tanked for several minutes until the clock was called on him. Castaignon said he would match the bet. Rudelitz showed a set of queens and Castaignon only had a pair of pocket fives. A hero called failed.

Although the Frenchman had a lost a great chunk of his stack, he continued like nothing happened and, eventually, made it to heads-up against Walid Bou Habib (picture), a PokerStars qualifier from Lebanon who was ranked second when the final table kicked off.

Remi Castaignon had about 14 million vs Bou Habib's 8.6 million when the match started and remained in front throughout the match. This is how the final hand was played out:

Walid Bou Habib opened to 325k and Castaignon raised to 1,025,000. Habib considered his options for a few minutes before he shoved for 6,285,000. Castaignon asked for a count and was informed that it was about 1/3 of his remaining stack. Castaignon made the call holding 3Club3Club. Habib flipped over kHeart8Heart.

The flop came down 6Club4Diamond5Spade giving both players a straight draw. The turn was the 10Club and left Habib with only 1 remaining card to save his tournament life. The river was the AHeart and Castaignon took home the approximately 12 million pot, the title, a glittering Slyde watch and €770,000! Walid Bou Habib, on the other hand, seemed really happy with his second place finish worth €475k!

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3 comments on "EPT Deauville Main Event: Remi Castaignon Secures A Second French Victory On EPT Season 9!"

 Fakiry11/02/2013 14:43:23 GMT
Remi Castaignon didn't bounce that much after losing a big pot and he managed to keep heading the tourney until the final HU, which he won fairly. This final hand had some risks, that may be why he asked for the count of chips before deciding to call the opponent's all-in. Perhaps if things would have the chance to become even if he happens to lose with that 33 he wouldn't have called that all-in... but he sure must be glad he did it!!!
 leking111/02/2013 15:43:51 GMT
the french once again wins n ept, how is this possible where the country noctorius of the fishy poker players even though the have players like elky. but good win though
 Sorin88812/02/2013 08:41:11 GMT
This was the first live cash of Remi Castaignon's career, taking down €770,000 and making it look easy in the process.Congratulations to Remi Castaignon of France, the 2013 EPT Deauville Champion.

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